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Emergent Eros: Authentic Aliveness through Intimacy & Embodiment

Wednesday 14th August till Sunday 18th August

Imagine moving through the world integrated and assured in yourself.

Imagine living in a state of self-acceptance where you trust in your authentic expression.

Imagine feeling fully alive and in intimate relationship with Life.

You are invited to an innovative paradigm-shifting retreat at Osho Leela this Summer.

Offered for the very first time, this is a group journey of exploration over four days. The event is curated by Catherine Hale and Gayatri Beegan, and inspired by a “Culture of Care”.


We take what is best in a festival – top-notch facilitators sharing their gifts, a cornucopia of offerings, community, ceremony and celebration – and place within the circle of holding and care offered by a retreat.

The four-day immersive retreat will follow a journey arc of arriving and resourcing, exploration, expansion, celebration, and integration.

We root deep in embodiment and trauma-informed practice to provide solid ground for exploration.

We fly high on the wings of love and awareness to create heart-awakening soul-nourishing experiences.

This is where the magic happens.

Imagine a place where you get to…

Be comfortable and at ease in your body so that you can expand into deeper and richer experiences.

• Feel safe enough to lean into your edges without being pressured to push over them.

• Cultivate transformational intimacy practices that ripple out into every aspect of relating.

Experience the aliveness of Eros and intimacy through embodiment.

• Connect with the goodness of life through enriching encounters for body, heart and soul, so that there is more of you available for the world.

• Access a renewed sense of awe and wonder at the potential of life. Dancing in intimate relationship with All That Is.

What you can expect

We have invited our favourite transformational facilitators who are not only pioneers in their field but also committed to creating a “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” (as said by Charles Eisenstein).

Facilitators of…

♡ Intimacy and relational practice

♡ Embodiment and movement

Music and ecstatic dance

Touch and eros

Sacred ceremonial space

The retreat experience will be further supported by…

Sharing pods

Care Team

Integration and restoration

Whilst we offer a retreat schedule to give a sense of the journey we will embark upon together, the facilitation team will also be tuning into the collective field of the retreat and adjusting according to the needs and vibe of the group. Form provides containment for flow to emerge. Structure creates safe(r) space for spontaneity to arise.

Together we are creating a new way of Being.

The Pillars of our Togetherness

Curiosity, Playfulness & Innocence

Releasing the old scripts and stories and returning to original innocence. Letting go of assumptions, expectations and preconceptions and inviting aliveness through curiosity and playfulness. Moving beyond what we think we know and expanding into the emergent moment.

Permission, Acceptance & Attunement

Permission to be you and to bring all of you into the space. Acceptance of difference and diversity in our embodiment and expression. Creating harmonious connections to Self, Other and Spirit.

Messiness & Humanity

We are not only individuals on our unique journey but also social animals in a collective space. We acknowledge the complex and sometimes messy business of human relating. Particularly when we are dismantling assumptions and pre-conceptions in order to imagine a better vision of humanity.

Awe & Reverence

Welcoming a wider spectrum of the human experience from grief and rage to joy and playful irreverence. Reconnecting with a sense of humility, awe and wonder.

Meet your Facilitators

Catherine Hale
Catherine Hale
Catherine (she/her) is an expert nervous system coach, educator and inspiring guide for seasoned and change-making people who coach, heal and lead. She is passionate about supporting her clients to unlock the extraordinary power of post-traumatic growth through the process of both healing and expanding their nervous systems so that they can feel empowered to create the lives and businesses that are aligned with their deepest purpose and desires.
Gayatri Beegan
Gayatri Beegan
Gayatri (she/her) is a Sacred Initiatrix who works and dwells at the intersection between sexuality and spirituality, heaven and earth. Since 2012 she has guided hundreds of people in awakening to the aliveness of their being through conscious touch and erotic expansion. Central to Gayatri’s work is grounding in safety, cultivating sensitivity, and embodying the sacred. Her happy places are swimming in wild water, sitting around a campfire, and singing under the stars.
Bear Phillips
Bear Phillips
Bear (he/ him) is the Feminist Love Coach. He is a lover, a trauma-informed bodyworker, and an intimacy, dating & relationship coach. In his coaching he works primarily with men around questions of masculinity, and how patriarchy impacts our ability to have meaningful and authentic relationships. He’s been there, and now lives with more joy, pleasure, and bliss than he ever imagined possible.
Jamus Wood
Jamus Wood
Jamus Wood is a Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner who is also inspired and influenced by contact improvisation and exploring the land and embodied consciousness. He has an innate curiosity for life expressed and explored through movement, particularly in the art of unfolding and embodiment. He loves to know how the body is put together, so experiential anatomy can often play a part in his offerings.

