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Empower & Embody Your Magic

A training of 3 modules with Bhavo

Led by magical people for magical people…

Module 1: Healing the Family and Ancestral Roots
Thursday October 24th till Sunday 27th 2024

Module 2: Reclaim your Personal Power
Thursday December 12th till Sunday 15th 2024

Module 3: Embody and Share your Gifts
Thursday January 16th till Sunday 19th

You may have grown up with the conditioning or belief that it is not OK for you to own your power and be fully-expressed.

You may be holding the fear of judgement, criticism and being put down if you were to fully turn up your magic, speak your truth or share your innate wisdom and medicine. So, understandably, you shut yourself down, cut off your voice and go into hiding.

Moving in the world with self-doubt, fear and an endless thread of longing, because deep down you know you can shine,

you just don’t know how….


Why do this workshop?

You may be spending a lot of time practicing your magic in private, learning new things, studying another course hoping that might be it, yet you remain stuck.

This is why the Empower and Embody your Magic has been created – A well-held journey for you to practice being seen and heard, expressing yourself fully, especially your magical and spiritual sides!

For wise women and men that have been persecuted, blocked, and shamed, which often is an ancestral and a religious thing and are now finally ready to take their power, open the throat and heart and come through to express and share their innate wisdom without fear.

This workshop is for:

Light workers, channels, psychics, intuitive guides, spiritual coaches … or anyone wanting to develop and expand their capacity to share their gifts and creativity with others.


We have tried and tested this method

We have tried and tested this method of supporting

people to identify their own blocks and to work through them, with support so you can take this with you into your daily life.

Receive supportive and affirming 1:1 coaching from Bhavo in front of the group, guiding you to reclaim your power and voice.

Having worked 40+ years supporting and inspiring people, as well as his amazing assistants who have their own spiritual businesses and practices who support him in helping you on your journey to confidence and empowerment.

Practice makes permanent!

You get a lot of space in this workshop to practice, engage and show your magical sides so you can start building or continue working that muscle in yourself. The more you practice something, the more capable you will be at holding all the feelings that come with expressing your truth.

The Power of the Group Process!

The group room is an alchemical space of the heart, which means it holds the power to support your transformation and empowered change. Journeying with other like-minded people means it feels safer for you to be your true self, to feel supported and affirmed, without judgement from them because they’re also on a similar path

It’s playful!

Transformation doesn’t have to be serious and scary. Some of the biggest transformations you may have are through fun, connection, love and attention – Whilst it may be confronting at times, we are rooted in the heart, bringing elements of play and creativity to enhance your experience

About Bhavo and his team:

Bhavo has been working as an intuitive channel and guide for many years. He lived with the great mystic Osho in the 70s, having passed through many fires of inner transformation himself, learning from many masters, teachers and guides.

His natural essence and ability to connect with the invisible energies have supported many people, healing deep trauma and opening people up to their creative potential.

He is a guardian of Osho Leela and is a master tarot reader astrologer and manifestor.

Supported by Kimaya and Bayari who are both intuitive channels and will serve the group and energy field with their creativity and wisdom.

Kimaya will offer breathwork and, at different stages of the process, she will deepen your practise by offering sessions to clear old and anchor the new frequencies so you can align and embody your highest light.

Bayari offers a group healing session with the angelic realms so you can be held, nourished and restored.

This training includes:

Unique and powerful group sessions that guide and support you to tap into your own intuitive power, clarity and self-assuredness.

Potent group sessions that include personalised one-to-one attention / coaching for you to share and express your magical gifts in front of others whilst being supported to be seen and heard, moving through blocks or fears that arise in the experiential process.

Support, holding, and affirmation from the core team and other kindred spirits on this journey to bolster your sense of divine Self and where you are headed on your next steps.

Be surrounded by a caring and deeply supportive community always there for your emotional support and your needs throughout, get to stay in a beautiful community and manage house in the country and eat nourishing and delicious food mostly grown on the sacred grounds.


Module 1:

Healing the Family and Ancestral Roots

Thursday October 24th till Sunday 27th 2024

This first workshop of the training will support you in resolving and letting go of old feelings of shame, unworthiness and guilt that have caused the throat centre and power centres to close.

This is very often an ancestral wound that is passed down from generation to generation. If you look back in your family lineage, you may notice that this is true.

These traumas and wounds have kept mostly women, but also men, enslaved and unable to really share their wisdom and their gifts due to the patriarchal oppression which our society has enforced for centuries.

The deep seated fears our being holds are often unconscious.

By connecting to our subconscious and unconscious memories, we are able to identify the times when we experienced these traumatic and often violent incidents where we were shamed, belittled and fear was instilled in us

So we get stuck on this karmic wheel of living a half life, playing safe and not living our full potential.

When these blocks are released, in a safe and supported space of the heart, and we allow ourselves to be vulnerable together with like-minded people, we begin to see that we are not who we believed we are.

In fact, we begin to see our beauty, our power and that we are loveable human beings, who have the right to create the life we aspire to.

In this workshop:

You have the opportunity to be seen and heard and stand in your power.

You will receive individual support to let go of any difficulties you may be carrying.

We offer space to clear energies, cut cords and make space for you to evolve.

You will grow your awareness and experience your unique essence with a deepening breathwork and spinal unwinding session.

Connect with your precious self and each other through massage and pampering.

You will receive spiritual healing and awaken your potential.


Module 2:

Reclaim your Personal Power

Thursday December 12th till Sunday 15th 2024

By working as a group and also individually, while being witnessed by your fellow travellers, you are supported by Bhavo and team on a conceptual stage. In this safe and supported space of the heart, you are guided to drop any masks and barriers, releasing old fears and self-judgements.

In this deep relaxation your throat and power centres can open.

By doing this deep inner work you begin to let go of feelings of low self worth and the inner critic dissolves. You start to “get it” that you have the right to express your truth and stand in your power. This gives you access to live your life free from old fears and shadows of the past, and nurtures self-awareness, grace and lightness. This will pave the way for you to start bringing through your own gifts and offerings and put you on the path of owning and living your creativity.

The Power of the Group Process

Journeying with other like-minded people makes it feel safer for you to relax and be your true self, to feel supported and affirmed, without judgements because we are all on a similar path.

This workshop supports you to:

● Awaken and clear what is holding you back from expressing yourself fully

Overcome any blocks, shame or fears to your expression in front of the group; including inadequacy, fear of judgement, not being liked, self-criticism or lack of approval

Develop the courage and confidence to go out in the world and be your real self by communicating who you are and what you do

Align yourself with your true purpose and destiny; a path you can now embark on that will take you deeper with support from others

And…embody your highest light, explore and share your gifts, expand into your magic


Photo by Bayari

Module 3:

Embody & Share Your Gifts

Thursday January 16th till Sunday 19th 2025

This is the final stage of your metamorphosis.

You will have the opportunity to practise sharing your gifts in different ways and formats with your fellow participants.

We will be using videos of your presentations so you can observe any blind spots regarding how you come across publicly. Video is an extremely useful tool that can highlight areas that need to be refined.

Also the other participants who you have travelled with and see your vulnerabilities and strengths, will offer their constructive feedback.

When receiving feedback in a group process it is important to allow it in, and as a consequence your ability to change things is amplified.

There is a lot of space in this workshop to practise, engage and show the unique expression of your gifts.

The more you practise and get affirmed in your creativity, the more adept you become at holding the space.

This group will be the culmination and celebration of your newfound inner freedom and you will now have the tools to deal with life differently.

We work with you to create a vision for your future, that supports your expansion and the gifts you are now ready to share.

This workshop you will receive:

Bhavo will share his Tarot mastery to give you clarity about any issues that you need support with.

Light activation which will help you to anchor your highest light into your mind, body and spirit.

‘I enjoyed the connections and the love, the support was immense. I loved the held space where we could dare to do and say anything without judgement.’

Diane, Coach

This training is designed to support you to:

Awaken and clear what is holding you back from expressing yourself fully.

Overcome any blocks, shame or fears to your expression; including inadequacy, fear of judgment or not being liked or approved of.

Increase your self esteem to go out there and be your real self in life and/or business by speaking and communicating who you are and what you do with others

Align yourself with your truth, purpose and direction; a spiritual path you can now embark on that will take you deeper with support from others on a similar path.

Who is this workshop for?

You Consider yourself to be: An awakening contemporary light worker, witch, spiritual coach/teacher, alchemist, or work as a coach, guide, facilitator or teacher; which can mean having a connection to spirit, ceremony, nature, the elements, the universe, the esoteric – simply sensing something beyond ourselves.

You Have Personal or Spiritual Development Experience: You’re familiar with the journey of inner exploration and understand the power of inner transformation to manifest changes in your life.

You’re Ready to Be Seen and Supported: You’re eager to step into the spotlight, express yourself in front of others, and receive support as you navigate any challenges that arise during this process.

You Want to Enhance Your Intuitive Practices: You’re eager to develop or enhance your intuitive abilities and learn tools to heighten your intuition and activate your mysticism.

You Work in Coaching, Guiding, or Teaching: Whether in the health and wellness, energy healing, or corporate sectors, you seek to infuse more of your magical essence into your work and bring forth your authentic self in your professional endeavors.

Your Alchemist

Your Guiding Lights

Kimaya is an energy channeler and supports to connect with your divine essence. She is a channel of divine light and a healer. In her sessions she anchores the new frequencies through channeled movements which is a profound experience for many.

Kimaya guides and supports people on the path of self-discovery in a holistic, body-based, and grounded way.

Bayari is a woman of alchemy and magic. Her background is multi-disciplined, from Tantra to the angelic realms. She is a seasoned space holder and also teaches Temple Arts in an accessible way.

She became a Master Healer and Teacher of Angelic Reiki in 2020. Her pathway of evolution and awakening with Metatron and the angels brings an additional depth of holding to all that she offers.

She is also a sensual alchemist who weaves the ancient with the new. She loves beauty and all the healing it brings – this is expressed through potions, altars, adornments and more.

‘I enjoyed the connections and the love, the support was immense.

I loved the held space where we could dare to do and say anything without judgement.

Osho leela is like walking into a huge hug. There are incredible healers here and genuine hearts that have guided me further on my spiritual path.

I’ll be forever grateful for this weekend.’

Diane, Spiritual Coach

‘A very magical transformative experience!

The opportunity to push through my limitations and am feeling so good and excited about the future.

Loved it!’

Zohar, participant Magic, Alchemy & Empowerment

‘Loved being affirmed.

Meeting magical people.

A real privilege to have 3 such incredible facilitators.

Please do more of this – it was absolutely incredible.

Thank you!’

Cressida, Intuitive Tarot Reader
‘This Empowerment and Magic weekend was like Osho Leela on acid.’
Steve, participant Magic, Alchemy & Empowerment

‘I am already a performer and I did his two hour taster workshop at a festival and was stunned by how powerful and moving I (and everyone else) found it. 

After that I couldn’t wait to do the whole thing – and I wasn’t disappointed. 

His huge experience of personal development work comes through in a loving and intuitive environment where people emerge and transform before your eyes.

For me,  it brought an enduring revival of my love for Magic and insights into how to do it in a deeper and heart-centred way. New ideas for presentations just came to me and have continued to do so.’

Ethan King, Magician
‘I really appreciate the opportunity to come to Tarot sessions at Leela with Bhavo. There are tarot sessions, and then there are tarot sessions with Bhavo. This is a rare and unique experience. I have never experienced anything like it. Bhavo holds an alchemical, calm and compassionate space. It’s very clear that he has a long standing and natural affinity with the cards.

He’s a wizard with the cards. It’s a deeply enjoyable experience. It often can be pretty intimate. There is laughter, tears and usually a fair few “wow moments”. And Bhavo is particularly adept at reading people: he is able to see to the heart of the matter with crystalline vision.

