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The Intimacy Gathering

A tantric journey into sensuality, joy and connection

Tuesday August 15th till Sunday August 20th

Come and join us for 5 days of exploring playful & sensual ways of connecting deeply with yourself & others.

This gathering is a heartful space to experience sincere connections, and explore intimacy, self-love and meditation.

It is a place to embrace life with passion and authenticity, giving yourself the gift of living in presence and expansion.

Let’s connect, let’s dance, let’s play!


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lotus couple

The Intimacy Gathering

with Amura & Ranjana

In this journey of togetherness, we integrate dance, meditation, breathwork, the power of nature, rituals, and conscious touch.

You will meet like-minded people in a beautiful and loving environment where you can expand your energy and honour your boundaries.

We have created a rich program held by a group of well-experienced teachers and facilitators for you to connect with the juicy aliveness in your body and the tender strength of your heart.

Our facilitator team

❤️ Amura Peters Co-Host and Facilitator

❤️ Ranjana Pomar Co-Host and Facilitator

❤️ Andrew Marrion Co-Host and Facilitator

❤️ Elaine Yonge from the UK

❤️ Pete & Kalindi from the UK

❤️ Jem Ayres from the UK

❤️ Sanjula Manthe from Osho Leela

❤️ Gopal from Italy

❤️ Ed Rooke from the UK

❤️ DJ Jan-Michael from the UK

❤️ Catherine Hale from the UK

❤️ Julia and Andy Samel from the UK

❤️ Maite Alonso from Spain

❤️ Osho Leela Facilitators Team

“Love means the art of being with others. Meditation means the art of being with yourself. They are two aspects of the same coin. A person who does not know how to be with himself cannot truly relate with others. And vice versa: the person who is not capable of being with others, of relating, will find it very difficult to relate with himself, because the art of relating is the same.

These arts have to be learned together, simultaneously; they are inseparable.” Osho

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Your hosts:


Amura has been living at Osho Leela since 2006 and is an experienced organiser and facilitator of the Conscious Sexuality and Tantra Festivals here at Osho Leela.
Amura is passionate about supporting people to feel truly at home in themselves and to be fully present in their connection to others. She uses her presence, skills and experience to guide others in their own journey of embodiment, sensuality and intimacy. Amura’s background is in physiotherapy, massage and bodywork, and she is fascinated by the beauty and mystery of our bodies.


Ranjana was born close to the Andes Mountain Range in Chile, and inspired by the magnificent nature all around her, set out to create a bridge between ancestral wisdom and modern tantra and meditation.
Ranjana has offered workshops in The Americas, Spain, France, Greece, India and the UK for the past 20 years. Her offerings include Tantra Shamanic Essence, Female Tantric Path (Tribal Woman), and the Living Tantra and Meditation Method.
More about Ranjana


Andrew is a graduate from assisting Jan Day on her Living Tantra Training and has studied with many other Tantra Teachers, including John Hawkins, Sy and Ash, Elaine Young. He co-led Tantra Festivals at Osho Leela called “Melting into Love”. He’s currently developing a Shamanic Healing Modality and writing guidance book on Conscious Relationships.

Andrew has explored many fields ~ Reiki, Thai Chi, Chi Chung, Yoga and Mystical abilities. He regularly attends Vipassana and has been meditating for over 20 years.

Meet your facilitators:

Jem Ayres Headshot

Jem Ayres

Jem is a certified Sex Geek: A trauma-informed Sexological Bodyworker, Tantra practitioner and founder of Orgasmic Embodiment Sex Coaching. With over 10 years’ experience in the field

of self-development through the body Jem teaches what she calls ‘Sexual Self-Development’.
Multi-talented and creative she is passionate about helping people to connect with themselves
through the body, fine-tuning into the subtleties of our life force, using sexual energy to fuel all areas
of life.
For more info click picture above.