Katy Cara
Katy Cara
Nature-loving single mum, yogi and everyday priestess. Practical, spiritual and mystical, Katy is a lover of the beautiful mess of being human – the dark and the light and everything in between. With their heartful and no bullshit approach, Katy wants to help you to feel empowered to live a more deeply aligned and vibrant life. Let’s come back to ourselves, back to our true nature and back into relationship with life. Let’s breathe, slow down and listen.
Lia Love
Lia Love
Mother, Lover, Sister, Daughter Relational Intimacy Guide, Voice Dialogue Parts Work Facilitator, Sexological Bodyworker, Ancient Ways Weaver, Human Design Geek, Devotional and Highly Sensitive Being, Lia brings trauma informed practice to the transformational journey of embodying and allowing Eros to move through us. She is passionate about going slow, keeping the relational field clear whilst honouring vulnerability as a pathway to our empowerment and cultural evolution.
Michael Dresser
Michael Dresser
Michael supports men who want to work body to body with another man to build skills and confidence with desire, touch, pleasure, communication and relating. Honed over more than a decade of ongoing training and practice, his work is a unique blend of Sexological Bodywork, Wheel Of Consent, and Sacred Intimacy, creating hands-on learning spaces with safety built in. In life sex, dance and sunshine brings him joy.
Pixi Pete
Pixi Pete
Pixi Pete epitomises the modern artistic polymath. Seamlessly combining his roles as a DJ, creative facilitator, and musician, he draws from a rich tapestry of over a decade of experience in embodiment practices, meditation, and performance. Peter’s unique touch involves integrating live percussion into his DJ sets, infusing electronic and acoustic rhythms, creating a completely unique and electrifying performance.

Who is this for?

  • You’ve read the retreat blurb and feel aliveness in your being.
  • You are curious about exploring intimacy and sexuality in expansive and emergent ways.
  • You’ve been on a journey of personal growth, and you intuitively feel called to explore intimacy, sexuality and embodiment.
  • You’ve been wanting to come to Osho Leela and waiting for the right moment. Or you’ve been to their sexuality festivals in the past and wondering “What’s next?”
  • You want to experience a retreat where care and attention is given to the bigger picture, including inclusivity and diversity of all kinds.
  • You care about how you show up in the world and want to be in spaces that support this.

Who is this not for?

  • You are baffled or bored by the retreat blurb.
  • You’ve heard that Osho Leela is a sexy place and are hoping to just get laid.
  • You are new to any kind of personal development work, especially intimacy, sexuality and embodiment.
  • You always come to the Osho Leela sexuality festivals and you expect this will be the same as before.
  • You have no interest in the bigger picture.

A Culture of Care seeks to repair endemic systems of harm by inviting momentum towards post traumatic growth as a possibility for all of humanity.

Pricing, Reciprocity & Sustainability

There is a new paradigm emerging for transformational spaces. We – Catherine Hale and Gayatri Beegan – intend to establish a new standard for space-holding through a “Culture of Care”. One that acknowledges the attention given before the retreat starts, holding during the retreat, and integration required after the retreat ends. One that creates sustainability for the space-holders. One that better serves you the participant.

This requires a step up in pricing. We acknowledge that this may come as a surprise to folks used to more low-level financial investment for an event at Osho Leela. We have thought carefully about how to balance the need for holding the retreat sustainably with the desire to make these spaces accessible to as many people as possible.

We are offering the following pricing structure:

  • First Release – £450
  • Second Release – £550
  • Third Release – £650

There is a set number of tickets in each release. When they are gone, they are gone.

Scholarship Price – £350

We have 5 scholarship places available for people who are drawn to this retreat but would otherwise not be able to join due to limited access to financial resources. Such as being a solo parent, on welfare support, or someone who works for community, charity, or activist organisations (without other source of financial wealth). If you wish to be considered for a concession place, please state this on your intake form and share more about your specific situation. We trust that only those who most need this special price will request it.

Payment Plans are available for all tickets to spread out the cost. Instalments must be complete before the 1st August.


Arrival: Wednesday August 14th 2024 from 11 am (lunch at 1 pm)
End: Sunday August 18th 2024 @ 4:30 pm

Ticket price includes retreat, food & camping with your own tent gear or camper van.

We are offering the following pricing structure:

First Release – £450, Second Release – £550 and Third Release – £650

There is a set number of each wave of tickets. When they are gone, they are gone.

Scholarship Price (by application only) – £350

Payment Plans are available for all tickets to spread out the cost. Instalments must be complete before the 1st August.

Accommodation options:
Camping £0
Own campervan £0 (plus £20 hook up if needed)

Dorm £80

Deluxe Dorm Bunk FEMALE £120
Deluxe Dorm Bunk MALE £120
Regular room in house £180

Large room in house £200
Premium room in house £220
Pine Cabin room £220
Single Pod £160
Double Pod £180
Caravan: £240 (Ideal for a family of 4 or a couple)
Bell tent (glamping – double bed): £160



Emergent Eros FAQ

Yes, everyone is welcome.

Yes, you’re in choice as to how you wish to move in the retreat space whether you wish to do all activities as a couple or as solo explorers your needs and boundaries are honoured at all times. We recommend that you have a good conversation about this and how you will manage any triggers or challenges as a couple.

No, you can attend the whole retreat with your clothes on, some sessions may be clothing optional and it’s important that you feel comfortable with that.

No this is an alcohol and intoxicant free retreat and we request that you honour this as part of the experience.

The Leela coffee shop will be open daily

Yes these will be available outside of session times.

We invite you to follow your own authority: to pace yourself, to honour your body and its needs, to give space for integration. There is integration time programmed into the schedule.

As this event is occurring in August at OSHO Leela people will inevitably make comparisons of what went before. However this is a NEW retreat offering and the event description shares the intention and orientation of this new experience.

There will be a held space for people to connect to put into place what has been learned in the day.

We want to ensure readiness and resource BEFORE folks join.

Payment plans are available for all ticket types.

Link on OSHO Leela website

All facilitators are committed to offering safer, inclusive, trauma-aware spaces through a culture of care. Our intake process is supporting self awareness, regulation and resource before entering the space for all participants.

How to Join

One of the key intentions for the retreat is to provide an unparalleled level of integrity and care. Whilst acknowledging the messy and complex business of being human. In order to support you most fully in this experience, we have created an intake process for all participants.

The intention of this intake process is two-fold. Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to reflect on your own journey with eros, intimacy and embodiment so that you can decide if this is the right event for you. Secondly, it supports us in best supporting you before, during and after the event. It is part of our commitment to a Culture of Care.

Please complete the questions as fully and honestly as you can. The information you provide is held in confidence by Catherine and Gayatri. We may reach out if we have any questions to talk through with you. We want to ensure that you are resourced and ready for this journey.

(e.g. courses attended and/or teachers you have worked with)
(e.g. meditation, breathwork, journalling, etc.)
(e.g. yoga, martial arts, dance and movement)
Do you have any specific needs around mobility, access or neurodiversity?*
(these may be human - friend, partner, therapist, etc - and beyond human - nature, animals, spirit guides etc.)

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