Tarot with Svabhavo

The Heart of Tarot with Svabhavo

Sunday 14th June and monthly,

8:30 – 10:00 pm UK time 

online tarot readings

Are you looking for insight or clarity in your life? For many, this is a particularly uncertain time, where we are challenged to find our place in the unknown and the best way to move forward.

When we unexpectedly find ourselves in a limited situation and it seems that we are facing ourselves without all of our usual routines, it can bring us into a state of insecurity with many old fears arising. The media will amplify this state of anxiety so it is important to raise our state of self awareness. This will support us in moving through this powerful time of inner change.

Join Svabhavo live online and connect with the cards to explore what is important for you in this time.

Come and connect to the wisdom of the tarot and find the guidance you need.

“Thank you Beloved Svabhavo and team at Leela – that was uber nourishing, magical, slick and heart-warming! What a perfect way to spend a Sunday evening. Wisdom and magic work over Zoom, big time!” – Bayari Lou Beegan.

“I love the way Svabhavo cuts through the BS and gets to point. … It actually brought tears to my eyes. Svabhavo’s advice just filled me with so much joy as he confirmed I was on the right path. For once in my life I actually feel on track, supported & protected. I cannot thank Svabhavo enough for this. I fully believe that the outcome will change my life forever. Thank you so much.” – Sally.

The Tarot session will take place by Zoom video call and is open to a maximum of 10 participants. Please first book your place here by 12pm on Sunday 14th June. Then send your donation (suggested amount £10) here.

If you come in to the session, we ask that you stay for the duration. If you’re new to Zoom, please read further on for instructions. Please be ready at least 5 minutes before the Zoom starts and enter with your microphone muted.


Zoom is a conference call programme that allows you to see and hear each person on the call.

First, download Zoom onto your computer (and/or phone). Search for it online or on your app store, then press download. On the computer, you get to see everyone’s faces in what’s called gallery view. On the phone, you can only see 4 at a time.

You will need to set up a user name and password and then Zoom will give you a personal meeting number you can use yourself for free for up to 40 mins (you don’t need this number for our online sharing – it’s only needed if you host your own meeting).

After you have opened Zoom, it will give you some options. You choose ‘join meeting’ then put the meeting number in the box. When you get through to the meeting, there is always a window that says, ‘use computer audio for this call’. You need to click on this, otherwise we can’t hear you.

At the bottom of the screen, once you are on the call, there is a picture of a microphone. You click that to mute or unmute yourself. On big calls, we stay muted until we share. That cuts out background noise.

You can also flick between gallery view (where you can see everyone) and speaker view where you see in full screen the person who is sharing. That’s sometimes nice when you are meeting people for the first time. The option to change between gallery and speaker view differs on different computers. For me, the box to click is on the top right hand corner of the screen.