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Journey of the Sacred Feminine

Your Sacred Path & Practice with Amiya & Louise

Friday 12th July – Sunday 14th July 2024

Join Amiya and Louise on this weekend Gathering.

Are you yearning for more connection with your body?

Do you feel that you easily give to others but struggle to honour your own needs?

Do you know what you ‘should’ do and berate yourself if you don’t do it?

About Your Sacred Path & Practice:

Come away from the shoulds and the self-judgment and join us for this journey of reconnecting with your body, to sacred restoration and self-love.

During this gathering, you will build a deeper connection with your needs, your body, your senses, and your daily flow, so that you can deeply feel what it is you need in the moment.

The journey of the feminine is weaving in sacred self-care, rest, and nourishment to our day-to-day life, so when we are being of service and sharing our gifts we can truly give from our fullness.

Deep down, these are acts of self-love.

When our cup is full, we can serve, we can blossom, we can shine.

We will travel with the elements of earth, water, air, and fire; we will connect to the sacred land and co-create rituals in nature to honour the feminine way, rewilding our hearts and bodies.

Come home to ourselves and to the land.

The sacred journey of being in your body.

Who Is This Gathering For?

Women that would like to reconnect to the sacredness of their bodies

Women that easily give to others and want to honour their own needs

Women that want to let go of their ‘shoulds’ and step into a kind loving relationship with themselves so that they can give from their fullness

During This Gathering You Will:

  • Practice ways of being – of allowing, receiving, being heard & taking space
  • Reconnect to your body, give your mind a rest, and call forward a sincere intention to simplify your daily magical life.
  • Transform your daily routines into rituals with deeper presence, love, and reverence.

Over this weekend we will:

  • Practice self-care and self-love rituals that you can embed into your daily life
  • Explore Dance and Movement practices
  • Soften into sacred restoration & co-regulation in sisterhood
  • Experience Womb Healing and have a dedicated womb space to rest, write, meditate
  • Spend time in nature, feet on the earth
  • Explore emotional expression, creative expression & gentle release
  • Share deeply & practice expressing your needs
  • Explore the feminine way to finding a balance between doing and being, and find your feminine flow

You will take away:

  • A renewed sense of connection to your body
  • Rituals and practices to use at home
  • Deeper felt boundaries around what serves you in your self-care
  • An inner knowing of which practices are the best for you, in connection with your needs
  • A softening of the ‘shoulds’ that keep you stuck in self-judgement


 “Amiya, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful experience we shared on your natural vitality course. I loved your unique combination of healing modalities and learning about different tools I can use in my life, many of which I’m continuing on with after the course. I also so appreciated your gentle and supportive approach which made me feel welcomed, valued and at home. You created a safe container in which to express, be heard and learn from each other. Thank you again and I’m looking forward to more”


Louise has an incredible amount of depth and understanding and can help you connect with your higher/true self. She knows how to make you love every part of yourself and trust in your way of seeing the world. I gained so many useful tools from working with Louise and I’m forever grateful she came into my life when she did.


Meet the Facilitators

Amiya is from Spain and has been connected to Osho Leela since 2013. She is a sensitive, intuitive and creative woman, Amiya is passionate about female empowerment and vitality, wellbeing and nature. She loves facilitating women’s groups, and she brings her passion for heartfelt connections, astrology, dance, creativity and meditation. Amiya has completed a four year Therapist training at the Osho Humaniversity in Holland; she has a background in Occupational Therapy and has worked with people for many years. She has an interest in women’s health and healing, bringing her experience of her own healing journey.
Louise naturally supports people to reconnect with their true, authentic & lovable self.
She is a transformational coach, mindful living & self-love guide. In touch with her inner playful child Louise loves walking barefoot on the land, hugging the beautiful oak trees & lives for expansive conversations that awaken new possibilities & perspectives.


Start: July 12th 2024
(Arrive from 3pm on the Fridays to settle in, dinner is at 7pm, the gathering commences at 8.15pm)
End: July 14th 2024 @ 6:00 pm

Price for this Gathering (this includes food & dorm accommodation)
Full Price: £330 Early Bird: £300 (till June 10th)

Dorm £20
Regular room £70
Large room £80
Premium room £90
Single bed pod £70
Double bed pod £90

Accommodation is allocated on a first come first served basis.

For all enquiries, please phone the Osho Leela Booking Office on: 01747 821221

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