Leela Life Training

Leela Life Training


The Leela Life Training is a one-year program specifically designed to support you in your personal growth and development.

The current Leela Life Training is well underway and Osho Leela is delighted to announce that the next training will recommence in September 2020. There is still the possibility to attend one-off workshops within the 2019/2020 training – see our Calendar for details.

We are all conditioned in our formative years by our family, guardians and society to behave in certain ways. This is not always supportive in leading a life of authentic self-expression and creativity. We are given negative conditioning and self-belief systems and because of this, we start to repress ourselves so we can ‘fit in’ and be accepted by society. Consequently, we undermine our own integrity by not being true to ourselves.

Often, it is only when life gives us a shock that we realise we need to change. This can happen through loss, such as the end of a relationship, an illness or dissatisfaction at work. Sometimes, living in isolation for a long time can also give us the insight that we are living in fear and are stuck in a situation that does not support us.

This 9-month program will give you the opportunity to make the internal changes that you need to start living a life of purpose, connection and celebration.

By connecting monthly with the other trainees, who are also committed to transforming their inner world, you will find the support and acceptance you need to heal the past traumas that are holding you back.

In working with the same group over a period of time, and looking at the old conditioning and programming together, trust and friendship develop. It is then much easier to confront and transform those episodes in the past that negatively impact your life.

By committing and participating in the training, you will develop the ability to:

  • Express your feelings, including the negative ones,  clearly and effectively
  • Understand your own needs
  • Connect and share yourself authentically with others
  • Make lasting friendships and deep intimate connections.


You will participate in one weekend workshop per month over the course of the training. You will discover that any limiting ideas you may have of yourself will be challenged in order that the real you can emerge with more energy, passion and love so you can live a truly fulfilling life with whatever you choose to do.

These 9 workshops will cover every aspect of what it is to be human. You will work with:

  • Personal power
  • Expression through emotional release techniques
  • Your primal early life experiences from birth onwards
  • Effective, honest communication
  • Sexuality and relationships
  • Body-based therapy
  • Finding a vision for your life



The price of the 9 group training is £1800 including food and accommodation.

An Early Bird discount of £100 applies to all bookings up to 1st June 2019 (applied automatically).

It is possible to pay for the training in 3 payments,  £700 payable at the start and £600 after the 3rd group and £600 after the 6th group. (£100 addition is our admin charge). Please phone the Booking Office to arrange this. For more information or to book onto the next training, call 01747 821221 or email info@osholeela.co.uk