ExpiredSurrender: a bioenergetic immersion weekend

with Rob Wilson and Christina MacNamara

Most of us have heard that to be happy we need to accept our lives just as they are, unconditionally. We’ve read the books about finding peace by being in the moment, letting go of the struggle.

But it’s much easier said than done, right? And for good reason!

Because that thing that keeps you small, or stuck, or anxious… is really important to you. You’ve stayed safe by avoiding certain feelings or ways of expressing yourself, so it’s hard just to ‘decide’ to do things differently.

Living the ‘persona’ has become automatic, and it’s comfortable on some level… but it’s also getting in the way of your evolution and holding you back!

To truly wake up to your current situation is a radical choice. It means facing emotions that you might prefer to avoid, dropping the masks and being seen in your vulnerability.

When you open up to the raw truth of your present reality – as it is felt in your body – you can genuinely move forward from that place into something new.

The body is the only thing that is truly here and now, and through the body we can surrender to our innate self-knowledge (and the delight, ease and pleasure that tends to hang out there).

This immersion weekend is a place to get real. It will help you:

  • Connect to your body and its wisdom

  • Build trust in life and in yourself

  • Release what’s holding you back and have some fun whilst you’re at it!

  • Break some of your own rules (including the ones you didn’t know you’d made)

  • Be supported to let down the armour and make space for more freedom

We will be working with bioenergetics processes, meditation, ritual theatre and improvisation, breath work and community sharing.

We will also be enjoying some awesome tunes, getting playful and dancing our asses off!

Bioenergetics is a form of body psychotherapy. It works to relax the armours and holding patterns of chronic muscle tensions, which are often subconsciously stopping the flow of energy and life force in the body.

Through postures and movement, combined with deep breathing it works at releasing structures held in the body-mind, often since childhood, restoring energetic balance and wellbeing to the nervous system.

Clients report feeling more grounded, sensitive, present. Able to feel their life force energy and live life to the fullest.

Brazilian Bioenergetics comes from Namastê Poa and has been developed by Prem Milan over the last 35 years. Its foundation is Lowen  (Dr Alexander) but it is also mixed with influences from Osho therapy.

This retreat is held by Rob Wilson and Christina MacNamara.

Rob  Wilson is a heart-centered UK Therapist who has been practicing Bioenergetics for 10 years and worked on groups all over the globe training with some of the best Bio teachers in the world, including the founders of the Brazilian approach at Namaste in Brazil. He also trained in Encounter group therapy and Trauma Release Excersize (TRE), and his approach is warm, committed, deep and playful bringing his talents in theatre, comedy impro and Djing skills to bear too.

Christina MacNamara facilitates workshops in relationship skills, self-empowerment and Tantra and has a private energy therapy practice in the UK. With a gift for deep listening and sensitivity, she brings integrity and a fiercely loving presence to the spaces she holds. She has been participating in and holding transformational and initiatory experiences since 2010, continuing her training since then with teachers around the world in Tantra, energy work, leadership and ritual theatre.

If you would like to book a private room for this event, please complete a dormitory booking below, indicating on the form that you would like a private room, and continue with the payment process. Once your booking has been confirmed, please contact the Booking Office on 01747 821221 to let us know your room choice and pay the private room supplement. Details of private accommodation can be found here.

  • 15th March 2019 - 17th March 2019
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm