Dating and Sexuality 2020

A Leela Life Training Workshop

with Svabhavo and Sanjula


There is currently a waiting list for men for this event. If you would like to go on the waiting list please email the office. 

Are you able to approach someone you’re sexually attracted to and create a connection? Can you make it clear that you fancy them?

Are you able to maintain boundaries that are healthy for you in your connections and relationships, allowing someone in when it feels good and saying No when it doesn’t?

It’s vital that we have these skills. Without them, our natural life-energy will feel blocked. We may have tendencies towards depression or end up in situations that aren’t good for us. All sorts of neuroses can develop.

Anyone can develop the ability to be confident around sexuality, but we don’t learn this stuff at school. Our culture doesn’t much help either. This weekend will support you to be honest and straight around sexuality, to be able to hold clear boundaries, and to be able to make connections with people you’re attracted to. And, of course, to have fun with sexuality!

Come for a full-on and emotional experience.

If you are doing this group as a standalone group, please come back to this page and complete a confidential online questionnaire here once you have completed your registration.

Please note: Leela Life Training groups offer dormitory accommodation only.

This will be a gender-balanced group and as such we may not be able to offer you a place immediately. If this is the case we will place your booking “on hold” and inform you.

  • 17th April 2020 - 19th April 2020
    6:00 pm
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Early Bird Price Dormitory Accommodation and all meals £220.00 (GBP)  
Dormitory Accommodation and all meals £240.00 (GBP)   Goes On Sale
11th April 2020

TLC – Total Life Change Intensive (7 days)

TLC – 21 to 28 April 2020

with Devaraj, Svabhavo, Sanjula & Purna

This intensive is for you if you really want to let go of a stuck negative home, work or relationship situation, and recreate your life. You will let go of negative conditioning and self beliefs, learning honest communication in a safe, supported environment, and find your authenticity.  This program is personalised to your needs, supporting you in healing your past and discovering self love and trust in life.

During this week you will develop the following…

● Empowering yourself
● Letting go of negative conditioning
● Creating authentic Friendships
● Creating confidence around Love Relationships
● Learning to fully express your emotions
● Finding out what you want in your life and how to go for it!
● Learning that you really are a lovable human being

More information here.


Once you have registered for the TLC, please come back to this page and complete the confidential online interview here.

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  • 21st April 2020 - 28th April 2020
    6:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Early Bird Dormitory accommodation - all food included £500.00 (GBP)  
Dormitory accommodation - all food included £520.00 (GBP)   Goes On Sale
14th April 2020

Living Your Passion 2020

A Leela Life Training Workshop

with Svabhavo and Team



Living your passion is different for everybody and in this workshop we will be focusing on your passion for being alive, and gaining clarity for the next steps you will take in fulfilling your life. 

We will work with your goals and your vision, supporting you in manifesting where you are going. Letting go of blocked energy will give you the freedom to live your life with passion and joy.

With the deep friendships and connections, we will use this energy to empower and affirm our unique visions.

Please note: Leela Life Training groups offer dormitory accommodation only.


  • 15th May 2020 - 17th May 2020
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Early Bird Price Dormitory Accommodation - Includes All Meals £220.00 (GBP)   Sold Out
Dormitory Accommodation - Includes all Meals £230.00 (GBP)   Sold Out

“Healing Touch” Massage & Meditation

Healing Touch with Purna

Massage & Meditation


In this workshop you will be learning new techniques in massage, and also using meditation as a way of increasing your intuition and connection to yourself.

Purna will create a safe and supported space so that you can experiment with giving and receiving healing touch. Working together as a group, meditating and sharing over this weekend will create an energy that will deepen your trust in your own power to heal.

By exchanging massages and sharing and giving feedback, you will affirm your “healing hands”.

Osho’s message to bodyworkers…

Massage is something that you can start but you never finish. It goes on and on, and the experience becomes continuously deeper and deeper, and higher and higher. Massage is one of the most subtle arts – and it is not only a question of expertise. It is more a question of love…


Purna is a qualified and passionate bodyworker (ITEC Holistic Massage, Reiki 1&2).  She is part of the Osho Leela Healing team and leads her Healing Touch – Massage & Meditation workshop twice a year.


It was a delicious weekend of connection and nurturing touch. I have left feeling new inspiration for my existing massage practices as well as experiencing some new and old techniques. With thanks for a lovely weekend!  Clara


Held in a warm, safe and friendly environment ,

A weekend giving and receiving healing touch .

True bliss mixed with spiritual enlightenment .

What’s not to enjoy .

Thanks Purna for this gift

Bill Thom ( Scotland)


Please note that there are limited places for this weekend and the group will be gender balanced. 

If you would like to book a private room for this event, please complete a dormitory booking below, indicating on the form that you would like a private room, and continue with the payment process. Once your booking has been confirmed, please contact the Booking Office on 01747 821221 to let us know your room choice and pay the private room supplement. Details of private accommodation can be found here.

  • 5th June 2020 - 7th June 2020
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Early Bird price Dormitory Accommodation and all meals £155.00 (GBP)  
Dormitory Accommodation and all meals £175.00 (GBP)   Goes On Sale
30th May 2020