Leela Online

We are Coming to You!

We are offering online sharing, videos, live streams, comedy and other inspiration that will help you to stay rooted in your body, in your heart, and connected to here – which for many of you is your spiritual home. We will share the beauty of what we have here with you. We’re coming to you!

NOTE: We have adjusted our calendar for online events. The Online Sharing will now be the first Monday of the month (June 1st) and Svabhavo’s Online Tarot Reading will be every 3rd Monday. Check below for this week’s online events.

This week’s online events:


Online Sharing: Monthly, Monday 4th June, 4 pm on Zoom.

Singing Medicine with Tarisha: Every Friday, 8:15 pm on Facebook Live.

Tantric Tribal Woman – Full Moon ritual: Friday 5th June, 6 – 7.30 pm on Zoom.

Satsang with Tarisha: This was streamed live on Sunday 24th May and is still available on YouTube for you to enjoy.

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You can also check out Leela comedy & other entertainment on our YouTube Channel.

Keep connected and stay tuned here for what’s to come!