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Embodied Love Under 40's Festival

Embodied Love

~ A Conscious Intimacy Festival for the Under 40s ~

Wednesday 11th to Sunday 15th September

How would it feel to be confident and empowered in intimacy, sexuality and love?

How would it feel to be fully-expressed and free in yourself, including your sexuality and how you relate to others?

How would it feel to lean into your growth edges at the right pace for you, supported and held throughout the process?

How would it feel to lovingly alchemise any shame or fear you may have into curiosity, courage and space for more desire?

How would it feel to be fully seen and celebrated for who you truly are?

How would it feel to discover all of this in a loving, reflexive and evolving community?

All of this is possible for you.

You are excitedly invited to this pioneering conscious intimacy festival for the under 40s in September!

The event is curated and organised by Madalaine Munro and Kalia Wright, supported by Ed Rooke and inspired by its sister event Emergent Eros in creating a “culture of care”.

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What you can expect:

– A well-held and integral space devoted to love, acceptance and a remembering of the innate power we all possess.

– A playground of workshops and experiences for you to explore your relational, intimate and sexual needs and desires – including relational practices, embodiment and movement, touch, erotic play, sacred sexuality and ecstatic dance!

– A culture of care founded in you honouring the pace and needs of your own mind, body and nervous system.

– A space that embraces the nuance of being human, where you are loved in your biggest most expressed self, and smallest most introverted self.

– A team of highly trained and experienced people who are in service to holding you through your transformation and guiding you back home to yourself and your embodied wisdom.

– A network of care and support from daily circles, an epic care team and a focus integration and after-care.

– A sober, intimate festival with workshops, ceremonies, circles, dances, and jams to support you in your embodiment of true expression.

Together we will co-create new pathways for intimacy, sexuality and love!


What would be possible if you spent 4 days nurturing connection, community and fulfilling nourishing intimacy?

How much more confident could you feel in intimacy and sexuality?

How much more free could you feel in your body?

How much more fulfilled could you feel in your relationships?

How much more could you feel sexually satisfied?

How much pleasure could you feel in your body?

How much love and appreciation could you let yourself receive?

Embodied Love is your invitation and permission slip to discover new possibilities!

Activities and Workshops:

  • Embodied Consent
  • Authentic Relating
  • Flirting Workshop
  • Belly2Belly
  • Sacred Touch / Sexuality Rituals
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • The Love Lounge – our held Temple Space
  • Safer-Sex Space, including Destigmatising STIs
  • Yoga + Movement classes
  • Play + Improvisation
  • Meditation
  • Womens, Mens, Mixed Circles
  • Jams
  • and more to be announced soon!

The Foundations of Embodied Love

Community Care – Weaving in curiosity, nuance & kindness with ourselves and others; exploring and guiding how we can cultivate more compassion, humility & embracing difference and challenge with grace. Building a foundation of embodied listening, presence, empathy, generosity, courageous conversations and shared humanity. Being held by the festival’s net of care as a representative of the collective’s responsibility.

Self Care – Tending to our needs and boundaries, through prioritising inner-listening, body-awareness and playfully exploring edges without pushing beyond our limits. A loving focus on pace, presence and self-holding, weaving in the individual’s responsibility to the health of the whole.

Permission – Permission to be you and to bring all of you into the space, to be right where you are at. Creating a culture that promotes authentic expression, integrity and connection, with a focus on realness and honesty over perfection and performance. Inviting in our messiness, our full-spectrum human and being in full approval of what emerges whilst also holding an awareness and sensitivity to others.

Play – A playground to explore. Holding play as a bridge to transformation, a returning to innocence, in the essence of experimentation, fun and discovery.

Integration – Breathing in and out, digesting what is for us and leaving what is not. A journey of wholeness, where we lovingly walk parts of us back home into the fullness of our being.

Meet your Festival Leads

Kalia Wright (She/Her)
Kalia Wright (She/Her)
Kalia is a fiercely loving somatic practitioner and mentor, serving in the field of Full-expression, Eros, Integrity and Love. Kalia guides people with parts-work, embodiment techniques and nervous system support. Her practice is trauma-informed and underpinned by her extensive life experience and training in Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy, Embodied-Relational Therapy Group Facilitation and her studies in MA Psychology and years of practice as a child protection Social Worker, Youth Worker and University Lecturer.

