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Shamanic Heart & Soul
~ Becoming Your Own Shaman ~

A Shamanic Solstice Gathering
Togetherness – Ritual – Connection
With the amazing Zohar Bahir


Friday 21st June – Sunday 23rd June 2024


This will be an experiential event covering the essentials necessary for you to become your own shaman.

We will explore the main tenets of shamanism and delve deeply into cross-cultural shamanic practices.

The weekend will cover the following topics:
The Soul’s Flight, Shamanic Journeying – Shamanic drumming and Rattling – Meeting Our Spirit Allies – The Shamanic Merge – Shamanic Healing

We’ll be offering lots of nourishing goodies, to stoke the fires of our hearts and creativity, and to tune in with the special land here at this time. There will be time to integrate in between the sessions to nurture and tend the received healing and messages.

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What Is It About

The workshop will focus on establishing a strong connection to our spirit allies who are enlightened, compassionate, all-loving ascended beings.

We will explore the shamanic topography and journey to the shamanic realms to be assisted by our spirit allies.

The weekend also includes an introduction to shamanic healing, known as Shamanic Soul Retrieval!


What Is Shamanism

Shamanism is a method of healing ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, our environment and our world.

In these turbulent times, shamanism is offering us ancient ways and means of healing and of celebrating spiritual authority, sovereignty and self-empowerment.

This workshop is open to beginners as well as those wishing to deepen their shamanic practice.

Are you ready to become your own shaman?

During This Workshop You Will Experience:

* Shamanic journeying
* Shamanic ceremonies including a fire ceremony
* Shamanic initiations
* Shamanic drumming and rattling
* Shamanic healing
* Celebrating self-empowerment
* Owning your birthright to sovereignty and autonomy
* A greater connection to nature and creation
* Forging a deep and loving relationship with your spirit allies
* Understanding the importance of community
* Creating a shamanic altar
* Sharing as we sit around the circle

A Sacred Meeting with:

The Power Animal

The Sacred Self


The Gate Keeper


‘A shaman is one who is able to traverse the shamanic terrain bringing back knowledge, wisdom and healing.’ Zohar

Introducing Zohar Bahir!

Zohar began her unique journey more than 30 years ago and has continued to develop her skills to this day. In 2014, following a dream career as an airline pilot, she decided to explore shamanic healing and travelled to the Amazon where she lived with the Shipibo tribe for several months.

During this time, she underwent an advanced and intense initiation with a Shipibo maestro curandero, a master healer.

After returning to the UK with newfound inspiration, she completed a 3-year course in Classical Shamanism and has been working as a shamanic practitioner ever since.

When it comes to teaching Zohar believes in an experiential approach and her workshops reflect this methodology.

I’ve had the great pleasure of receiving shamanic teaching and healing from Zohar several times over the years.

Having worked with other
practitioners, Zohar is someone who truly embodies the qualities and
skills but most importantly the authenticity of a true healer.

With an admirable, interesting life story, Zohar is relatable in so many ways yet has the aura of a wise and ancient elder who has been doing the work for thousands of years.

Her ability to hold space is second to none as her calming presence puts you at ease while her strong spirit inspires courage and confidence.

In a community saturated with ‘healers’, I am so thankful to have been guided by her and her work has helped shift the course of my life in the greatest of ways.

With her having so much to
share and there being so much to learn from, she is not only a healer
but also a great teacher and guide.

The real deal.

Charlie S.

I am an 83 years old woman who has spent most of my life dealing with
the severe trauma that lies in my family from centuries ago.When I
moved from Cornwall to Sussex 5 years ago, I was delighted to learn
that a shaman lives next door. Her name is Zohar Bahir and I
immediately arranged to take shamanic journeys with her, something I had wanted to do all my life.

What transpired from those profound journeys and the integration process I was instructed to carry out at the end, proved to be the culmination of all the therapeutic work, mainly Jungian and body work, that I’ve done during my long life.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone with an interest in shamanic teaching.

Zohar is experienced, conscientious and trustworthy and works to the deepest levels of understanding.

Sarah I.

I was very fortunate to embark on numerous shamanic workshops
taught by Zohar.

Zohar explains the theory and practices very clearly in her workshops and in an intriguing way that I was able to retain the
information and put it into practice.

Zohar makes her workshops an
amazing and insightful experience.

She is a fantastic teacher who
brings her vast experience and inspiration to every workshop and in
addition, she is understanding, patient and compassionate.



Start: June 21st @ 5:00pm
End: June 23rd @ 5:00pm

Registration Tickets (this includes the event & food)
£270 – Early Bird (until 31st May))
£300 – Full Price

Accommodation for 2 nights:
Dorm £20
Own campervan £0 (plus £6 hook up if needed)
Regular room £70
Large room £80
Premium room £90
Pod single bed £70
Pod double bed £80

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