Celebration Ceremony

for Sudhir / Ron Scala

December 3rd – December 4th

Sudhir / Ron left his body on November 9th at 17:17. It was so sudden that we had little opportunity to say goodbye to him and many of us were not able to do this in person.

Sudhir’s / Ron’s biggest wish was to have a Life Celebration at Osho Leela.

It’s an honour for us to do so and we would like to announce that the celebration will happen on December 3rd at 4pm.

As Sudhir / Ron has a big circle of friends and family, we intend to make this celebration as accessible as possible for everybody. Please feel welcome to join in person, and if you’re not able to travel we hope to make it possible to join via Zoom. More details to follow.

What the schedule will be:

Saturday 3rd December:
3.00pm: Arrival
4.00pm: Ceremony Begins
7.00pm: Sharing a Celebration Meal
8.30pm: Sharing Memories Circles
9.30pm: Dancing & Celebration

Sunday 4th December
7.20am: Dynamic Meditation
9.30am: Satsang & Silence
11.00am: Goodbyes

What’s the schedule all about?

Celebration Ceremony:
The celebration is first and foremost to celebrate Sudhir’s / Ron’s life. We do that by sharing music, hugs, song and dance with each other. There will also be moments where people speak and there will be moments of silence where you can reflect and connect with your heart. Emotions might come up, the dance is an opportunity to allow the emotions to move inside.
Sudhir’s / Ron’s spiritual masters were Osho and Mooji. We will also listen to some audio discourses of them speaking.
Feel welcome and free to join in as much as you wish.

Sharing Memories Circle:
This will be a moment where we can share pictures/video’s and talk about precious moments we’ve had with Sudhir / Ron.

Dynamic Meditation:
Sudhir’s / Ron’s favourite meditation. It is an active meditation and lasts one hour. The meditation consists of five stages: Deep fast chaotic breathing, catharsis, using a mantra “Hoo”, silence, and dancing. For more info follow this link.

Satsang & Silence:
We love to end the gathering with a Satsang which Sudhir / Ron totally loved.
Satsang is an one-hour sitting meditation supported by silence, live music, humming and an audio or words from Osho.


Arrival Time: 3pm 3rd December

Start Ceremony: 4pm 3rd December

Finish Gathering: 11am 4th December

Arrival time:
We ask you to arrive around 3pm so you have time to settle in.

Overnight stay:
You are welcome to join in for the Celebration & meal only and/or you are welcome to stay till the next day for the whole gathering.

For the overnight stay we ask a donation and will be paid upon arrival:
Dorm: £15 (includes dinner & breakfast)
Private room: £35 (includes dinner & breakfast. Are you sharing a room? The second person pays £5 extra for breakfast)

Choose your booking option on the form.

Accommodation is allocated on a first come first served basis. We have limited spaces available for staying overnight. If you wish to stay over night please fill in on the form below and we will confirm your stay. It is also possible to stay overnight in a hotel close by.

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Good to know:
We have limited rooms with a private shower and bathroom. Most of the showers are shared female/male showers in the house and in the shower block.
Our kitchen serves vegetarian food.

We have a ride share group on Facebook here.

Dress code:
Please wear something colourful, but most importantly what you feel comfortable and happy in. We don’t wear shoes in our ceremony room. You might want to bring some in-house shoes and/or warm socks.

Please don’t hesitate to contact either Dan (Ron’s brother) or Kimaya (Sudhir’s friend) for more clarity around the Celebration Ceremony:
Phone/WhatsApp Dan: +44 7973 754824
Phone/WhatsApp Kimaya: +31 6 1995 1931

We ask you to fill in the form below, that supports us to set up this special gathering.

You will receive a confirmation email. This might take a few days as the office has limited capacity over the weekend.

Please take into consideration that we are super busy with everything. It helps us immensely that you fill in any questions/comments on the form below and that you don’t call the office. Thank you for understanding!

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