Total Life Change Intensive

One Week to Change Your Whole Life!

If you want real change in your life and you want it now, then this is the program for you!
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During this week you will develop the following…

● Empowering yourself
● Letting go of negative conditioning
● Creating authentic Friendships
● Creating confidence around Love Relationships
● Learning to fully express your emotions
● Finding out what you want in your life and how to go for it!
● Discovering that you really are a lovable human being

You may be in a life crisis, or you may want to spend a week working intensively on your self development. The Total Life Change Intensive is perfect for both. Indeed, it can take a life-crisis for you to really become aware that you’re not happy in your love life, or with your friendships, or your work. A crisis can help you really resolve to create change no matter what. And if this is where you are at right now then we are here to help you make it happen.

At some point in our lives we must take full responsibility for where we are at and stop blaming the outside. Our objective is to support you in letting go of your emotional baggage so that you can be free to enjoy life to the fullest, and to support you so that you don’t make the same mistakes in the future. Through taking part in sessions and meditations, and being around others you will become more aware of your behaviour and how your unconscious patterns can undermine your relationships and creativity.

We hold a safe space where you can feel OK to step out of old patterns of limitation, and challenge yourself, for example by allowing yourself to be seen by speaking in public and by asking for what you need.

One of the key things that will support you in the program are the other participants. Through spending so much time close together you will see yourself through the eyes of others. With their feedback and support you will trust, grow and expand. The program is structured so that you are a lot of the time “on the go.” This supports your mind to let go of any old negative, behavioural patterns that constantly try to creep back in. And this creates space for your heart to open.

The program is led by two or three community members or other connected friends with extensive therapeutic experience. In addition other community members assist holding the program. Everyone who is leading the program has worked with people in this way for years. We never ask anyone to take part in a session we haven’t done ourselves many times. We put your physical and emotional well-being first at all times.


A typical daily schedule will look like this…

6.30 – Wake Up
7.00 – Morning Meditation (Dynamic Meditation or similar)
8.00 – Showers & Breakfast
9.00 – Community Morning Meeting
9.20 – Work Projects
10.40 – Coffee Break
11.00 – Session (see below)
13.00 – Lunch & Break
15.00 – Sharing with Program Leaders
16.00 – Session (see below) & Break
19.00 – Dinner & Dishes
20.30 – Evening Session, perhaps Massage, Healing or Meditation
22.00 – Free time or Bedtime

The participants in the Total Life Change Intensive form a close “family” within the Leela community. You move, wake up, dance, express, eat and share together. Living together so closely with others will bring up feelings, and these can be usefully worked out in the Sessions, leaving you feeling expanded and healed. By living communally, instead of individually behind closed doors, you will get to know each other very quickly and be able to give each other the support that you each need.

Techniques & Sessions

Before arriving on the program we will ask you to write out your basic life story, including any traumatic events or anything else which might be psychologically relevant. This should cover a couple of sheets of A4 paper. This will give us a basic understanding of where you are at right now.

On arrival you will have a brief interview with the Program Leaders to find out what you’d like to work on, or how you would like to develop. The next step is that you will likely receive an “Awareness Name.” This name will be put on a sticker that you can wear. The “Awareness Name” might be something that allows you to act out a repressed side of your nature, to better feel and integrate it, such as “Angry Punk.” Or it could be something to help you change your self-image, such as “Goddess” or “Hero.” Before getting the Awareness Name you always have a choice as to whether you want to try it or not. Awareness Names are frequently changed during the daily Sharing, so that you can work with many different sides of yourself.

As you see above we create a lot of space in your daily schedule for Sessions. These are mini workshops or interactive structures, a chance to move forwards. As mentioned, communal living brings a lot of opportunities to develop self-awareness – to understand what triggers you and where you go in an emotional reaction. Out in the world we learn strategies to avoid confrontation with the parts of ourselves that we believe are unlovable. But here on the program we welcome the negativity and we use it to move forwards, as you will learn.

Popular techniques that we love to offer in sessions include…

● Feeling and expressing your emotions
● Taking risks that move you past old limitations
● Theatre & Role Play
● Keeping your energy moving so that old patterns of negative behaviour can’t come back
● Learning to understand what’s going on inside and how to share this and be acknowledged
● Learning to receive positivity, love and healing.
● Seeing yourself through the eyes of other people so that you can become aware of “blind spots”

In addition, the program leaders will hold a daily Sharing, where you can let them and other participants know how you’re doing, where you can practice to open your heart also. In this way, we keep the program safely held, with the program leaders knowing where you’re at and offering guidance and support.


We offer the Total Life Experience Intensive to anyone who really wants change and who is willing take risks and open their heart.

This intensive is great for…

● People who want to grow and expand in a clearly held environment where they can safely let their masks drop.
● People who want to overcome being shy, fearful or who feel they have low self-esteem
● People who feel a lot of guilt in their lives, or who feel they need to “please” others or avoid confrontation
● People who feel they are excessively angry or controlling
● People in emotional crisis
● People in transition at the end of a relationship or other major life event
● People who just want more!

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