Tantric Tribal Woman Retreat 2

Living the Sun and Moon within

with Tarisha and Ranjana

Dear Women

Would you like to balance conscious action and stillness in your daily life?

Do you know how to manifest what your heart is longing for with intuition and practical actions?

Would you like to develop supportive self-love and self-connection?


The moon is within me, and so is the sun.

The unstruck drum of eternity

Is sounded within me,

But my deaf ears cannot hear it        Osho


The moon and the sun are symbols of the inner alchemy. The moon symbolises the feminine inside you, and the sun symbolises the masculine inside you. Moon is intuition, sun is reason. Moon is yin, sun is yang. This is the Indian and Indigenous terminology for yin and yang. Moon (Killa) is peace, silence; Sun (Inti) is energy, vitality. Moon is death, sleep, dream, imagination; Sun is awakening, life, logic.

When Moon and Sun meet within you, there is a great experience. That experience is of unity, of oneness. Union-Mystica. That is the goal of all the mystics – when the sun and the moon meet within you. This is the real meeting of man and woman.

Tantric Tribal Woman 2 is inspired by the Native Cosmo-vision of Killa and Inti, the Andes names for Moon and Sun.

What will we do?

  • Re-connect with the inner Moon and Sun energies
  • Build self-love and self-confidence as part of our daily life
  • Receiving the Killa and Inti transmission, the power of love
  • Discover the music of your inner Sun and Moon
  • Heal our father and mother wounds through nature and music
  • Heal our relationships
  • Unity of body – feelings- mind – soul and spirit
  • Body Art
  • Spend a lot of time in nature receiving support and guidance from the 4 elements.

How we will do?

  • Active and Silent Meditations
  • Create your song
  • Connect with the healing power of nature to release father and mother wounds
  • Healing music to harmonise past and presents relationships
  • Massage
  • Be in a beautiful environment of nature in Osho Leela.
  • Inti and Killa Dance
  • Sun and Moon inner sharing
  • Inspirational processes for creating your Totems
  • Celebration

What will you get from this retreat?

  • Inner Sun and Moon connection
  • Balance intuition and logic
  • Integration of action-feeling-mind and spirit
  • Tools to be used in your daily life
  • Tribal support
  • Healing mother and father wound
  • Gratitude for our relationships
  • Blossom as a human being
  • Become a tribal woman with a free spirit.








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  • 4th July 2019 - 7th July 2019
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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