Raise Awareness Program

Raise Awareness Program (RAP)


The RAP is a complete immersion in self-discovery and inner transformation, in a supportive community where you can spend a month or longer looking at yourself in relation to others.


What keeps you from living your life to the full?


Are you …

  • Looking for passion, motivation and drive?
  • Feeling emotionally stuck or numb?
  • Struggling with negative emotions such as resentment and anger?
  • Living in isolation? Do you long for relationships, friendship, connection and belonging?
  • Afraid of showing yourself in all your colours?
  • Or do you just want to know yourself more deeply?


On the RAP, we focus on specific areas:

  • How you relate
  • Unconscious habits
  • Blind spots that undermine you
  • Where you hold yourself back


Being on the RAP will support you to grow in the following areas:

  • Learning to share from the heart
  • Honest relating
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Friendship
  • Self-love
  • Being seen



We are following all of the current government regulations. Please contact us for information regarding possibilities of coming to Osho Leela.

The RAP requires a minimum participation of 4 weeks and includes participating in a Leela personal development workshop during that period, which will accelerate your learning and support you on this journey.

After you commit to the program, you will have an interview with one of our experienced experienced RAP leaders who will support you with your development.

The RAP is £100 a week plus £150 for the monthly personal growth workshop. The £100 fee includes:

  • Food and dormitory accommodation
  • 2 meditations a day during the week
  • 2 sharing sessions per week, plus optional Men’s and Women’s sharings
  • 1-2 sessions a week, such as emotional work
  • Creativity and social activities

On the RAP, you contribute to the community in the mornings and afternoons doing house-keeping (cleaning and tidying), cooking, building, maintenance or gardening. You have one and a half days off each week. The 2 weeks is payable in advance to secure your place on the program.*



During the twice-weekly sharings, the program leaders will support and encourage you to overcome internal barriers that block you from living your truth and being totally alive.

Many people who come here find that being in this environment brings their negative conditioning and limiting self-beliefs to the surface. This can cause inner conflict as we are not used to holding uncomfortable emotions and often unconsciously resist feeling them. At Osho Leela, you will receive support and are given the tools to safely express and feel your feelings.

When you arrive at the start of your week, you will be given an introductory talk, a walk-round, and assigned a buddy. This is a more experienced member of the program who you can turn to for support or with any questions you may have.

Whilst you’re on the RAP, you will stay in a dorm with other participants of the same gender. The long term community member overseeing the program is Bavo. He is supported by Dhyanesh, Daniela, Khalis, and Sanjula who are available on a daily basis to answer any questions or just to chat. Sanjula also takes care of the interviews and administration for the program.

A Typical Day:

Your day starts with a Morning Meditation. Then, after showers and breakfast, you will join the community in the Morning Gathering, with dancing & hugging. A great way to start your day.

The rest of the day is interspersed with work, breaks and a 2-hour lunch break. We finish our work day with an Evening Meditation.

How a typical day looks like:

7.00   – Morning Meditation

8.00   – Shower & Breakfast

9.00   – Morning Gathering: kick start the day with dancing & hugging!

9.30   – Work as Meditation

11.00 – Coffee break

11.30 – Work as Meditation

13.00 – Lunch & Dishes

15.00 – Work as Meditation

17.30 – Finish work

18.00 – Evening Meditation

19.00 – Dinner & Dishes

20.00 – Free time & optional workshops / sessions

After dinner, the community organises extra workshops or fun sessions to join, like: Jam Sessions, Healing Space, Movie Night, Open Mic, Tarot Readings, Theatre Games, Dance.


Wednesday is a day when community relating and organisation is the priority. The day begins with a slightly shortened version of the AUM, a one-and-a-half-hour-long social meditation bringing awareness to a range of human emotions.

After breakfast, we have a community sharing.

In the afternoon, we generally do some sort of community event to support connection. It can also be a work-related activity if needed.


RAP Commitment

The RAP is a structured program that is designed to support and challenge you in your growth and development. This requires commitment to the program. We expect that you, as a student of the program:

  • Are on time for all meditations and work
  • Keep your personal space clean and tidy
  • Take part fully in the Wednesday activities
  • Are receptive to supportive feedback in relation to any blind spots you may have that others can see and that you are unaware of
  • Let us know if you need to leave unexpectedly before your 4-week period is up.

Please note: Recreational alcohol and drugs are not permitted on this program. Occasionally we have the bar open where you can buy a drink.

Please make sure that you are willing to commit to the above, prior to booking.


What You Need to Bring

Bedding is provided. You will need to bring clothing, a towel, loose clothes for wearing in meditations and sessions, outdoor clothing and shoes for working in the garden, and perhaps some party gear.


Arrival & Leaving times

For your week in isolation you need to arrive on a Monday, around 6 pm, to have an induction.

When you leave on a Monday morning, after your time on the RAP, we ask that you have left by 10am so that the house can continue with its working day.

Please be aware that although the RAP is a (minimum) 4-week program, we reserve the right to terminate your program at any point if we feel it is not suitable for you or we feel you are unstable. We also encourage you to see your first week as an induction week, to feel if this program is suitable for you.



The Next Step

Please make sure that you’ve read through all the information above. Then read it all again.

The program is bookable now! Places are limited so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to join the program, please fill in all fields of the form below, and Sanjula will contact you to complete a brief interview.

*This money is non-transferable and non-refundable. The RAP is not always available during Festivals, or over Christmas, but otherwise runs for the rest of the year.


Fill Out the Application Form
Please indicate if you are a new or returning RAP.
(or telephone number if you don't have Skype or Whatsapp)
NOTE! The RAP starts and concludes on Mondays Only
Choose a time slot based on London time where we can reach you directly for a short, confidential interview by telephone or Skype
We want to do our utmost to ensure that we are holding a safe space here at Osho Leela and we thank you for your co-operation.


Once you have had your RAP interview and agreed dates, etc., please follow this link to the payment section.

NOTE: Your place on the RAP is only secured for the date you have asked for, once you have paid for the first 2 weeks. We ask that you do this within 24 hours of your interview or we may give your slot to somebody else.

If you decide to change programs during your 1-month RAP, we charge you £50 administration fee.