Osho Leela
Personal Development Centre
Gillingham, Dorset, UK

Osho Leela is a personal development centre with a strong community focus.
The core community live full-time at Osho Leela running workshops, meditation events, festivals and offering space for outside events. We also run residential programmes: our Community Experience Programme, our Team Leader Programme, and our 7 Day Total Life Change Intensive.
Our passion is for helping you grow and develop, learn how to get your needs met and to become the most amazing human being you can possibly be.



Thank you to the whole Leela team for the energy, beauty commitment, joy, food-on-time, lovely vibe, and authenticity. Laurie

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  • What’s up next…

    • Osho Meditation Retreat (midweek)
      • 27th March 2017 - 31st March 2017
        6:00 pm - 11:00 am

      Osho Meditation Retreat With Tarisha, Premen and Smaran This retreat will offer you the chance to go deeper into self-awareness and love through meditations from…

    • Reclaim Your Power
      • 31st March 2017 - 2nd April 2017
        6:00 pm - 5:00 pm

      Reclaim Your Power with Svabhavo and Karuna In this workshop we work directly with the barriers and masks that prevent your natural authenticity from being…

    • Anger!
      • 31st March 2017 - 2nd April 2017
        6:00 pm

      March 31 - April 2 2017 with Devaraj, Purna and Dhiraj   Too angry! Can't get angry! This is the workshop for you! This workshop…

    • Live Trance Dance
      • 6th April 2017
        7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

      Live Trance Dance with Rishi Vlote, Tarisha and Prabodh Trance Dance or Intuitive Healing Dance is one of the oldest ways of reconnecting with your inner…

    • Gardening Weekend April '17
      • 7th April 2017 - 9th April 2017
        6:00 pm

      With Premen Spring is here! time to get the grounds ready for the summer. Come and share your energy and enjoy being in the grounds…