Living in the Buddhafield

Living in the Buddhafield Program

Meditation, Celebration & Connection


This is perfect for you if you are living in the city and want time out in the country, or you are working from home and want to balance work with meditation and community life. Or it could simply be that you are missing connection and want to come and live at Osho Leela for a while.


What does it include?

  • Food and accommodation
  • Optional daily meditations and work projects
  • A hang out, TV and lounge room
  • 18 acres of beautiful grounds to enjoy
  • Free WiFi
  • The opportunity to join an in-house workshop once a month and book individual sessions for your ongoing well-being
  • Weekly activities such as: Tarot Reading, Healing Space, Open Mic, Jam Sessions, Movie Night, Theatre & Games, Yoga, Dance and more.
  • Hugging & Connection!



For the program there is a requirement to first be in quarantine here for 7 days. This is for safety and the need to protect our community. We make it very comfortable and easy for you, giving you a mobile home to live in, all of which have recently been renovated and are now very clean and beautiful inside, complete with Wi-fi. There is also a fully equipped kitchen in every mobile so you can cook your own food if you wish.

During the quarantine period, you will get lunch and dinner brought to you by a member of the community. There will be basic shopping done for you.

During this time, you can walk around the beautiful Leela grounds and chat with people when they pass by, always maintaining a 2-metre social distancing protocol. In this first week, you cannot come into the main house.

The program is very popular and places are limited so please let us know if you would like to join the program, or would like any other information, by emailing Bavo at Osho Leela: or call and leave us a message: 01747821221.

We’d love to meet you!