Team Leader Program

leadership programme UK
The Team Leader Program is a personal growth ‘step up’ program which comes after the Raise Awareness Program and requires a 3 month commitment to immerse yourself in your personal development and Leela life. It includes professional training in running meditations and assisting in self-development workshops and festivals. You will meditate, express, share, dance, live and work together as a team.
You will have the opportunity to learn to guide work projects to support this alive and thriving community. With your peer group, you will look at your reactions, life patterns and emotional health, supporting each other to become more aware of your inner journey and to make the changes you need. 
Every week, you will participate in a group therapy session or a development session dedicated to developing your leadership skills, which you can then take out into the world in anything you do! There are regular sessions of Bioenergetics, which help you to move old patterns out of your muscle system, empowering you to live more from your authentic core. You’ll also benefit from the weekly community AUM and other optional Osho meditations, which are optional. Amura and Navajata will  hold a weekly sharing and 
The TLP is a training for your life!