UpcomingThe Love Connection

Twelve days of inner exploration, intimacy and celebration.


This twelve day process will take you on a journey through your emotions together with others, with the objective of letting go of negative self beliefs, realising your self worth and inner joy.

These twelve days will be divided into 3 segments. The first segment will be to work with the emotional body clearing old negative patterns; repressions, such as unexpressed anger, emotional pain, shame and guilt to free you up so you can celebrate yourself in all your colours.

The second segment will be moving into connection and trust with the masculine and the feminine in a safe and supported space. You will learn to express your needs to the other, set boundaries, explore intimacy and be heard. During this segment there will be opportunity to challenge yourself and take risks.

In the third segment you will focus on celebrating your life with others and will include creativity, meditation, dance and the integration of the previous two segments. This workshop will be gender balanced.

We are currently offering a £100 discount for all participants who book before 31st March 2019 amount payable £850 for this limited period only. After this date the price will revert back to £950.

  • 12th July 2019 - 24th July 2019
    5:00 pm
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Special Offer Dormitory Accommodation and all meals £850.00 (GBP)  
Dormitory Accommodation and all meals £950.00 (GBP)   Goes On Sale
1st April 2019