ExpiredLeela Life Training 2018-19

Leela Life Training


The Leela life training is a one year program specifically designed to support you in your personal growth and development.

We are all conditioned in our formative years by our family, teachers and society to behave in certain ways that are not always supportive in leading a life of authentic self expression and creativity, and so we learn to ‘fit in’ and be accepted by those around us by not always being true to ourselves.  As a consequence of this, we undermine our own integrity.

This one year program will give you the opportunity to meet monthly and explore, identify and let go of negative self beliefs and conditioning that undermine you in all areas of your life.
 By meeting the other participants on a monthly basis and committing to changing those habits that do not serve you, you will find the support and acceptance you need when going through those internal changes. The training will also support you to explore the way your attitudes, behaviour and feelings affect yourself and others. By participating in the training you will learn to:

  • Express your feelings and authenticity clearly and effectively.
Understand your own needs and how to have them met.
  • How to connect and share yourself with others.
  • How to make friendships and intimate connections.


You will participate in one weekend workshop a month over the course of the training.
You will discover that any limiting ideas you may have of yourself will be challenged in order that the real you can emerge with more energy, passion and love so you can live a truly fulfilling life with whatever you choose to do. This will positively affect your relationships with your family, friends, partner and people you work with.


By committing to the training, you will be assigned a specialist support person who will be there for you during the entire training. At the beginning and end of every weekend group, you will share how the integration is working for you in the different areas of your life; what you found challenging in the group and what support you need.

Please note that if you are using any medication for a psychiatric issue or have a history of psychiatric issues, then it’s possible that this workshop may not be suitable for you. Please contact Dev devaraj@osholeela.co.uk to discuss further if you’d like to attend.






  • 14th September 2018 - 16th September 2018
    6:00 pm