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We have always been a community of the heart and an oasis of love and in these challenging times we are using our creativity to find our way through. We have increased our online presence by offering sharings, inspirational videos, live meditations, behind the scenes action and entertainment (see links below), keeping the Leela spirit alive for you and helping you stay connected.

We also need your support, and here is how. Unfortunately we have had to cancel some upcoming events, resulting in Osho Leela being under threat for the future. The dedicated team who run this non-profit organisation intend wholeheartedly to continue with their profoundly important work. The venue itself has considerable running costs and despite paring back to basics, we are seeking help with meeting our monthly expenses which total around £25k. Osho Leela has always been financially fragile but has risen from the ashes many times before and with your help can do so again.

Please support Osho Leela by making a donation

via phone on 01747 821221 Mon-Fri 11:30-13:00

Watch this page for everything we are offering online for you. It will also go on our Facebook group and page, and you can sign up here to receive weekly updates on what’s available online.

Stay connected!

With great love,

The Osho Leela Team