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Free Your Inner Artist

Creativity ~ Play ~ Self Expression

Thursday 11 July – Sunday 14 July 2024

Are you longing for more colour and beauty in your life?

Or for opportunities to express yourself in a free and non-judgemental environment?

At this retreat you will get to experience more freedom and playfulness…

You’ll discover that art can be a great way to express your inner life

And that painting can be rooted in joy, freedom and fun

Our approach to creativity will help you feel more spontaneity and aliveness

And we’ll help you develop the skills of trust and how to let go of planning.

Join us for this creative, mindful, embodied and playful voyage into art!


“ When I paint, it’s purely to see the intrinsic beauty of the colours- to see them dance with one another and the never-ending relationships that exist between them. I did not create these colours – they already exist. All that I do as an artist is play with them. ” Ailon


What does it entail?

This is a chance for anybody and everybody to create their own vivacious pieces of artwork using watercolour and acrylic paint on both paper and canvas.

Although some simple techniques will be shown, the goal is to free the inner creative life-force and let it play and dance with paint. Through the medium of art, we will develop our capacity for self-expression and creative exploration

There will also be a few supportive modalities such as yoga, dance, singing and games to keep the creative spirit alive and refreshed.

This retreat is for:

People who feel frustrated that they couldn’t access their own creativity at school


People who may have been creative before but have lost that spark and wish to reconnect


People who simply want more right brained creativity


People who want an active embodied meditation practice


people who long for more colour and beauty in their lives


People who look for opportunities to express themselves in a free and non-judgemental environment


People who want more freedom and playfulness


People who would like to break out of stiff, rule-based lives


What are you getting?

  • Bypassing the need to go to art school
  • The opportunity to create your own artwork and hang it in your home
  • Add fresh creative pathways in your lives
  • You will develop a painting self-practice to take home with you.
  • The group as an activation point or catalyst for a journey that you can continue by yourself.
  • To put you in touch with your own independent energy that is always available to you.
  • You will learn to connect to inspiration and guidance and follow your own vision.
  • More risk-taking, spontaneity and aliveness
  • Teaches the skill of trust and letting go of planning
  • Learn how to be in the moment in a visceral, embodied way Childlike un-self conscious star of exploration rather than grown-up goal oriented.

“Creativity is the fragrance of individual freedom.”


Over this retreat we will:

✔️ Take part in 5 daytime guided painting sessions

✔️ Participate in supportive practices to open the creative pathway- such as writing, singing, journalling and play

✔️ Be given clear guidance how to deal with the technical aspects of painting

✔️ Dance regularly

✔️ Have daily check-ins to see what arises for us during the journey

✔️ Hang out in nature and connect with a warm community of people

✔️ Have freedom to find our own rhythm and pace

✔️ Have space and time for the unknown

✔️ Experience the magic of Osho Leela; including connection, hugging, nature, sharing and wholesome vegetarian food.

Since doing this workshop, I have begun painting at home and now have my own art hanging on my walls. I never expected that to happen

Your facilitator

In 1990, Ailon attended a 4-day art workshop at the Osho Ashram in Poona. Participants were given two canvases for four days and told to paint over the images they had painted before. By breaking the sense of preciousness, Ailon found a much freer energy from which to make art and continued to paint in his spare time. On his return to London he was amazed to find that friends, family and even galleries wanted to hang and buy his art. He went on to exhibit in London, India, Mexico and New York -creating over 200 pieces of work- some of which are hanging at Osho Leela today

The intention behind this workshop is to share the same opportunity that I experienced in Poona – namely that anyone can be creative, anyone can make art, anyone can play with paint. You don’t need to be ‘good’ ; you don’t need to be trained; you just need to DO it !

Ailon is a maestro of self-expression- and having done it the hard way- directly by himself, he knows the bumpy path of bringing one’s creativity front and centre. I would not hesitate to recommend working with him in any creative workshop.

A beautiful journey of playing with paint and letting the creativity flow. Most of the time, we were left to our own devices- it was like being in meditation, yet surrounded by friends.

This workshop is more about a journey on the inside than a complex process on the outside.

I found that I could use any emotion to make my paintings. Frustration, boredom and irritation were just as useful starting points as ‘beauty’ or poetry.

I always thought painting and art was something complicated requiring hours of study. Ailon dismantled that for me and let me see it was simply about finding a connection to my own creative energy.

It was so great to be messy.

Since doing this workshop, I have begun painting at home and now have my own art hanging on my walls. I never expected that to happen.


Arrival time: Thursday 11th @ 4:00 pm
Workshop starts: 8:15 pm (We encourage you to arrive early so you have time to settle in and join for the optional meditation and dinner)

End: Sunday July 14th @ 3.00 pm (dinner is not included for this evening)

Price workshop: £360 (includes workshop & food)
Early Bird till June 20th £330

Accommodation supplements for 2 nights:
Own campervan: £0 (£9 hook up if needed)
Dorm £30
Dorm Bed Deluxe £60
Regular room £105
Large room £120
Premium room £135
Pod single bed £90
Pod double bed £105

Accommodation is allocated on a first come first served basis. For more info about our accommodation & facilities check here.

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