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Reclaim Your Power workshop

Fully Booked!

(part of the Leela Life Training)

May 6th till 8th of 2022

Osho Leela is delighted to announce the Leela Life Training will recommence in February 2022!

The Leela Life Training is a 7 module program specifically designed and delivered over 6 months to support you in your personal growth and development. The 7 modules can also be done as individual workshops.

This training offers you a safe and loving environment to let go of any undermining, negative patterns and conditioning which have been sabotaging your relationships, creating frustration, anger and repression..

Osho Leela Workshops

Reclaim Your Power with Bavo & Navanita

What’s the workshop about?

The Empowerment process is potent in its power to awaken & transform negative conditioning & habits which undermine you in your daily life. This workshop will cut through the negative self-belief systems that make you feel that you are inadequate, powerless, unlovable and disconnected. It will allow you access to your authenticity, totality of your being and to feel heart connections with others. This weekend will enable you to heal the wounds that keep you limited, mediocre and without passion or purpose and generates direction towards fulfilment in your personal relationships, in your work environment, and in your spirit. Reclaim your Power will give you access to live your life free from old fears & shadows of the past, and nurture self awareness, grace and celebration. Come and join this breakthrough workshop that will bring you the awareness, the self-love and the acceptance you need to move forward and achieve the things you desire.

By participating in the Reclaim Your Power workshop you will learn to:

● Empower yourself.
● Let go of negative conditioning and Self beliefs.
● Create authentic and honest Friendships and Relationships.
● Create Confidence around Love Relationships.
● Learn to fully express all your emotions.
● Accept that you are a beautiful and loveable person.
● Celebrate your life with friends.

An overview of the modules of the training which can also be done as individual workshops:


For over 30 years, Bavo has passionately grown his work to connect individuals with their inner world to help positively shape their outer world. Having travelled and lived in India and Asia from 21 years of age, he began his journey of self-discovery and dedication to living a life of truth. He lived with Osho in the 70s in India, and began working with people in the 80’s, supporting individuals in breaking through their fears and going beyond self-imposed limitations. He lived and worked with Veeresh in the Humaniversity, one of the world’s top centres for inner transformation.
Navanita is a vibrant, intuitive, multi-skilled, heartful woman with integrity. Her vision in her work is to support clients to move forward to be the best version of themselves. She draws from her training, together with her own rich life experience, unique perspectives, and intuitive presence to support clients in their process. Navanita is a qualified Counsellor, Mediator and Dance, Intimacy and Movement Coach. Her humanistic approach offers an array of ‘theraputic tools’ in her sessions. She works creatively with groups and individuals alike. Navanita is praised for her playfulness, kindness, active listening skills, care, humour and natural empathy.


Start: May 6th @ 5:00 pm

End: May 8th @ 5:00 pm

This workshop is part of a 7 module group training. For more info about the training click here.

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