ExpiredLiving Tantra 1

Living Tantra 1

J & F

with Jan Day and Frieder


“Living Tantra 1” invites you to celebrate your natural, healthy sexuality with ease, playfulness, tenderness, consciousness, integrity and joy.

This workshop will bring new experiences, new practices and ideas and a greater clarity of thought to anyone consciously seeking personal growth. Allow your spirit to connect with your body, give yourself a truly holistic experience which can set the tone and pace of your future sexual self!

Living Tantra 1 is for people who want to experience richer relationships, deeper intimacy and more authentic connection with others. It is a carefully structured seven day residential workshop which includes guided meditations, explorations in small groups and sharing circles.
Explorations that focus on discovering and expressing your personal boundaries are an integral part of Living Tantra.

Many of the explorations involve dance and touch. You will also be introduced to ritual and ceremony, to breath work and the body’s natural sources of energy.

Recent participants said:

“Proudly innocent. Transformed back to a time before alcohol. To a time before guilt and shame. To a time before sexual abuse. It’s my body! And I’m beautiful! I love my body. I love me. I trust me. I honor me. And thus, I can love, trust and honor you.
And so much to (re-)learn and (re-)experience now! Being close to people in a conscious way, with all parts of me alive and welcome in me. So excited about the life ahead of me. Truly a life worth living.  That’s how I feel. And I feel a lot now.  Bless you beautiful friends, for this week of school. Bless this, my graduation.” (KN, male age 41)

“All filters in place until that point, to receive, monitor, judge etc, were suddenly blown apart when I befriended acceptance. BANG…. pleasure was instantly internalised and known on a cellular basis.
The simultaneous release of 57 years of shame was deeply liberating, as it seemed to unmask the conditioned self as an illusion and open the door to infinite possibilities. I felt lovable and incredibly loving.
I feel (in no particular order) boundless, centred, tender, bold,  enough, magnificent, and certain amongst all the uncertainness.” (male A)

The benefits you can get from this workshop are:

A sense of ease in your male/female body
Increased self-confidence
Renewed vitality
A way of growing and healing your sexuality
Learning to communicate your boundaries, desires and needs
Moving towards rich, pleasurable relationships and heart-centred sexual relationships
Experiencing yourself as a vibrantly alive man or woman
Learning that you are strong enough to hold all you feel
Allowing yourself to be tender and vulnerable
Living with passion and love


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  • 23rd February 2018 - 2nd March 2018
    6:00 pm - 4:00 pm