Leela Life Training Groups

Leela Life Training 2017-18


If you would like to go onto our waiting list please phone us on 01747 821 221 or email us, with your phone number to info@osholeela.co.uk


Group Descriptions


I Want Change

The fastest way to create positive change in your life is through expressing your emotions – letting your feelings out. When we cling to old resentments about people or situations from the past, our bodies lock up and we lose our joy for living, our creativity, and our spontaneity. This weekend will introduce you to body and emotion-based therapy and is suitable for anyone, whether experienced or not.

Release trapped feelings and be free again!


The Empowerment Group

We work with the barriers and masks that prevent your natural authenticity from being present.
In a supported space we will explore what comes to your awareness when you step onto a conceptual stage, where there is no hiding, and are guided beyond your doubts and fears, to look inside to what’s really true for you.

Do you feel powerless to make the changes you need in your life?

Are you feeling stuck?
What is it that stops you achieving what you want?

Are you in a relationship or work environment that doesn’t serve you?

Are you afraid to speak your truth?
Do you feel disconnected in social situations?

Are you fearful to be seen and always keep yourself in the background?

Do you have body issues?


Express Your Feelings

All your negative emotions are a reaction to not being loved. In this workshop you are going to explore the emotions fear, anger and pain in order to come home to love and to get in touch with your heart. We will use a safe, supporting and effective technique called “flushing” created by Veeresh from the Osho Humaniversity. This process is to go inside and feel. We cannot escape from the moment. There is no past, there is no future there is only now. It will be a confrontation with the moment. The result of this deep emotional cleansing is a grounded and deep relaxation and an  awareness of your behaviour and your emotions.


Mama Papa

We were once small children, fully alive, and freely able to express ourselves in a very natural way. While we were growing up, our parents’ behaviour defined the world for us. Sometimes it can be difficult to break out of the patterns that we learned long ago. In this workshop Chandrika will guide you to free old emotions so that you can find your innocence again. Let go of negativity and learn to forgive your parents and yourself, so that you can live your life with freedom, passion and gratitude.

“Primal pain is the way, primal joy is the goal.” Chandrika


Speaking My Truth

Are you happy with your relationships?

Do you feel that you are honest and authentic with what you need from your lovers, friends and family?

Most relationships break down through miscommunications and the unwillingness to open our hearts when we get hurt.

It’s easy to blame the other instead of taking responsibility for how we feel.

In a safe and held environment you will learn new communication skills, looking at what you need from the other and at the same time, learning  to listen to the other, and through practising honest relating, we can create fulfilling relationships.


Awareness Intensive

The Awareness Intensive is a structured and partly silent residential retreat.  Using a specific self-enquiry “practice” to ponder the timeless question: “who am I?” or the more modern one: “who is in?”, participants, who truly put all at stake, can, in just three days, have a profound experience of who they are, of their True Nature.

Simple and straightforward, yet often challenging in practice, this unique communication process enables a true and direct contact with yourself.


Dating and Sexuality

Are you able to approach someone you’re sexually attracted to and create a connection? Can you make it clear that you fancy them?

Are you able to maintain boundaries that are healthy for you in your connections and relationships, allowing someone in when it feels good and saying No when it doesn’t?

It’s vital that we have these skills. Without them, our natural life-energy will feel blocked. We may have tendencies towards depression or end up in situations that aren’t good for us. All sorts of neuroses can develop.

Anyone can develop the ability to be confident around sexuality, but we don’t learn this stuff at school. Our culture doesn’t much help either. This weekend will support you to be honest and straight around sexuality, to be able to hold clear boundaries, and to be able to make connections with people you’re attracted to. And, of course, to have fun with sexuality!

Come for a full-on and emotional experience.


I Am A Man

This weekend workshop will really support you to stand up and take your space as a man. Many “new age” guys are very sensitive, which is great. But it is also very important that you can develop the side of yourself that is powerful and spontaneous, sensitive to consequences but not controlled by a fear of what others might think. Become the man you always wanted to be – unique, authentic, loving and empowered.

Saturday we will devote to coming into your power, your male gut energy.

Sunday we will empower you to discover Your Mission in Life, where you want to go next, and to examine and overcome any obstacles.

* Can you stand up and be seen for who you are without fear? Or do you feel controlled by guilt and a need to please others?

* Can you take a position for yourself? Or are you afraid of how others might react?

* Do you know your Mission in Life? Or do you struggle to move forward?


Woman Alive

There is a force that we know as women that guides us, speaks to us and is massively uprising at this time on the planet. It sometimes screams loudly inside us, it often whispers quietly and we know it to be powerful, creative and full of wisdom. Each and every one of us has the capacity to bring through this wisdom and with the support of each other, share it, live it, love it.

There is no comparison here with men, only a deep calling to live our full hearted powerful selves, our totality, our silence, our love, our passion and delight. In this weekend you are welcomed in your fullness, your creativity, your wildness, your longing, coming into balance with male and female qualities, showing up in all your colours. Sometimes it takes being in a circle of women to feel safe enough to reveal all that we are. We can feel inspired by other women on the path of awakening and here we bypass old patterns of competition, making way for collaboration and support to live our dreams and speak our truth.



With Svabhavo and team

Celebrating your life is different for everybody and in this workshop we will be focussing on your passion for being alive, and gaining clarity for the next steps you will take in fulfilling your life.

We will work with your goals and your vision, supporting you in manifesting where you are going. Letting go of blocked energy will give you the freedom to live your life with passion and joy.

With the deep friendships and connections, we will use this energy to empower and affirm our unique visions.