Osho Leela
Personal Development Centre
Gillingham, Dorset, UK

Osho Leela is a Personal Development Centre with a clear community focus.
A core community of around 12 people live full-time at Osho Leela running workshops, meditation events, festivals and offering space for outside events. We also run residential programmes: our Community Experience Programme, our Team Leader Programme, and our 7 Day Total Life Change Intensive.
Our passion is for helping you grow and develop, learn how to get your needs met and to become the most amazing human being you can possibly be.



Thank you to the whole Leela team for the energy, beauty commitment, joy, food-on-time, lovely vibe, and authenticity. Laurie

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Newsflash… with effect from 16th February 2018 we have updated our cancellation policy.  

  • What’s up next…

    • Community Experience Program Payment
      • Community Experience Programme (please ignore these dates)
        30th December 2017 - 31st December 2019
        4:00 pm
    • Biodanza School - Module 8
      • 16th March 2018 - 18th March 2018
        6:00 pm - 5:00 pm

      Biodanza School Module 8: Creativity with Jewell Do you feel Creative? What is Creativity? Biodanza allows the freedom to rescue or explore anew our creative potentials. Creativity…

    • The Maydays Improv Intensive
      • 21st March 2018 - 25th March 2018
        6:00 pm - 5:00 pm

      The Maydays Spring Improv Intensive It was truly amazing to be in this beautiful place, learning and laughing with so many lovely people. I really…

    • Easter Spring & Creativity Celebration
      • 29th March 2018 - 2nd April 2018
        6:00 pm - 5:00 pm

      Easter Spring & Creativity Celebration with Vishwa & Mel The Easter week will be a time to celebrate our creative selves - through music, dance,…

    • TLC - Total Life Change Intensive (7 days)
      • 3rd April 2018 - 10th April 2018
        4:00 pm

      Total Life Change Intensive with Devaraj, Svabhavo, Sanjula & Purna This intensive is for you if you really want to let go of a stuck…