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Osho Leela is a Personal Development Centre run by a community established in 1996. Our mission is to create a safe space for you to flourish and live your full potential as a human being.

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Empowerment Intensive Information Banner

Empowerment Intensive!

~Step into your True Power~

December 16th till December 19th

New Year Celebration Banner

New Year Celebration!

~Celebrate from the Heart~

December 28th till January 2nd

Total Life Change Intensive!

~A Powerful Proces of Inner Alchemy & Transformation~

January 25th till February 1st

Leela Life Training

Leela Life Training

~7 Weekends to Support your Personal Growth & Development~

February 4th till July 31st

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Ways to live in the community

At Osho Leela, we live together as a community of the heart. We now offer three diverse and exciting live-in programs. Please browse below to see which is appropriate for you.

osho leela raise awareness program

Raise Awareness Program

A complete immersion in self-discovery and inner transformation.

Rap pro


A Personal Development Program for the entrepreneurial spirit!

Living in the Buddhafield osho leela

Live with us and experience our community.

Retreats in the Buddhafield osho leela

Join us for a themed retreat.

Ways to be in the community

About Osho Leela

We are an Osho community of the heart, and an oasis of love in Dorset countryside surrounded by forest and heathland.

We run and host festivals, meditation events & personal growth workshops.

About Us
Covid guidelines:
Our current policy regarding testing before arrival is that you will need to bring a negative PCR test result that is less than 72 hours old or proof that you have had Covid in the last 6 months (by showing a PCR test result from that time or a positive anti-bodies test result.)