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Leela Life Training 23/24

Leela Life Training

Starting Friday October 6th 2023


Osho Leela is delighted to announce that the Leela Life Training is OPEN for registration – the first workshop starts in October 2023!

The Leela Life Training is a 7-workshop program specifically designed and delivered over 7 months to support you in your personal growth and development.

This training will take you on a deep journey of self-discovery, and it will enable you to identify and make the changes that you need in all areas of your life.

This powerful inner work will give you the opportunity to identify, explore and let go of emotional burdens and unconscious patterns so you can start living and loving who YOU truly are!

The main elements of the training is to provide you a safe, loving and supportive environment to let go of any negative patterns, shame and conditioning which has been undermining your life, sabotaging your relationships, creating frustration and leaving you feeling disempowered.

This training will give you the opportunity to explore your potential in all areas of your life, as a powerful and loving human being. This means learning to trust yourself, being seen and standing in your power, speaking your truth in difficult situations. Learning to set healthy boundaries in relationships and to celebrate your life in authentic connection with others.

So many of us are conditioned in our formative years by our family, teachers and society to behave in certain ways that are not always supportive in leading a life of authentic self-expression and creativity. We learn to ‘fit in’ to be accepted by those around us – and not be true to ourselves.

As a consequence of this, we undermine our own integrity and can often feel unfulfilled and stuck.

Often, it is only when life gives us a shock, that we realise we need to change something. It can happen that we finally see that we are living in fear or in an autopilot mode, being afraid to come out of our comfort zone.

It may also just be that you are at the point in your life that you are ready to go deeper inside, in all these cases, the Leela Life Training will give you all the tools to make positive changes happen.


Each workshop in the training will cover different areas of your life such as:

  • Discovering your Inner Potential
  • Healing the wounds of childhood
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Authentic Communication
  • Being a Man/Being a women
  • Honouring Desires and Intimate Connections
  • Vision and Manifestation
Osho Leela Workshops

The Benefits

The Leela Life Training is a truly alchemical process. By connecting monthly with the other trainees, you become part of a tribe which supports each other and are together committed to transforming their inner world.

By diving deep together the old patterns will be constantly challenged and they will start to lose their power over you.

Within the group, you will find the safety, support and accountability you need to move forward and create the life you deserve.

You will discover that any limiting ideas you may have of yourself will be challenged in order that the *real you* can emerge with more energy, passion and love so you can live a truly fulfilling life with whatever you choose to do.

This will positively affect your relationship with yourself – empowering you to bring your life into greater alignment with your vision for yourself!

Leela Life Training Workshop 2023/2024 Dates:

The whole training will still be available to book up until the Primal Healing workshop, after which only the individual workshops can be booked.


By participating in the training you will learn to:

  • Empower yourself and find your voice.
  • Let go of negative conditioning and limiting self-beliefs.
  • Create authentic and honest Friendships and Relationships.
  • Stand up and be seen in all your colours!
  • Learn to fully express all your emotions.
  • “Get it” that you are a beautiful and loveable person.
  • Celebrate yourself with friends.



Bavo is a Director at Osho Leela and has been working with people for more than 30 years. He has lived with Osho in India and America and also with Veeresh in the Humaniversity in Holland. Out of this inner journey of the heart, the Leela Life Training, the Total Life Change intensive and his Empowerment workshops have changed many lives.
Sanjula has been trained for many years at Humaniversity under the guidance of Veeresh. She specialises in working with women. She is also trained in Shamanic deep healing bodywork. She runs Empowerment for Women workshops at Osho Leela and has a young son. Sanjula has assisted and run primal groups for many years. Through her own healing, she has really learnt the art of forgiveness with her family.
Amura is a director here at Osho Leela and she co-facilitates retreats, festivals and in-house programs. She is trained as a physiotherapist & bodyworker. She has completed 2 years of the therapist training at the Humaniversity and is specialised in body based therapy. Amura is passionate about health & wellbeing, and working with people and inspiring each other is her passion.
Tarisha is an intuitive group leader, healer and creative coach. She runs a variety of workshops in the group room, in her tipi and on the land always bringing a connection to the four elements through her work. Her music is part of her medicine and her song, an expression of her love of life. Tarisha has an innocent and playful spirit. Her sense of freedom comes from unearthing and healing deep feelings of isolation from childhood, not feeling safe to be herself. She is passionate about healing the inner child and brings tender songs that reach the most fragile of places inside you.
Bart is the Founder of BrightSky Community and is passionate about creating positive change, shamanic healing, music and community.Bart has a big and generous heart and he loves to support people in finding their way back to their hearts and to inspire them to live a meaningful and nourishing life.
Premal loves giving AcuEnergetics sessions in the Healing Centre, leading meditations, workshops & playing music in Zorba.

She has graduated from the Humaniversity Therapist and encounter trainings, gained qualifications in massage, reflexology, colonics, shiatsu and energy medicine. She recently became certified meditation teacher. She loves to dance, have a laugh and live in community.

Navanita is a vibrant, intuitive, multi-skilled, heartful woman with integrity. Her vision in her work is to support clients to move forward to be the best version of themselves. She draws from her training, together with her own rich life experience, unique perspectives, and intuitive presence to support clients in their process. Navanita is a qualified Counsellor, Mediator and Dance, Intimacy and Movement Coach. Her humanistic approach offers an array of ‘theraputic tools’ in her sessions. She works creatively with groups and individuals alike. Navanita is praised for her playfulness, kindness, active listening skills, care, humour and natural empathy.
Navajata is a Humaniversity therapist and consultant with more than 20 years experience as a therapist in the areas of Emotional Wellbeing, Anger Awareness, Responsibility and Addiction. His personal search started after an extreme life trauma and his heart began to open when he met Osho and then Veeresh at a time when he was battling with addiction.
He has spent over 17 years at The Humaniversity in The Netherlands and has been part of the team at Osho Leela since June 2019. Along with his intense life experience, he brings empathy, clarity and understanding to his work with people.
Sarah splits her time between Brighton and Osho Leela where she supports the community with processes and communication.
She lived at Humaniversity for 7 years where she trained in working with people under the guidance of Veeresh and completed the 4 year therapist training program.
Sarah is an experienced body worker and is passionate about people and supporting them with their relating, wellbeing and self belief.

Abhi is an Italian heartful friend and member of the Leela Community since 2017.
She is very passionate about Body Based Therapy and she has trained as a Bioenergetics facilitator and Active Meditation Leader. She practices and facilitates Breathwork and Bionergetics classes in and outside of Leela and she has been part of the Leela Workshops Staff Team since 2019. Abhi’s bodywork aims to relax the armours and holding patterns of chronic muscle tensions which are often subconsciously stopping the flow of energy and aliveness in the body.
She brings her vibrant enthusiasm and sensitivity into the commmunity with a natural grounding presence, and a real passion for life.


Start: October 6th 2023 @ 5:00 pm

End: April 7th 2024 @ 6:00 pm

Price for 7-group Leela Life Training: £2300 (includes dorm accommodation only & food).

Early Bird till July 5th: £2000

It is possible to have private accommodation at a supplementary price. For this, please contact the Osho Leela Booking Office.

You can also pay for the training in 2 payments, £1200 payable at the start and £1200 after the 3rd group (this includes £100 admin charge).

For all enquiries, please phone the Osho Leela Booking Office on: 01747 821221

The whole training will still be available to book if you decide to join after participating in Primal Feelings, but not after this.

Should you not be able to attend all the workshops, they can be replaced the following year of the Training or during the same year with similar Leela workshop, previously agreed with the facilitators.


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