Raise Awareness Program (formerly CEP)

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Raise Awareness Program (RAP)

The Raise Awareness Program (RAP) has now replaced the Community Experience Program (CEP).


The RAP is the way for you to experience actually living in our community with a focus on your inner process.

The Raise Awareness Program (RAP) is similar to the CEP in many ways. However, the focus is raising awareness in specific areas of your life:

  • How you relate
  • Unconscious habits
  • Blind spots that undermine you
  • Where you hold yourself back

Being on the RAP will support you to grow in the following areas:

  • Learning to share from the heart
  • Honest relating
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Friendship
  • Self-love
  • Being seen

The RAP is initially a 7-day program. We review your participation weekly and the program lasts for a maximum of 3 months after which you can apply for the Team Leader Program (TLP).

As well as the RAP being a stand-alone program, it is also a first step towards possibly living at Leela longer term. We work mornings and afternoons doing house-keeping (cleaning and tidying), cooking, building, maintenance or gardening.

During the week, there are 3 compulsory meditations a day, plus a variety of optional sessions in the evenings and a chance to join in with workshops on weekends. The RAP schedule will have an extra session each week and an extra sharing. You will have one day off per week. Wednesdays are ‘Community Days’ (read on for more).

While you’re on RAP, you will stay in a dorm with other participants of the same gender. Two longer-term community members oversee the programme – Tarisha and Svabhavo. They are supported by Dhyanesh and Iris, both of whom are available on a daily basis to answer any questions or just to chat.

The RAP is a well held program. Like most Osho centres, we see our community as a supportive environment to go deeper into finding out who we are.

There are weekly sharings and the program leaders will support and encourage you to overcome internal barriers that block you from being totally alive.

Often, when people come to Leela, they find that being in this environment brings their negative conditioning and limiting self-beliefs to the surface. This can cause inner conflict. It may be that just being here working and doing the daily meditations does not resolve this. In these cases, we suggest participation in in-house workshops that involve expression and release. These will give you tools for going deeper into self-awareness, supporting life in the community.

RAP Costs

The RAP will cost £40 per week until Spring 2020

This includes food and dormitory accommodation. The cost is payable in advance to secure your place on the programme. This money is non-transferable and non-refundable. The program is sometimes not available during Festivals or over Christmas, but otherwise runs for the rest of the year.

Arrival & Staying On

For your first time on RAP, you would need to arrive on a Monday, between 10am and 4pm.

When you leave on a Monday morning after your time on RAP, we ask that you have left by 10am so that the house can continue with its working day.

(If you are starting a week of RAP immediately following one of our workshops or events which ends on a Sunday, you will need to pay for an overnight stay before the start of your week. This costs £20, rising to £22 on 1st Jan 2020).

The maximum stay on RAP is 3 months, after which you can apply to join the Team Leader Program (TLP), learning how to lead meditations, hold space, and oversee work projects.

A Typical Weekday

07.00 – Morning Meditation

08.00 – Showers and breakfast

09.00 – Morning Meeting – dancing and hugging, then we gather in a circle to appreciate new arrivals and anyone leaving. We finish with a group ‘power move’.

09.30 – Work

10.40 – Coffee break

11.00 – Work

12.30 – Vipassana Meditation

13.00 – Lunch followed by dishes, then a break

15.00 – Work

16.30 – Tea break

16.50 – Work

18.00 – Evening Meditation or Session

19.00 – Dinner followed by dishes

20.00 – Optional evening session or free time.

At the weekend, Leela usually hosts workshops or other events. There is often the opportunity to attend some sessions during these events and this is a great time to meet new people and make further connections.


Wednesday is a day when community relating and organisation is the priority. The day begins with a short version of the Humaniversity AUM Meditation or another release session. This lasts one and a half hours and is a full-on interactive group process. Click here to see a short video about the AUM.

After breakfast, we have a sharing as a community or in smaller groups (RAPs, TLP’s, Core Group, etc.)

In the afternoon, we generally do some sort of community event to support connection.

When you arrive at the start of your week, you will be given an introductory talk and a walk-round, and you will also be assigned a buddy. (A buddy is an experienced member of the community who you can turn to for support or with any questions you may have.)

RAP Commitment

Whilst you’re on RAP, we expect the following…

  • that you are on time for all meditations and work
  • that you keep your personal space clean and tidy
  • that you take part fully in the Wednesday activities
  • that you let us know if you need to come and go during the programme and that you don’t leave your luggage here if you leave for a period.

Please note: Recreational drugs and alcohol are not permitted on this program.

Please make sure that you are willing to commit to the above before you apply.

What You Need to Bring

Bedding is provided. You will need to bring clothing, a towel, loose clothes for wearing in meditations, outdoor clothing and shoes for working in the garden, and perhaps some party gear.

The Next Step

Please make sure that you’ve read through all the information above. Then read it all again. If you then decide that you’d like to come and try the RAP for a week, please fill in all fields of the form below and Iris will contact you to complete a brief interview.

What is the next step after being on RAP for 3 months?

After being on the RAP for 3 months, you can apply to join the Team Leader Program (TLP), the next step up.

This program is currently run by Devaraj and Amura, long-term Leela residents. You will learn how to lead meditations, hold space in self-development workshops, work more effectively in teams and how to lead work projects at Osho Leela. You have your own sharing each Wednesday, to help you really step up and be the most amazing being you can be.

To join the TLP, you will need to sign a contract, agreeing to be at Leela full-time for the next 3 months. In addition to your one day off a week, you will also get 2 extra days off a month, and if, after your first TLP contract is complete, you sign another, you get 1.5 days off a week. You remain living in same sex dorm accommodation, but we try to room you with other TLPs.

The Team Leader Program is a great ‘step up’ program for whatever you want to do in life, be it here in the community or outside in the world. Find out more here.


Fill Out the Application Form


Please indicate if you are a returning RAP.
(Skype only available for those outside the UK and EU)
NOTE! The RAP starts and concludes on Mondays Only
Choose a time slot based on London time where we can reach you directly for a short, confidential interview by telephone or Skype


Once you have had your RAP interview and agreed dates, etc., please follow this link to the payment section.

NOTE: Your place on the RAP is only secured for the date you have asked for, once you have paid for the first week. We ask that you do this within 24 hours of your interview or we may give your slot to somebody else.