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Dance of the Heart

With Navanita

Thursday May 9th till Sunday May 12th

Alchemise your life issues & experiences into radiant self-love and vibrant confidence as you discover your own Dance of the Heart.

Come and discover more of yourself, gain confidence and trust in your ability to ‘Dance from your Heart’ in your life, work, and relationships.

Play to your strengths, and celebrate your gifts!


You will be guided to find YOUR hearts dance, through an intimate and playful journey in ‘Dance Of The Heart’, it will include Dance, Movement, Writing, Spoken Word, and the opportunity to explore deepening relationships to self and others through Authentic Connection & Communication.

A message from Navanita:

My vision in creating this is to offer a beautiful and revitalising blend of nourishment for Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul, that is both empowering, healing, and expansive. Both a workshop and a retreat in one… we will enjoy yummy food, indulge in the Sauna Experience, and weather permitting, we will use the land in our journey.

This weekend is suitable for everyone who is looking for a joyful, yet deep experience, make important shifts, to feel lighter and in alignment with self, to move forward in life in confidence, self-love, and compassion. Be empowered in the authentic expression of your craft, and creativity.

To help set a safe container, I’m delighted to have an amazing team joining our Dance Of The Heart Retreat – Louise & Drum who will bring their own beautiful presence and gifts to the weekend.

What others experienced…

Dance of the heart is amazing and freeing … Navanita’s guidance, support and calmness helped me to express myself ready to release stagnant energy stored within my body. I’d like to say a massive thanks to Navanita and the facilitators on her team. I have gained so much from this experience my heart feels light and is most definitely dancing. I would highly recommend the Dance of The Heart workshop/retreat. The benefits are bountiful.

Zoe – 2023 Participant

‘The Dance of The Heart weekend was thoroughly enjoyable and useful for me. Navanita’s style is light, playful, and engaging. She has crafted an experience that builds creative confidence, helps reveal personal insights, and offers ways to heal and transform.’

Deva – 2023 Participant

Navanita is a vibrant, multi-skilled, therapist with integrity.

She leads from the heart and works passionately to support and empower people to move forward in their lives.

She draws from her training, together with her own rich life experience, unique perspectives, and intuitive presence to support people in their process.

As well as being a therapist she has presented, directed, and choreographed radio, tv, and dance theatre.

Navanita is a qualified Counsellor, Mediator, and Dance, Intimacy, and Movement Coach.

Her humanistic approach offers an array of ‘therapeutic tools’ in her sessions.

She works creatively with groups and individuals alike. Navanita is praised for her playfulness, kindness, active listening skills, care, humour, and natural empathy.

Assisting Navanita will be: 
Drum (He/Them)
Drum (He/Them)
Artist, Creative Facilitator, Shamanic Practitioner exploring the dance between Creativity, Spirituality and Sexuality.
Curiosity and a quest to understand the world and myself better has led me to an exploration of, amongst other things, Tibetan Buddhism, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Art Therapy, Yoga, Bodywork, Breath-work, Dance, Tantra, Shamanism, Conscious sexualitly and Men’s groups.
Believing we are all, in so many different ways, relational beings,
connected to, not separate from each other and the world. How we
understand and relate to ourselves directly impacts our ability to form healthy relationships with others. Finding creative ways to communicate deeply allows us to deepen our relationships with ourselves, others, and Spirit.
Louise followed her inner knowing that living in community is how she wants to live & where better than with beloved Osho Leela.
In touch with her inner playful child Louise loves walking barefoot on the land, hugging the beautiful oak trees & lives for expansive conversations that awaken new possibilities & perspectives.
Louise is a transformational coach & self-care & self-love guide. Louise naturally supports people to reconnect with their true, authentic & lovable self.

I thoroughly appreciated Navanita’s sensitive and direct approach to calmer communication. A definite win-win!


Navanita’s workshop gave me both a method, and the confidence to write from the Heart! Brilliant!


Thanks to Navanita, I am now on my new journey through life – eyes open and with a strong heart.


‘I’ve been lucky to be in different workshops with Navanita and also in private sessions. I discovered not just a therapist but a compassionate soul who possesses great insights and an exceptional ability to share experiences, making the therapeutic journey both healing and enlightening. Her compassion and dedication to her clients shine through in every interaction, making me feel genuinely cared and valued’


Navanita is a very skilled therapist, truly gifted, and an amazing person. I have always felt safe, cared for, heard, understood, and supported during our sessions. She has a very kind, compassionate, and heartful way to her. She has helped me through some difficult times and I will be forever grateful for all the help and support she has given me. I have always come away from her sessions feeling more confident, positive, hopeful, and with an action plan in mind. I can wholeheartedly recommend her.

Prem Uti
Navanita is someone I trust implicitly and felt very at ease with immediately. She is a great listener full of empathy and compassion.
She very skillfully and gently helped me to find new ways of dealing with certain situations and old belief patterns which have helped me to get to a good place. 
Looking forward to exploring more with her in the future should I need the support again. 
Thanks for all you have done Navanita, I am truly grateful.
Kevin Andrews


Start: Thursday 9th May at 5pm
End: Sunday 12th May at 5pm

Registration Ticket (includes workshop & food & camping): £360

Early Bird Ticket until 18th April: £330

Dorm £30
Dorm Deluxe Bed £60
Premium room £135
Single bed pod £105
Double bed pod £135

Accommodation is allocated on a first come first served basis.

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