ExpiredWoman Alive

A Leela Life Training Workshop

with Tarisha and Premal

There is a force that we know as women that guides us, speaks to us and is massively uprising at this time on the planet. It sometimes screams loudly inside us, it often whispers quietly and we know it to be powerful, creative and full of wisdom. Each and every one of us has the capacity to bring through this wisdom and with the support of each other, share it, live it, love it.

There is no comparison here with men, only a deep calling to live our full hearted powerful selves, our totality, our silence, our love, our passion and delight. In this weekend you are welcomed in your fullness, your creativity, your wildness, your longing, coming into balance with male and female qualities, showing up in all your colours. Sometimes it takes being in a circle of women to feel safe enough to reveal all that we are. We can feel inspired by other women on the path of awakening and here we bypass old patterns of competition, making way for collaboration and support to live our dreams and speak our truth.

Tarisha has been on the path of women’s awakening since her twenties. It took her many years to embrace her womanhood having grown up a tomboy, and her personal journey has been the seed of her passion to work with women throughout her adult life. She recently launched a new project called SHAMANIC WOMAN supporting women to be natural, sensitive, empowered and awakened. www.shamanicwoman.com


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Please note: Leela Life Training groups offer dormitory accommodation only.


  • 13th December 2019 - 15th December 2019
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm