Individual Sessions with Svabhavo

Find clarity about your inner and outer world, guidance for next steps, and perspective on the bigger picture of relationship, work and personal issues that need resolution.

Svabhavo has more than 30 years of experience working with people. He specialises in empowerment issues, clarity and direction in life. In his sessions, he will hold a safe space to guide you where you need to go, drawing on the Tarot and other tools. He has been reading the cards for over 40 years and is a highly intuitive channel. Svabhavo loves supporting people with their life journeys and is known for his ability to cut through the fog. He lived with Osho in the 1970’s and 80’s.

“Thank you Beloved Svabhavo and team at Leela – that was uber nourishing, magical, slick and heart-warming! What a perfect way to spend a Sunday evening. Wisdom and magic work over Zoom, big time!” – Bayari

“I love the way Svabhavo cuts through the BS and gets to the point. It actually brought tears to my eyes. Svabhavo’s advice just filled me with so much joy as he confirmed I was on the right path. For once in my life I actually feel on track, supported & protected. I cannot thank Svabhavo enough for this.” – Sally

“It was lovely to get Svabhavo’s mind and Tarot magic. Helped a few big cogs to turn.” – Richard.

“Thank you so much Svabhavo … I was very fortunate to do the weekend course with you and getting the reading yesterday was a bonus and reminder to stand in my shoes boldly. It’s wonderful what you and your team are doing at Osho Leela.” – Gina.

“I was looking forward to it all day long and I wasn’t disappointed! I love Svabhavo’s energy and really value his intuition and advice. My reading was spot on and I’ve been checking in and contemplating it throughout the day, every day since. Thanks Svabhavo.” – Siddhana

Sessions are available mornings and afternoons: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, afternoons only: Monday. 


1 hour – £60

30 minutes – £40

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