I feel a sense of deep compassion from Bhavo and a deep care for everyone; to be living their truth and their brightest, freest possible life. And that’s something that Bhavo is passionate about, in everything that he brings. I feel such a generosity of heart and spirit that he brings this so often to Osho Leela and welcomes everybody.’

Nikki Seren, participant

‘I have done a lot of work and taught a lot of courses, and what Bhavo creates, shares and brings forth at such speed, is UNIQUE – he is deeply present to the space and holds a purity of deep awareness and listening.

I deeply thank Bhavo for what I released, shared and received from his workshop. His presence and clearing is extra-ordinary and very powerful.

For me a life time of emotional clearing done in 2 days.  Wow.   Taking me deeper into what has kept me locked, stuck and trapped. (Clearing demons from the energy space – which continued for the next 2 weeks).

Bhavo’s commitment and integrity for allowing the emotional suppression and dis-illusion to arise and clear comes from his powerful gift and wisdom that he graciously shares and gives away.

He is beyond a teacher or trainer – he is truly a master of what he shares. His gift and listening has mastered him and it arises within the space.’

Suffina Bolton, participant Reclaim Your Power

‘This workshop is a must if you want to move forward in your life with more confidence, more smiles and more clarity around what you want.

I can honestly say that doing this weekend was monumental for me… what started as a fun, light exploration of what we all wanted to ‘look at’ in ourselves, grew into a deep and transformational series of activities that broke through barriers and cleaned off the dust that stops us from shining.

I danced, I laughed, I cried, I sang (!) and I shook off a large amount of negativity that was flowing through my inner world that had affected me for so long. Bhavo expertly guided us through the weekend with a gentle yet tough, astute yet open and flexible approach that allowed us to open our hearts and feel safe to touch the places that hurt.

To reach the stage of performing was a real act in loving support and I will be forever grateful for Bhavo’s guidance.’

Ruth Walson, participant Reclaim Your Power

‘I attended Being a Star workshop after being recommended by a friend that I would benefit from it. Although unsure, I went along with an open mind. I realised that I have yearned to <i>be seen, while fearing the exact same thing for a long time. Bhavo held the space amazingly all weekend.

In the past I’ve found I’ve often come away from groups not receiving what I really needed because of my lack of confidence in not speaking up, but he really saw what needed to be done for all of us to shine, and allowed us our moment.

I am very grateful, and the process is still continuing. I thoroughly recommend this group.’

Sarah Hatch, participant Being a Star

We are here to tell you that it is not only OK to be in your power and fully expressed, it is also vital for your creativity and wellbeing that you awaken your magic and find your way to bring it out in the world. Especially at this potent hour in human consciousness where the power of your unique magic is so needed. We do not want self-doubt, a lack of support or fear of shame to be the reasons you don’t step out into light.

Are you ready to turn-up your magic & creativity?

Join us!

Empower And Embody Your Magic Training Dates:

  • October 24 – 27 : Part I “Healing your Ancestral Roots”
  • December 12 – 15 : Part II, “Reclaim your Personal Power”
  • January 16 – 19 : Part III, “Embody and Share your Gifts”


Arrival time: Thursday October 24th @ 5:00 pm
Workshop starts: 8:00 pm (We encourage you to arrive early so you have time to settle in and join for the meditation and dinner)
End: Sunday October 27th @ 6:00 pm (dinner is not included for this evening)

Price training: £1050 (includes training & food)
Early Bird till 24 August: £945

It is possible to join the first module before committing to the full training: £390

You can now pay in instalments! The deposit amount is 20% of the final amount due. Final payment is October 10th.

Accommodation supplements for 3 nights:
Own campervan: £0 (£15 hook up if needed)
Dorm £30
Dorm Bed Deluxe £60
Regular room £105
Large room £120
Premium room £135
Pod single bed £90
Pod double bed £105
For more info about our accommodation & facilities check here.

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