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Intimacy & Relating


March 10th – 12th 2023

What does Intimacy mean to you and what are you deeply longing for?

How connected do you feel to yourself and others, and how comfortable are you expressing your heart’s wishes, desires and asking for what you want?

When we start opening up to connection, we all bring our fears, insecurities and judgements, and we also all bring our longing, wishes and desires.

This weekend we’ll be listening to our hearts, and our sex with sensitivity and curiosity.

We will look at what is holding us back and encourage each other to gently step out of our comfort zone, entering a playful space with one another and exploring the magical world of connection.

There’ll be time for intimacy with ourselves and quality time with each other.

We’ll explore tools to express ourselves more freely and practice ‘the art of relating’

Allowing ourselves to be seen and to truly feel good!

Osho Leela Workshops

Intimacy & Relating is the sixth module of the Leela Life Training. It can be complete in itself as a stand-alone group, and it is also possible to join the full Leela Life Training after completing it.

The Leela Life Training is a 7-workshop program specifically designed and delivered over 7 months to support you in your personal growth and development.

This training offers you a safe, loving and supportive environment to let go of any negative patterns and conditioning which have been sabotaging your relationships, creating frustration, anger and repression.

By participating in the Intimacy & Relating workshop you will learn to:

● Empower yourself.
● Let go of negative conditioning and Self beliefs.
● Create authentic and honest Friendships and Relationships.
● Create Confidence around Love Relationships.
● Learn to fully express your desires.
● Accept that you are a beautiful and loveable person.
● Celebrate your life with friends.

An overview of the modules of the training which can also be done as individual workshops:

  • 7th – 9th October 2022: Yes to My Life with Bavo and Amura
  • 3rd – 6th November 2022: Primal Feelings with Sanjula and Tarisha
  • 8th – 11th December 2022: Empowerment Intensive with Bavo and Navanita
  • 13th – 15th January 2023: Speaking my Truth with Sanjula
  • 10th – 12th February 2023: Man / Woman Alive with Navajata, Bart, Tarisha & Premal
  • 10th – 12th March 2023: Intimacy and Relating with Amura
  • 14th – 16th April 2023: Celebration Weekend with Bavo, Sanjula, Amura and The Leela Life Training Team


Amura is a director here at Osho Leela and she co-facilitates retreats, festivals and in-house programs. She is trained as a physiotherapist & bodyworker. She has completed 2 years of the therapist training at the Humaniversity and is specialised in body based therapy. Amura is passionate about health & wellbeing, and working with people and inspiring each other is her passion.


Start: March 10th @ 5:00 pm

End: March 12th @ 5:00 pm

This workshop is FULLY BOOKED.

This workshop is also part of a 7 month group training. For more info about the training click here.

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