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Clown Healing

Who says your spiritual practice needs to be serious?


Friday 19 April – Sunday 21 April 2024


What if the spiritual path didn’t need to be serious all the time?

What if playfulness and creative self-expression could become the door to our self-knowledge?

Healing is just that!

A creative, mindful, embodied, spiritual and therapeutic practice that delivers self-awareness and personal transformation while also being an enormous amount of fun.


What does it involve?

The workshop involves a mix of games, exercises, structures (and dancing) in which people learn to liberate themselves from their stiff adult personas and reconnect to their often long-lost playful inner child. As this connection develops, a bridge is formed between the inner child and the outer adult, allowing our lives to be lead with more silliness and celebration as well as a slowly growing vulnerability and authenticity.

Although clowning is ‘performative’, this workshop is not focussed on turning you into a good performer (although this is often a healthy by-product).

No experience of clowning is needed.

Clown Healing takes us down the garden path that leads into our inner world and helps us build a healthier balance between body, heart, mind and soul.

This workshop is for:

People who have done some inner therapeutic and spiritual work but want something with a twist.


People who have found their inner journey become a bit dry and yet another problem to be solved


People with big hearts, big smiles, and a belief that their inner child is as relevant to personal growth as their ‘outer yogi / monk / sannyasin / shaman aspect


The workshop is aimed at ordinary humans who want to release stress, open up to others, laugh out loud, build confidence, step out of their usual personas and rediscover their sense of aliveness, creativity and self-expression. And have a lot of fun

Ailon shares about Clown Healing

A Taste of Clown Healing!


Do you feel like:

Taking yourself less seriously and escaping the rigidity of adult life?

Feeling free emotionally and expressing yourself without censure?

Likely structure for this weekend:

Friday evening: welcome, check-in, a bit of dance & connection with the group

Saturday morning : The Practice of Playfulness – group games and exercises to increase the silliness, remove the adult brain and develop the language of clowning. We will focus on inner qualities such as misbehaviour, exaggeration, spontaneity and imagination

Saturday afternoon : A bit more PoP if needed (above) before we move into Clowning Around. Discovering hidden personas and parts as we step out of our everyday selves and into the mystery of the clown-world.

Saturday evening: Clown Dance Party / Rock Star in your Bedroom – Clowning and dancing to some great rock and pop hits and learning how to embody the song

Sunday morning: Check in, followed by further Clown Scenes that help to wire the Clown Brain and / or if the weather is nice – a Clown walkabout –

Sunday afternoon- Check out, integration, next steps, feedback

There is a quality of consciousness that can absorb wisdom and foolishness and there is no contradiction. Then you can be sincere, but not serious. Then you are truthful, but not joyless.’ Osho

During this workshop you will:

✔️ Develop a sense of emotional freedom and emotional flexibility

✔️ Understand that your sense of humour is a vital lifeline in maintaining mental health and equilibrium

✔️ Develop the capacity to accept yourself more easily and feel comfortable in being your weird, unique self

✔️ Bathe in laughter, play, merriment, joy, uplift and silliness

✔️ Discover a greater ability to ‘go with the flow’ and accept situations

✔️ Let go of perfectionism through the Clown path of failure

✔️ Experience the magic of Osho Leela; including connection, hugging, nature, sharing and wholesome vegetarian food.

‘I lost three things from your Clown Healing workshop- a stiff body, a numb heart and a disease called seriousness’

Your facilitator

Ailon Freedman’s adult life has been devoted to the synthesis and marriage of spiritual practice with humour and playfulness.
He has worked as a yoga teacher, corporate facilitator and public speaking coach, as well as an artist, comedian, clown and drummer.
He has brought many of these elements together in his trainings Clown Healing, Speak from your Heart and Free your Inner Artist.

Ailon’s mission is to help people discover their sense of freedom, wellness and inner balance through not only yoga and mindfulness but also through creativity, celebration and fun. This is currently taking shape with a new project called ‘School of Playfulness’.

‘Ailon creates such a safe and humorous space for people to explore their inner joker and let go of their inhibitions. I was so supported and have since felt so much more free, playful and in touch with my emotions’


Arrival time: Friday April 19th @ 5:00 pm
Workshop starts: 8:15 pm (We encourage you to arrive early so you have time to settle in and join for the optional meditation and dinner)

End: Sunday April 21st @ 4 pm (dinner is not included for this evening)

Price workshop: £275 (includes workshop & food)
Early Bird till March 29th £245

You can reserve your spot now with a 50% deposit, follow the link below.

Accommodation supplements for 2 nights:
Own campervan: £0 (£9 hook up if needed)
Dorm £20
Dorm Bed Deluxe £40
Regular room £70
Large room £80
Premium room £90
Pod single bed £60
Pod double bed £70

Accommodation is allocated on a first come first served basis. For more info about our accommodation & facilities check here.

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