ExpiredLet Go!

Let Go!

Forgive and Heal

with Purna

Whenever we feel we’ve been treated unfairly or a person has caused us pain we have a strong internal reaction. The unexpressed negative emotions we experience are often transformed into resentments. If we hold on to our feelings this results in having emotional blocks, feelings of depression and sometimes we even get ill.

When we are able to forgive, we stop letting our past dictate our present.

In this workshop we will work with emotional release techniques so that you can heal the past and move positively forward in your life.

Purna runs/co-leads various workshops, the Total Life Change programme and the Leela Life Training. She has graduated from the 5th year of the Humaniversity Therapist Training, is a qualified AUM Meditation and Flushing leader. She is a passionate bodyworker and loves her Healing Touch Massage workshops.

Working with people and supporting them on their journeys plays a big part in her life and she believes that we are all beautiful and lovable human beings who have the right to be happy.


Let Go was a profound weekend for me. Purna creates an environment of trust and transformation, she shares her own experiences with an open heart and is 100% supportive. This helped me make a deep shift and clear out a lot of past baggage. I highly recommend this workshop   John Cremer

Thanks to the safe and supported space created by Purna, I was able to let go of old stories and blockages that allowed me to feel more love, forgiveness and acceptance towards myself.   Tom Davison

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  • 1st March 2019 - 3rd March 2019
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm