Online Sharing

Online Sharing
First Monday of the month at 4pm UK time

In these times, it’s more important than ever that we connect and support each other. Come as you are and share and listen with an open heart, Leela style!

Zoom meeting ID: 937614560. Direct link: Please enter 5 minutes before the start with your microphone muted.

If you’re new to Zoom, please read further on for instructions. Please be ready at least 5 minutes before the Zoom starts and enter with your microphone muted.

Suggested donation: £10. In this time when we have had to cancel our in-person events, any contribution will support us to continue to grow and thrive.


Zoom is a conference call programme that allows you to see and hear each person on the call.
First, download Zoom onto your computer (and/or phone). Search for it online or on your app store, then press download. On the computer, you get to see everyone’s faces in what’s called gallery view. On the phone, you can only see 4 at a time.
Then click on the Zoom link, which is provided when you book your place. When you get through to the meeting, there is always a window that says, ‘use computer audio for this call’. You need to click on this, otherwise we can’t hear you.
At the bottom of the screen, once you are on the call, there is a picture of a microphone. You click that to mute or unmute yourself. On big calls, we stay muted until we share. That cuts out background noise.
You have the option to have your video not showing, if you are more comfortable with that – just click on the video camera symbol to de-select video, or click “join without video” when you first come on the call. You would still be able to see the other participants who choose to have their video shown.
You can also flick between gallery view (where you can see everyone) and speaker view where you see in full screen the person who is sharing. That’s sometimes nice when you are meeting people for the first time. The option to change between gallery and speaker view differs on different computers. For me, the box to click is on the top right hand corner of the screen.