Kalia is passionate about creating cultures of care and integrity, including destigmatising Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and embracing the subtlety and nuance of what is it to be human in today’s world. Kalia teaches and guides people to develop the foundational skills we need to navigate complexity and challenge with love, maturity and grace. “In a world that is predominantly wired to extract from us, guiding people to home to their embodied truth, power and vitality is my deepest service”

More about Kalia at www.kaliawright.com

Madalaine Munro (She/Her)
Madalaine Munro (She/Her)
Madalaine is a Sexologist who specialises in transforming your approach to intimacy and relationships through healing your nervous system. Trained in Somatic Sex Education, Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy and Somatic Attachment Therapy, she weaves together the sacred and science to create trauma informed rituals and a tailored approach to healing.

She regularly writes in publications including Women’s Health, Grazia, Cosmopolitan and many more, and was named a leading expert in Sexuality by Men’s Health.

As well as group workshops and events, her private practice is split between clients and mentoring practitioners.

Ed Rooke (He/Him)
Ed Rooke (He/Him)
Ed’s work weaves together Tantra and Shadow Work to help people connect with their natural aliveness, and bring all of themselves into their intimacy and expression.

“I got a really strong sense of what it is to be emotionally blocked at a young age when my own wounding led me to be stuck for years with chronic illness. Nothing has ever come close to bringing me alive like this work and nothing else feels as important.”

As well as completing a Doctorate in Psychology, Ed has trained extensively with a number of teachers over the years, in particular his work is influenced by Stephen Gilligan (Hypnotherapy/Generative Trance), Rod Boothroyd (Shadow Work), Hal & Sidra Stone (Voice Dialogue), Mateo Tabababai (Non-dualism/Tantric Awakening) and from many years of assisting and supervision with renowned relationship expert Jan Day (Living Tantra).

Ed now leads several of the workshops in the Living Tantra Programme, as well as offering a range of programmes for men focusing on the themes of sexuality, archetypal empowerment, intimacy and shadow.

For more about Ed see www.edrooke.com

Meet your Facilitators (More to be announced soon!)

Catherine Hale
Catherine Hale
Catherine (she/her) is an expert nervous system coach, educator and inspiring guide for seasoned and change-making people who coach, heal and lead. She is passionate about supporting her clients to unlock the extraordinary power of post-traumatic growth through the process of both healing and expanding their nervous systems so that they can feel empowered to create the lives and businesses that are aligned with their deepest purpose and desires. Catherine is also co-lead for Emergent Eros.
Bear Phillips
Bear Phillips
Bear (he/ him) is the Feminist Love Coach. He is a lover, a trauma-informed bodyworker, and an intimacy, dating & relationship coach. In his coaching he works primarily with men around questions of masculinity, and how patriarchy impacts our ability to have meaningful and authentic relationships. He’s been there, and now lives with more joy, pleasure, and bliss than he ever imagined possible.

Who is this for?

  • You’re under 40, you’ve read what we are offering and you feel called to join us.
  • You want to meet new people and create community together.
  • You want to transform how you experience dating and relationships.
  • You are curious about exploring intimacy, sexuality and love through play, experimentation and in a sober group environment.
  • You have some experience of personal development and are ready to explore new edges in intimacy to create more fulfilling connections.
  • You want to experience a festival where care and attention is give to the subtle and nuanced aspects of intimacy, sexuality and love.
  • You care about how you show up in the world and want to be in spaces that explore and support this in community.

Who is this not for?

  • People over 40. Why? Because people under 40 have a different shared experience of sex education and sexuality. We believe that events that are specifically tailored to this age groups’ needs will build the sex positive community and support younger people to receive the right holding for their needs. Just as you may put age preferences on dating apps, we want to give permission to young people to know the age range that can be expected at the event. For anyone over 40, please check out our sister event Emergent Eros which is for all ages.
  • You are uninspired or bored by what we are offering.
  • You’ve heard that Osho Leela is a sexy place and are hoping to just get laid.
  • You want a space to take recreational drugs, including drinking alcohol.
  • You are looking for an intellectual, mind-based experience only, rather than a somatic, embodied one.
  • You can only come for part of the time – We create a guided journey for you, so it is required that you stay the whole time

A Culture of Care seeks to repair endemic systems of harm by inviting momentum towards post traumatic growth as a possibility for all of humanity.

Super EarlyBird tickets available NOW!

