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Body Based Therapy
~ A 3-day Workshop with Devaraj & Abhi ~

Thursday 13 June till Sunday 16 June 2024

Working with the body in therapy is radical and exciting. The greater the extent to which we can feel our body, the more grounded and open we become. Our resilience increases and our life just gets better.

This intense, 3-day workshop combines the theory and practice of Body Based Therapy. You will both learn the theory and have a deep experience. The theoretical part, led by Dev, will support you to understand how our brain comes to repress energy and emotion and the negative effects that this has on our life. The practical sessions will allow you to overcome these limitations and let your energy and your love shine through.

We will be working with Bioenergetics, Breathwork, Emotional Expression and Reichian techniques. Suitable for beginners or the more experienced.


  • Theoretical understanding of body based therapy.
  • Understanding repression: the body, trauma and conditioning.
  • Holding Patterns and Dead Zones.
  • How to release the past and move on.
  • The resistance layer.


  • Bioenergetics
  • Reichian techniques (Including De-armouring)
  • Breathwork
  • Emotional Expression
  • Osho Active Meditations and Somatic mindfulness
  • Sharings

‘There is so much in this work that is revolutionary and radical. Whether you seek to work on yourself, or are working with clients out in the world, I guarantee this course will give you many “ah-hah” moments, and allow you to create huge change.’



  • A better understanding of how the mind and body interrelate from an experiential, rather than intellectual, perspective.
  • Knowledge of the body-based practices that you can utilise at home to keep going deeper and to keep your energy moving.
  • The chance to release past trauma and feel more embodied


  • Anyone who wants to experience working with the body in therapy
  • Anyone who wants to overcome trauma or conditioning
  • Anyone who is interested in body-based therapy


7.00 Morning Bioenergetics (1 hour)

● 8.00 Showers and Breakfast

● 9.30 Theory of Bioenergetics and questions

● 11.30 Bioenergetics session

● 13.00 Lunch and Break

● 15.30 Sharing

● 16.30 Session working with Breathwork, Emotional Release or Bioenergetics

● 19.00 Dinner

● 20.30 Closing meditation

● 21.30 Sauna, bedtime or hangout


Devaraj Sandberg is British and graduated in Group Therapy in 2008.
He has been running workshops and personal sessions ever since. He now specialises in Bioenergetics, Reichian Breathwork, Emotional Expression and
Character Structure.
He is the author of five books on Body-based Therapy,
all available on Amazon. He runs the biggest channel on Body-based Therapy
on YouTube with over 8,000 subscribers and has helped literally thousands of
people to break free from the limitations of trauma and low self-worth.
He has clients all over the world and loves working with people. He is founder and
director of the School of Body-Based Therapy, which runs online courses and
an accredited Facilitator Training.
He is also a former director of Osho Leela
in the UK.
Abhi Marri is a heartful friend and member of the Leela Group Therapy Staff
since 2019.
She’s a certified Bioenergetics facilitator from the Italian Academy
A.I.O.C. She is very passionate about Body Based Therapy and she practises
and facilitates Bioenergetics classes in and outside of Leela.
She has been
practising and assisting with Devaraj Sandberg for the last 5 years. Abhi’s
bodywork aims to relax the armours and holding patterns of chronic muscle
tensions which are often subconsciously stopping the flow of energy and
aliveness in the body.

She brings her vibrant enthusiasm and sensitivity into
the community with a natural grounding presence, and a real thirst for life.


Start: Thursday June 13th 2024 @ 6:00 pm
End: Sunday June 16th 2024 @ 4:00 pm

Price for 3-day training: £350 (includes food)
Early Bird till May 23rd: £320

Extra accommodation (3 nights):
Own campervan £0 (£3 p/d for hook-up)
Dorm bed £30
Bunk Bed Deluxe £60
Private regular room £105
Private large room £120
Private premium room £135

For more info about our accommodation & facilities check here

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