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Osho Mystic Heart Festival

with Bhavo & Bayari

Thursday 22nd – Monday 26th August 2024

Bhavo and Bayari, hosts of this year’s Osho Mystic Heart Festival, have weaved together this special Summer festival to immerse you in the magic and the mystery

We have now expanded the Mystic Heart Festival to include the great Mystic Osho.

Spend your days immersing yourself in the magical, mystical and invisible realms – From the ancient to the new.

Experience uplifting evenings of live music and dance – plus a Firewalk to embrace your true spirit!

Connect with your intuition, authority and higher-self with Tarot, Astrology and other Oracles.

Luxuriate in Sacred oils, potions and Temple Ceremonies to evoke your inner-mystic.

Empower your magic within and share it with others.

And delight in the deep medicine that is Osho Leela

Make beautiful connections with other open-hearted spirits.

It’s time to affirm your inner mystic and expand into the mystery…

Reconnect to The Great Mystery through Ceremony, Connection and Celebration!

Camping. Great Vegetarian Food. Incredible Vibe

Kids and Teens are Welcome!

At this festival, we will co-create a beautifully held space of the heart with a rich schedule of incredible workshops, experiences and live music

Sessions will include:

✨ Bhavo with ‘Empower your Magic Within’ workshops! ✨

✨ Bayari with a Sacred Oils journey and Restoration with the Angels ✨

✨Sukha Sama with Soul Tarot and The Dance of Astrology ✨

Laura Mitchell with Voice Medicine Magic

✨ Zohar with an introduction to Shamanism and the Soul’s Flight Shamanic Healing Journey

✨ Embody your Quantum Self with Kimaya ✨

✨ Firewalking evening event with Keith McKay ✨

✨ Punita with ‘Tools for Abundance’ ✨

Ma Deva Padma with The Sacred She Tarot ✨

Shivani with Cacao Ceremony and Shamanic Journey

✨ Natalie Heath with Crystal Energies Decoded and Chakra Balancing with Chrystals ✨

✨ Shravan the Mystic Clown with delightful performances and clowning workshops ✨

✨Live Music with Bamboo, Cedar & Oak and the Saturday night will be celebrated with ✨

And more deliciousness with a Cacao Ceremony, Osho Celebration & Meditations, including live music for the Osho Evening Meeting.

More details on each offering below!

A taste of the musical treats…

Kids & Teens activities:

Chinmaya and team are creating a beautiful kids & teens program including creative sessions, music composition, creativity and performance skills.

From Clowning to Astrology, we have so much to offer the kids and teens throughout the days!

And of course outdoor activities and games.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Your hosts will be …


Bhavo has been working as a highly intuitive and clear channel for many years.

He is passionate about supporting people, using different oracles such as the Tarot and the Runes. His ability to manifest using ceremony and magic supports him and friends to positive realise the longing in their hearts.

Bayari is a sensual alchemist who transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

She loves to hold space for creativity, healing and connecting the sacred and the mystical. One of her alchemical gifts is offering a gateway to sacred oils and layers of vibration. She brings a warm, fun-loving approach to all that she does.

Your musical treats …


BAMBOO CEDAR OAK features Guillermo Martinez, Hiroki Okano and Nigel Shaw, an international trio of flute players from Dartmoor, California and Japan.

A unity of spirit and true sense of brotherhood is evoked as they move between gentle flute pieces, traditional Buddhist and native Mexican prayers and powerful drumming chants. This music is enriched by the diversity of ancient sounds from their many traditional instruments and the understanding that in essence we all sing the same songs.

KANGAROO MOON features Mark Robsom (Vocals, Keyboards, Didges, Whistles), David Williams (Vocals, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Guitar), Elliet Mackrell (Violin, Didge, Whistle, Trumpet, Vocals), Edwin Brooks (Drums), Nick Marshall (guitar)

Kangaroo Moon have their roots in the music people play and the music people dance with. They’ve played and danced their way through more than a few permutations of global sound. Well travelled, extensive touring in Australia and Europe.

The Band have recorded many albums since their roots in 1988 and weave many strands from world, rock, folk and dance, with acoustic and electronic influences into a funky, psychedelic, heart-lifting wall of sound. Trancy, richly melodic and dancey, listeners experience a sound which unites the body and soul in deep, joyful psychedelia and elemental dance.

And many exciting workshops and offerings …


Laura Mitchell, Voice Medicine Magic

Discover the liberating and healing power of your voice through sacred traditions and contemporary vocal techniques. Sound waves interact with the unique vibrations of everything in the universe, including ourselves, aligning or altering frequencies. Your voice acts as the conduit to unlock this extraordinary power for transformation, healing, and self-liberation. Voice Medicine Magic teaches you how to tap into the immense potential of your voice, facilitating healing, inner peace, and profound connections with others. Laura, an award-winning practitioner with extensive training in voice, bodywork, energy medicine, and yoga therapy, guides individuals on their path to optimal well-being, revitalizing cellular vibrations and cultivating physical and spiritual health.