Kalindi & Pete

Life brought Pete and Kalindi together in India 14 years ago, and they now support couples and individuals in opening to the depths of intimacy and love, drawing on a rich bag of transformative tools.

Kalindi is an inspirational group facilitator and therapist, working in the field of intimacy coaching, sexual healing, conscious relationships and transforming sexuality into spirituality.

Pete has been practicing and teaching in the fields of meditation, breath work, energy work, sacred touch and sacred sexuality since 1992. He is the founder of Naturally Ecstatic, Bulletproof Breathwork and Synergy Tantric Bodywork.


Elaine Yonge

Elaine is a Group Facilitator, Educator, Coach, Guide, and Energy/Bodyworker in the fields of Consciousness, Breathwork, Sacred Sexuality, Somatic Sexology and Shamanism. She has supported humans in these realms for over 10 years. With individuals, groups, in person, online and at festivals around the globe.

She has been part of the International School of Temple Arts Tribe since 2012, as a Lead Faculty member from 2015 to 2022. Leading many level 1 SSSEx and the level 2 SSSIn journeys around the globe.

For more info click picture above.


Italian born Gopal has more than 25 years of experience, research and certified training in areas such as Bioenergetics, Shiatsu, Mysticism and Conscious Sensuality.

He has been teaching workshops and offering individual sessions all over Europe for over 10 years. Gopal is a certified SkyDancing Tantra teacher, a certified bodyworker and a facilitator at OSHO Divine Healing Arts.

After moving to Berlin, he was inspired by the city to create Dynamic Tantra: a playful, soulful way to practice Tantra in the urban jungle. He is also a musician, event organizer, promoter, art director and DJ.

More about Gopal


DJ Jan-Michael is a London-based Ecstatic Dance DJ and music producer. His ‘rapture’ Ecstatic Dance DJ sets lean towards high energy, bass heavy tracks across many genres. 

RAPTURE is a conscious dance club fusion – gathering the energy usually spared for the peak of the ecstatic dance wave and give it to you in bucket loads! The phat tunes that have you punching the air, jumping, whooping and whirling …. as well as enough of those that bring you back down to earth afterwards and soothe your soul. More info check here.


Ed Rooke

Ed’s work weaves together Tantra and Shadow Work to help people connect with their natural aliveness, and bring all of themselves into their intimacy and expression.

“I got a really strong sense of what it is to be emotionally blocked at a young age when my own wounding led me to be stuck for years with chronic illness. Nothing has ever come close to bringing me alive like this work and nothing else feels as important.”

Ed now leads several of the workshops in the Living Tantra Programme, as well as offering a range of programmes for men focusing on the themes of sexuality, archetypal empowerment, intimacy and shadow.

More about Ed


Sanjula Manthe

Sanjula has been working at Osho Leela for the last 10 years. She is running workshops in the Leela Life Training and The Total Life Change Intensives. She has a love for mediation and the healing arts and spends a lot of her time in nature.

She is offering a unique workshop at The Intimacy Gathering, Sexual Healing.

The aim of the workshop is to let go of any pain you may hold in your sexuality, which stops you from moving forward and enjoying healthy sexual experiences. Sanjula will bring her unique skills as an Osho Leela Therapist and healer. You will be invited to let go through bodywork, breathe, healing and meditation.

When we journey through life, there is the possibility of getting hurt and when we hold this hurt in the body, it stops us from feeling joy and aliveness. Her workshop is an invitation to move back into Celebration.

Julia & Andy

Andy Samel, Founder and teacher of Forró Family

Andy was inspired by forró after watching two dancers dressed in white gracefully and passionately glide around a dance floor in Illa Grande, Brazil 17 years ago.

He has been teaching forro for over 15 years including workshops in Florence, Naples and various festivals throughout the UK.

Julia Samel, Founder and teacher of Forró Family

Julia first discovered Forró in 2001 whilst studying Capoeira in London.

She has been training and sharing her skills ever since.

Julia has tought at numerous events and festivals in the UK, including Cambridge University, Colourfest, Buddhafields Rumpus, The Last Tuesday Society and Beatherder.




Catherine Hale

Catherine is a nervous system coach and educator – and she’s here to help you create the life and business of your dreams.

With her guidance and support, you will heal your relationship with receiving – in love and sex, money, and business – so that you can finally live out your desires.

Catherine isn’t just any coach. She is a qualified trauma coach, sexological bodyworker, and post-menopausal woman who understands what it takes to heal and grow from the inside out. Her trauma-informed perspective focuses on reducing the harm of internalised capitalism in our bodies and businesses, recognizing the need for radical rest in business, and unlocking the power of post-traumatic growth.

Maite Alonso

Maite embarked on meditation, yoga, movement, dance, and personal development in 1990 following a call for integration and a deep healing journey from an eating disorder. She trained as a Movement and Drama Therapist in the Sesame Method, as well as in different bodywork techniques. Shakti Dance, the Yoga of dance and Kundalini Yoga are her main yoga practices.

In the last 6 years she has been exploring Tantra through different trainings (ISTA, Living Tantra Training with Jan Day, Tantra Massage Training, Conscious Kink, and many Tantra workshops and festivals), bringing more consciousness to the area of sexuality and relationships.

Maite is very passionate sharing her experiences and skills on embodiment and reclaiming the body as a spiritual vehicle. She does this through her work in massage, yoga, kirtan and meditation.

For more info click the picture above.


Bear Philips

Bear Phillips is a lover, trauma-informed bodyworker and a dating & intimacy coach.

He is passionate about creating safe(r) spaces of acceptance and learning around sexuality, allowing ourselves to be witnessed in our fullest expression and humanity.

Bear has been involved in various forms of therapy and personal development for more than half his life, and is currently training in Compassionate Inquiry with Gabor Maté.

For more info, click on picture.


Lit Eziefula

Lit has been facilitating Biodanza since 2014 and since then she has taught in Brighton, Forest Row, London, at Osho Leela, Sundara Yoga and Bhakti Camp, Santosha, in Thailand and also online during the pandemic. Lit also ran Biodanza in the NHS for people with neurological disabilities. Lit has done a range of extensions including with Antonio Sarpe, Monica Turco and Sergio Cruz.

Lit’s classes are warmly held as she is a psychologist by profession and so has been working with people one to one and in groups for 15 years. She is the founder and director of Embodied Psychology which offers a deeply holistic approach to psychological wellbeing, with embodiment at the heart.

For more info click picture above.



Navanita leads from the heart and works passionately to support and empower people to move forward in their lives.

She draws from her training, together with her own rich life experience, unique perspectives, and intuitive presence to support people in their process.

As well as being a therapist she has presented, directed, and choreographed radio, tv, and dance theatre.

Navanita is a qualified Counsellor, Mediator, and Dance, Intimacy, and Movement Coach.

She works creatively with groups and individuals alike. Navanita is praised for her playfulness, kindness, active listening skills, care, humour, and natural empathy.

Presenting our Emotional Wellbeing Team:



Facilitator & Session Giver


Karuna Marsh
Care Team Lead



Session Giver Lead & Session Giver


Session Giver



Session Giver

Presenting the Tantra & Arts Team:






Tantric Tribal Concert





The Intimacy Gathering is an alcohol and drug-free event!

Start: August 15th @ 5pm

End: August 20th @ 3pm

Price Festival Tickets (includes food & camping with own tent):
£450 (Early Bird till 1st August £430)

SPECIAL CAMPING OFFER: £777 (book together with a friend)

Own campervan £0 (plus £15 hook up if needed)
Dorm £100
Dorm bunk bed deluxe £150
Regular room £175
Large room £225
Premium room £275
Single pod: £225
Double pod: £275
Bell tent with double bed: £200

Accommodation is allocated on a first come first served basis. For 2-person bookings, please call the office.


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