Payment plans available

Tickets include:

  • Camping ticket including showers and washing facilities
    • All festival workshops including consent, boundaries, authentic relating, play, embodied sexuality, belly2belly
    • Access to a held Temple each night
    • Access to holistic offerings including yoga, meditation, cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance, and jam sessions
    • Guided women’s, men’s and mixed circles
    • Reduced cost 1:1 sessions with facilitators
    • Access to the extensive nature and wildlife of Osho leela
    • Emotional support from our high level care team, including after festival care
    • 3 vegetarian meals a day
    • Unlimited saunas

“The most beautiful expansion of me I have ever experienced. I feel i integrated the entire festival during it, allowing me to stay safe and self-connected the whole time”

Amanda Berine - 2023 Festival participant

“Such a beautiful journey to deepen into my inner knowing and become the truest expression of myself”

2023 Festival Participant

“The best held container I have ever experienced – & I have experienced a lot”

2023 Festival Participant

“The world would be a better place if more people took part in this…it should be mandatory”

2023 Festival Participant

Pricing, Reciprocity & Sustainability

There is a new paradigm emerging for transformational spaces. We, – Madalaine Munro and Kalia Wright, in collaboration with Catherine Hale and Gayatri Beegan (of Emergent Eros) – intend to establish a new standard for space-holding through a “Culture of Care”. One that acknowledges the attention given before the festival starts, holding during the festival, and integration required after the festival ends. One that creates sustainability for the space-holders. One that better serves you the participant.

We are offering the following pricing structure:

First Release – £335
Second Release – £380
Third Release – £425

There is a set number of tickets in each release. When they are gone, they are gone.

BIPOC Price – £300
This ticket is to recognise the under-representation of Black and minority ethnic communities within sexuality spaces and to show our solidarity and willingness to create steps to address this. This is not a concession ticket, or dependent on affordability, instead as a recognition of systemic accessibility within the UK.

Student Price – £300
For full-time students. If you are purchasing a student ticket, you will need to bring your Student ID with you when you arrive.

Scholarship Price – £300
We have 10 scholarship places available for people who are drawn to Embodied Love but would otherwise not be able to join due to limited access to financial resources. Such as being a solo parent, on welfare support, or someone who works for community, charity, or activist organisations (without other source of financial wealth). We trust that only those who most need this ticket will purchase it.

Payment Plans are available for all tickets to spread out the cost at no additional charge. Installments must be complete before the 1st September.


Arrival: Wednesday September 11th 2024 @ 5:00pm

End: Sunday September 15th 2024 @ 3:00 pm

Ticket price includes festival, food & camping with your own tent gear or camper van.

We are offering the following pricing structure:

First Release – £335, Second Release – £380 and Third Release – £425

There is a set number of each wave of tickets. When they are gone, they are gone.


We are offering a BIPOC, Student & Scholarship Ticket options – £300

Payment Plans are available for all tickets to spread out the cost with no additional charge. Installments must be complete before the 1st September.

Accommodation options:
Camping £0
Own campervan £0 (plus £20 hook up if needed)

Dorm £80

Deluxe Dorm Bunk FEMALE £120
Deluxe Dorm Bunk MALE £120
Regular room in house £180

Large room in house £200
Premium room in house £220
Pine Cabin room £220
Single Pod £160
Double Pod £180
Caravan: £240 (Ideal for a group of 4 or a couple)
Bell tent (Glamping – double bed): £160


How to Join

One of the key components of “Culture of Care” is to provide a high level of integrity and care, whilst acknowledging the messy and complex business of being human. In order to support you most fully in this experience, we have created an intake process for all participants.

The intention of this intake process is two-fold. Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to reflect on your own journey with intimacy, sexuality and love so that you can decide if this is the right event for you. Secondly, it supports us in best supporting you before, during and after the event, which is our commitment as part of the culture of care.

Please complete the questions as fully and honestly as you can. The information you provide is held in confidence by Madalaine and Kalia. We may reach out if we have any questions to talk through with you. We want to ensure that you are resourced and ready for this journey.

Invitation: Before you begin completing the form, take a moment to be as comfortable as possible in your body. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath. Allow each breath to be intentional, slow, and deep. With each inhale and exhale come more fully to the present moment, and notice how you feel in your heart and in your belly. Take a few breaths like this, and when you are complete, open your eyes and begin.

(e.g. courses attended and/or teachers you have worked with)
(e.g. Friends, therapist, journaling, exercise, dance, movement, meditation, nature, anything else that is supportive for you)
(These are common experiences many of us share, and we ask this so we can better understand how to support you during the event)
Do you have any specific needs around mobility, access or neurodiversity?*
(these may be human - friend, partner, therapist, etc - and beyond human - nature, animals, spirit guides etc.)

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