Osho Leela Personal Growth & Meditation Centre
Gillingham Dorset UK

Well known for its festivals, parties and celebrations, Osho Leela is supported by a vibrant community that resides in a beautiful manor house in the heart of the Dorset countryside.
Celebrating our 20th year in 2016, Leela has been welcoming people from all over the world for festivals, courses, trainings and meditations! We also offer the opportunity to stay with us and experience the art of living in our unique community setting.
Osho Leela is a warm, friendly, creative, meditative space for anyone wishing a deep, personal exploration in their life.


Whether you are looking for personal growth or further professional training, your experience here will help you get to know yourself and transform your life on all levels.

This year, we are especially excited about our brand new “Summer of Love” Festival happening in July plus our 20th Anniversary Celebration “Leela My Love” happening at the end of May.
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If working and living in a vibrant, conscious community interests you then check out our “Community Experience Programme” page.