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AcuEnergetics® Level 1

Energy Medicine Essentials with Premal

30th June – 2nd July 2023

Discover the bio-electrical system in the body and how it works to influence your physical, emotional and mental health.

You will be taught how to increase your awareness and improve energy flow in your body.

Through lessons, meditations, energetic techniques and balances you will learn how to practically heal yourself and your loved ones

You cannot help but expand your heart energy and have fun in this workshop!

      A journey of self-discovery through the heart


What You Will Learn & Experience


  • How to give a Circulation of the Light Wellness balance.
  • A reboot of the whole energetic system! to improve wellbeing, energy levels, jetlag and immune system function.
  • Simple and profound Meditations to still the mind and open the heart.
  • A basic introduction to the physiology of the bio-electrical body.
  • Radiance, Resonance and Magnetism hand skills for healing illness.
  • The First Gate energetic opening technique
  • How to feel your own and other peoples Energy centres
  • How to open your own bio-electrical field and balance another persons.
  • The first stage of Releasework : How to release held emotions which cause illness in the body energetically.
  • The first level of training to become an Acuenergetics practitioner or a complete weekend in itself.



You will be given access to the international acuenergetic students facebook group where you can connect with other students of all levels

Free access for one year to this course online. Taught by the founders of the AcuEnergetics school in Australia

Energy Medicine Essentials:

The skills we teach will support you to live healthily and happily in your body, mind and heart. They are practical skills you can use for the rest of your life

Understanding emotional stress
Understand what it does to your body and the bio-electricity, how it happens and how you can help yourself to avoid this having a negative impact on your body when life gets the better of you.

Effective healing techniques
Learn effective healing techniques to help your family and friends with real problems, from as soon as you finish the weekend. You will be able to help them heal things like burns, headaches, sprains, stomach pains, period pain, colds & flu, as well as low energy and a low immune system. It’s incredible all the things you can do after just one weekend.

Simple meditation techniques
Learn simple meditation techniques with expert guidance and support. If you’ve never meditated before, or have struggled with it, you will get the hang of what it’s about and how it can make a difference in your whole life – it’s not just for you mental health – meditation calms the mind, as well as the bio-electrical system in the body, which in turn has a positive effect on your physical body. Plus it brings peace, stillness and relaxation, which makes you feel like you’ve been on holidays – who doesn’t want to feel like that all the time?

An understanding of the mind/body connection
So you understand what happens to your stomach when you worry, but what about when you get angry, or sad or embarrassed? Or if you’ve had a serious trauma in your life? Understanding how this works can have a massive impact on your physical and emotional health – plus, we give you ways to help change these patterns and heal physical issues created by these issues in the past.

Receive a Circulation of the Light Wellness Balance
Receiving a Circulation of the Light Wellness Balance. This is a brilliant balance that restores and promotes the flow of energy in the body. It also increases energy, improves the immune system and helps the body find total balance. This is lovely to receive and probably just what you need to relax and unwind. You’ll also learn how to give this balance, so you can share it with your family and friends. It’s also fantastic to help get over colds and flu and also to help get over jet lag!

A real connection with your heart

We talk about the heart quite a lot in AcuEnergetics® and that is because it’s so important. Not just the obvious fact that physically it circulates oxygen and gives us life, but the heart is our centre for feeling, both physically and emotionally. If we hold tension in our heart, we will start to get symptoms like poor circulation, cold hands and feet, anxiety and other ailments. For those of us who have experienced loss or who have been hurt, our hearts may be holding in a different way, trying to protect us from this type of pain again. This can also create a host of physical problems, but the emotional ones are just as important, since a contraction in the heart will prevent us from experiencing the truly positive emotions in life like love, peace and compassion.

You’ll learn how to feel electricity in the body
Feeling the bio-electricity (energy) in the body is not something for the gifted – it’s possible for everyone to do it – it just takes some expert guidance and for you to get in the right head space to do it. In fact, you’ve already done it. Have you ever walked into a room and without speaking a word, felt like you could cut the tension with a knife? You’re not being psychic – you’re feeling the energy transpiring between those people. Or what about ‘feeling’ like someone is staring at you from across the room, only to turn around and realize you were right. Actually what you were feeling was their attention on you – that’s energy. We have developed techniques to teach you how to feel – it is a science you can learn! We teach you how to learn to feel this energy, primarily for healing in the body. When you can feel, you can heal.

You can get in touch with you and what you need
When was the last time you spent a whole weekend on you and your needs? This weekend is a little time to reflect on your life and yourself and how you feel. It will nourish not only your body, but your mind, your emotions, your heart and your spirit too. At the end of the weekend, you will have clarity and understanding around how you are, and how you can improve your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

The facilitator is a certified acuenergetics level 1 teacher and practitioner.


Premal is a certified acuenergetics teacher and BSOM meditation leader. She facilitates sessions, leads meditations and offers acuenergetics treatments in Leela where she is currently living as a long term community member. She has trained in many healing arts before finding her true passion in acuenergetics. For more info about Premal, click picture above.

Acuenergetics is a relatively new healing modality backed by thousands of years of wisdom from ancient Chinese, Judaic, Indian and Middle Eastern traditions. Created by Australian Kevin Farrow.

Treatments are specific and can help with a wide range of physical and emotional conditions. Works with the bio-electrical system of the body to encourage flow of energy for faster, natural healing, easing pain and supporting emotional health and general well-being.


Start: June 30th @ 5:00 pm

End: July 2nd @ 5:00 pm

Registration Ticket: £370 (includes retreat & food & camping)

Dorm £20
Own campervan £20 (plus £6 hook up if needed)
Regular room £50
Large room £70
Premium room £90
Pod single bed £70
Pod double bed £90

Accommodation is allocated on a first come first served basis. For 2 people bookings, please call the office

For all enquiries, please phone the Osho Leela Booking Office on: 01747 821221

“Having experienced a profound and life-changing experience of AcuEnergetics in August 2022 I was interested to learn more about it.

I attended the Level 1 AcuEnergetics weekend workshop with Premal in October 2022 and found it very interesting and left me wanting more. Whilst there was a little theory and talking involved, the vast majority of the workshop was practical based and it was a small group so we all got plenty of individual attention. The space was well held and safe. 
I definitely want to go further and do the level 2 and 3 trainings. If you’re interested in energy work then I would thoroughly recommend this.”

Adrian, participant level 1


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