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Devotional Tantra

~ Union, Love & Meditation ~

Module 4 of The Leela Tantra Experience Training Level

Friday 5 – Sunday 7 July 2024

This workshop is part of the training and cannot be booked as a stand alone workshop.

The next Leela Tantra Experience starts March 2025. If you would like to be informed when it’s bookable, please complete the Enquiry Form at the bottom of the page.

The Leela Tantra Experience is a 4-workshop program specifically designed to support you on an authentic journey to embrace life and live orgasmically.

Tantra is about love. Tantra embraces life in all its aspects. Tantra loves the human being, the man, the woman, YOU. Through this acceptance, celebration and love can unfold in every detail of your daily life.

Tantra takes you to live in a higher state of consciousness, transforming a mechanical life into a vital life experience, full of joy and expansion as well as grounding and presence.

What are we offering?

There is a wide variety of tools & methods we are using in these workshops.

* Tantra Meditation, Ritual & Ancient Wisdom

* Healing & Heart Opening

* Move beyond the Mind into Authentic Relating

* Breathwork

* Massage and Conscious Touch

* Dance & Movement

* Sharing Circles & Conscious Communication

* Awakening your Senses & Body Painting

* Connection with Nature

* Meditations inspired by Osho and Veeresh


What are the benefits?

By embracing tantra as your lifestyle, you will get:

  • More Aliveness & Vitality
  • Deeper Understanding of your Body and Energy Flow
  • Trust in your Instincts & Intuition to Make Conscious Decisions
  • Increased Sensitivity
  • Enhanced Natural Wildness & Creativity
  • Knowledge about Ancestral Tantra Wisdom
  • Integrated Meditations, Rituals and Tantra Method in your Daily Life
  • A Balance of Body, Mind & Emotions
  • A Fresh Imprint in your Somatic Memory
  • A Higher Quality of Life, Embracing its Simplicity and the many Flavors
  • More Fulfillment in your Sexuality through Presence & Love
  • A Coming Back Home to Nature and your Natural Self
  • Nourishing Connections, and Spiritual Intimacy between you and your Friends or Partners.
  • Experience what it means to Living Orgasmically

Module IV, “Devotional Tantra” – Union, Love & Meditation

Conscious sexuality, opening to Intimacy and Meditation as a doorway to Mahamudra, the great orgasm with the universe. In a loving and sincere way we are creating a safe space, allowing playfulness and trust to grow and return to the source of being. From here we expand our energy & consciousness to fully connect with ourselves and others in joy and presence.

  • Learn to share your energy with respect and totality
  • Bring the quality of meditation and presence into sexuality
  • Heal emotional wounds which prevent us to connect with ourselves and others
  • Decrease insecurities, shame, and stress relating to sexuality and intimacy
  • Start feeling more safe and authentic when you connect with others
  • Trust in your sensitivity & intuition, and allow yourself to be vulnerable
  • Increase self-awareness and intimacy with yourself
  • Share love and intimacy with partners, friends, and family
  • Experience more honest, mature love, and fulfilling relationships
  • See how much fun and expansion you will experience when you embrace meditations in your daily life.
  • Meditation and love are the doorway to your being

What participants say:

It was beautiful. The sessions were really lovely, very gentle. We did some creativity workshops as well as healing, breathing exercises and chakra meditations. Tantra in the West has a really strong s*xual flavour and it’s not really about that.


It’s definitely an in-depth exploration and a journey, which you go on with a group, so it’s a beautiful container to grow in over time. It was really helpful to learn more about circulating energy through the chakras and to get precise guidance. It felt really expansive and exciting, and a very interesting way to play with energy. It was a very gentle, subtle and sweet learning experience.


One of the things I have loved most about this experience is having the old school tantra, rituals, devotion, working with energy, breathwork and intention.  this is really meaningful for me because it is hard to find that in England in my experience as there is a lot of neo tantra so it is lovely to have something that the richeness and depth of ancient tradition and wisdom. I also want to share how beautiful it was for me to have Maite singing with her guitar to support us in song. There is something very special about singing in community and to be in devotion through music and song so i’ve really enjoye that she brought her gifts. I’ve had a lovely experience.

Harmony Isgolde

It has been a beautiful four module experience for me, especially to do this with my beloved; to look at the shadows and the connection between us and how to deepen that, and also the shadows within myself between the feminine and the masculine has been really great to explore. The whole experience has been really enlightening and brings beauty and joy to the heart.


I have just completed the LTE and I am so full of love, I feel amazing. It is such a safe, gentle space that has been held here. This last 5 months there have been beautiful connections, beautiful friendships… I highly recommend this to anybody.


I have had a really deep, meaningful and spiritual journey into myself that has helped me to understand me and others and to open my heart to everyone.

Prem Turiya

Leela Tantra Experience – Training Level 1 Workshop Dates:

  • March 22 – 24: Module I “The Tantra Map” Cosmic Blueprint for Living Fully
  • April 26 – 28: Module II, “The Tantric Vision of the Body and the Senses”
  • May 31- 2 June: Module III “She and He are One” The Sun and Moon within
  • July 5 – 7: Module IV, “Devotional Tantra” – Union, Love & Meditation

Please note – This is not a facilitator training. It is an experiential program; a training designed for those who choose to embody transformation and tantra awakening as a lifestyle.


Ranjana was born close to the Andes Mountain Range in Chile, and inspired by the magnificent nature all around her, set out to create a bridge between ancestral wisdom and modern tantra and meditation.
Ranjana has offered workshops in The Americas, Spain, France, Greece, India and the UK for the past 20 years. Her offerings include Tantra Shamanic Essence, Female Tantric Path (Tribal Woman), and the Living Tantra and Meditation Method.

More about Ranjana by clicking her image.

Amura has been living at Osho Leela since 2006 and is an experienced organiser and facilitator of the Conscious Sexuality and Tantra Festivals here at Osho Leela.
Amura is passionate about supporting people to feel truly at home in themselves and to be fully present in their connection to others. She uses her presence, skills and experience to guide others in their own journey of embodiment, sensuality and intimacy. Amura’s background is in physiotherapy, massage and bodywork, and she is fascinated by the beauty and mystery of our bodies.

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Dates for next Leela Tantra Experience 2025:
Module 1: 7th – 9th of March
Module 2: 4th – 6th of April
Module 3: 9th – 11th of May
Module 4: 13th – 15th of June.
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