ExpiredTantric Tribal Woman Retreat

with Tarisha and Ranjana

Dear Women,

Would you like your life to become an inspiration of love, fulfillment and rejoicing?
Are you passionate about nature, beauty, music and
Do you know what the Sacred Kultrum and the Tantra Map for Women is?

Come and join us on a pilgrimage; exploring the secrets of Tribal wisdom.

Our Tribal Woman Tantra Retreat is inspired by the Indigenous Cosmo-vision of the Kultrum, the Andes Drum played by the Machi, a Sacred Healer Woman.

Kultrum depicts the womb of women and the integration of indigenous cosmos-vision where cycles of life, elements and universe become one.

What will we do?

  • Re-connect with the cycle of our body as a Temple of Nature
  • Receiving the Kultrum transmission of Womb Power.
  • Four Elements music both indoors and out in nature
  • Music healing process
  • Learn how to manifest what we want in our lives from the heart; “I am ready to receive what I am longing for”
  • Unlock our life force by releasing repression and shame stored in our body
  • Become innocent again in our beauty, sensuality and sexuality
  • The Tantra Map for Women; instinct, intimacy, intuition and integration
  • Building our Mapuche Flag, symbolising the Tribal Woman you are
  • Spending a lot of time in nature, receiving support and guidance from the four elements

How we will do this?

  • Participate in a Sacred Sweat Lodge, the Universal Womb
  • Tribal art
  • Sacrum Massage
  • Be in a beautiful environment of nature
  • Creating your Totem Flag
  • Tribal dance and sharing
  • Inspirational processes for enhancing creativity
  • A wild Tantra Tribal Celebration.

What will you receive from this group?

  • Self-confidence, love and respect
  • Your inner song
  • Embrace your Dignity
  • Tools to be used in your daily life
  • Tribal support
  • Healing of negative imprints regarding womanhood
  • Absorbing your female ancestor’s strength as a benefit for oyur present life
  • Sensitivity and creativity; gifts women carry which help us deal with crisis or overcome challenges in life

Who are we?

Tarisha is from the UK and has lived and worked at Osho Leela, a community and Personal Development Centre, for 21 years. Her greatest gift is her song, sharing love, bringing healing and creating sacred space with her voice and many instruments. She is trained in Humaniversity Therapy, has created Elemental Healing since healing from breast cancer and has a passion for women’s work. Her website is www.tarisha.co.uk



Since an early age, Ranjana experienced a profound quest for meditation; in 1988 she learned about Osho, an Indian contemporary Master. Since then, she lives and shares Osho’s Vision through Active Meditations and therapy-meditative processes, such as Mystic Rose and No Mind. She belongs to the Osho Multiversity Facilitators Team and session givers. Ranjana is co-creator and Director of Osho Centro Activo in Santiago, Chile.

She has travelled around the world, enriching her life experience from different cultures. Along her journey, she has met diverse mentors, having been trained in neo-shamanism, Family Constellations, Trauma Healing, Breathwork and Tantra Essence.

Her Shamanic Path started in 1993 in Cóndor Blanco, an organisation from the South of Chile. She also took part in Lakota ceremonies such as Vision Quest and Temazkal (sweat lodge). Ranjana is a “Pipe Porter” and has the honour to lead Temazkal Ceremonies.


The cost of the retreat is £380 with an earlybird price of £350 if booked and paid in full by the 1st April 2019. This price is all inclusive (accommodation, food, tutoring, materials).


If you would like to book a private room for this event, please complete a dormitory booking below, indicating on the form that you would like a private room, and continue with the payment process. Once your booking has been confirmed, please contact the Booking Office on 01747 821221 to let us know your room choice and pay the private room supplement. Details of private accommodation can be found here.

  • 15th May 2019 - 19th May 2019
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm