Come and join us for a week as a Festival Volunteer at Osho Leela!

Summer 2024

We invite you to come and support us in creating beautiful and nourishing experiences during our Festival Season at Osho Leela.

Volunteering at an Osho Leela Festival for a week is free of charge :)

You will be asked to work up to 5 hours per day and in exchange, as well as being part of our thriving community, you can choose to join sessions of the Festival that fit with your volunteering schedule.

You can camp in one of the lush fields in the beautiful land of Osho Leela or alternatively for a small fee of £5/night you can have accommodation in one of our dormitories. You will receive 3 yummy meals per day provided by our dedicated and passionate kitchen team.

There will be sharing(s) for the Volunteers Team held by some of our experienced community members to ensure that we all have a beautiful experience.

There are many areas where you can support us. Some of these are: the kitchen, housekeeping, dishes and space set-ups.

What we ask you to help us with:

🌸 Spaces setting-up 🌸

🌸 Kitchen assistant 🌸

🌸 House keeping duties 🌸

🌸 Dishes 🌸

What we offer:

Be part of the Osho Leela community

⭐ Take part in the festival ⭐

⭐ Camping field or dormitory space (limited) ⭐

⭐ All meals included ⭐

⭐ Join in a diversity of workshops ⭐

Details volunteering Summer Festivals

Over the last few Festival Seasons here at Leela, we have learned that it is very beneficial for the volunteers to have some time to arrive and settle down before jumping into work at a high energy Festival. That’s why it’s important that you commit to being here for at least a week. This way, you’re also involved in Festival preparation and setup, which is extremely helpful both to your own settling in and to the Community..

So, for example, if you wish to participate in a Festival which starts on a Thursday and finishes on a Sunday, we’d like you to arrive the Sunday before the Festival and stay the whole week until the festival ends on the following Sunday. If you can’t commit for the exact dates that we’re asking for, you can still apply and state your availability in the application form*.

*Please note that there will be less flexibility regarding your arrival date if you are coming for the first time or you have no volunteering experience here at Osho Leela.

The Festival Volunteers Experience


  • Up to 5 hours of Volunteering per day.
  • Participation in festival sessions if appropriate.
  • Free camping or dormitory accommodation (limited spaces- £5/night)
  • Participation in our team meeting(s) and sharing(s)

We ask you to be fully committed to the experience, to take responsibility to fulfill your duties to your best ability and to always be on time for your shifts.

We guarantee the opportunity for fun, friendships, connections and an overall incredible festive experience!

We only have limited spaces available for each festival; the application process will include a phone interview about your suitability.

If you feel called to live this experience please fill in our application form on this page. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Please note that we will give priority to applicants who have volunteered at Osho Leela before.

Apply now!

DD slash MM slash YYYY
Volunteering dates: click the events you would like to join.*
If you're not available for those exact dates, please state your preferable arrival and departure dates and time in comments below.