Firewalk with Keith McKay & team

Firewalking is experiential learning. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and promotes rapid, long lasting and positive change. The techniques required for walking over hot coals can be used as tools of realisation and a model that can be applied in any life or work situation. Participants learn that they can achieve anything with ease and with the right mindset. Renewed purpose, emotional wellbeing and self belief are amongst the benefits that participants can experience.

Keith McKay is the founder of Steps for You, a training and events company. Since 2011 Keith and his team have safely guided thousands of people over the Hot Coals & Glass.

Keith is an Emotional Intelligence coach, trainer and presenter, as well as being a Firewalking & Glass walking instructor.

sukha sama

Sukha Sama, Soul Tarot and The Dance of Astrology

Soul Tarot – A Divine Mirror: a powerful tool of reflection and soulful insight with an embodied exploration of the Tarot’s especially the major arcana- the spine of the deck.

Feeling these archetypes anew in our lives and understanding what they are asking of us and the gifts that will bring.

Spirals within Circles – the Dance of Astrology: somatically explore this Mystic Art as it dances with the planets, elements houses and signs of astrology and bring this often intellectual divination into our bodies for a deep understanding of how this celestial weather impacts our lives.

Sukha Sama has explored over 40 years of deep diving many esoteric modalities and sacred paths. Now she invites you to embody your brilliance and unearth the deep treasure within, so you can live your best life.

Sukha Sama will offer 1:1 sessions of Family Constellations and Tarot and Astrology Readings.

Shravan, The Mystic Clown

BeIng a clown means you are a misfit. The Clown is a misfit lost in his game!

When play is spontaneous and natural, it brings joy in expressing it and joy in communicating it to others.

Joy, contentment, and the present moment are the keys to finding the Mystic clown within us.

In this workshop, we will use the clown’s theater and his gestural exercises between madness, mime, dances and improvisation.

Put aside seriousness and become a Mystic clown.


Natalie Heath, Crystal Energies Decoded and Chakra Balancing with Chrystals

Crystal Energies Decoded – Unlock the Power of Crystal Healing:

Learn how to harness crystal energies for personal healing and empowerment. Explore the energetic benefits of various crystals and learn how to select your personal power stone.

Understand how to cleanse, charge and programme your crystals, and experience a guided meditation for deeper connection with your power stone, receiving its wisdom and healing messages.

Chakra Balancing with Crystals – Self-Healing Empowerment:

We will be focusing on the seven main chakras and how specific crystals can be used to balance and align each energy centre. Learn about the correspondences between crystals and chakras, as well as other chakra associations such as essential oils and yoga poses.

Natalie is a Reiki Master, Advanced Crystal Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach and will also offer Chrystal Healing sessions 1:1

Shivani, Cacao Ceremony and Shamanic Journey to the Underworld

As we invoke the goddess Ixcacao and imbibe the sacred cacao elixir, we give ourselves the opportunity to drop deeply into our bodies and receive the blessings of its medicine.

Ceremonial cacao is an ancient superfood teaming with minerals and vitamins. One of its neuro transmitters, Anandamide, also known as the bliss chemical, helps activate the heart centre, enhancing sensuality and altering consciousness.

Resting ever deeper into this space, we will take a shamanic journey to the lower world to meet your power animal and return from these realms with wisdom and healing.

Shivani is a holistic therapist and Kambo practitioner based in Sherborne, Dorset. She offers sound and energy healing as well as shamanic style cacao ceremonies. She’s also a trained Osho meditation facilitator and auricular acupuncturist.


Punita Cassandra James – Abundance without Burnout

⁠TOOLS for ABUNDANCE – how to calm your nervous system to live your true purpose

Punita is a life-long nomad, helping people unravel & calm their wired nervous system to clear burnout & anxiety, and build the energy, clarity & courage to manifest the abundant life they dream of.

Over years living with Osho she learnt the way of the courageous heart, & combines this wisdom with accurate energy medicine, AcuEnergetics®️, and her wide business experience – offering workshops, sessions, and group & private 1:1 retreats around the world.

Kimaya, Embody your Quantum Self

A guided process to support you to slow down your mind and open up your body to the energy field of frequencies and light codes.

Kimaya channels gentle movements which helps to open up the body and mind up, to receive the new frequencies.

Light Codes are the new frequencies available to support you to anchor your true Light into your BEing and to embody your essence.

This workshop might give you the healing and/or awakening you have been waiting for.

Kimaya is an energy channeler and healer. She supports to connect with your divine essence through meditation, breath and movement. For many it’s a healing, profound and very expanded experience!

Kimaya will also offer 1:1 healing sessions.


Start: Thursday August 22nd @ 3:00 pm
End: Monday August 26th @ 2:00 pm

Registration Ticket: £320 (includes festival & food & camping with your own tent or caravan)
Early Bird till 1st August: £290

Dorm £80
Own campervan £0 (plus £3 p/d for hook up if needed)
Dorm Bunk Deluxe £120
Regular room £180
Large room £200
Premium room £220
Single pod £160
Double pod £180
Glamping in bell tent £160
2 Berth Caravan £240

For more info about accommodation and facilities click here.

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