UpcomingDating and Sexuality 2020

A Leela Life Training Workshop

with Svabhavo and Sanjula

This group only has availability for women.  

Are you able to approach someone you’re sexually attracted to and create a connection? Can you make it clear that you fancy them?

Are you able to maintain boundaries that are healthy for you in your connections and relationships, allowing someone in when it feels good and saying No when it doesn’t?

It’s vital that we have these skills. Without them, our natural life-energy will feel blocked. We may have tendencies towards depression or end up in situations that aren’t good for us. All sorts of neuroses can develop.

Anyone can develop the ability to be confident around sexuality, but we don’t learn this stuff at school. Our culture doesn’t much help either. This weekend will support you to be honest and straight around sexuality, to be able to hold clear boundaries, and to be able to make connections with people you’re attracted to. And, of course, to have fun with sexuality!

Come for a full-on and emotional experience.

If you are doing this group as a standalone group, please come back to this page and complete a confidential online questionnaire here once you have completed your registration.

Please note: Leela Life Training groups offer dormitory accommodation only.


  • 17th April 2020 - 19th April 2020
    6:00 pm
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Women Only! Early Bird Price Dormitory Accommodation and all meals £220.00 (GBP)  
Women Only! Dormitory Accommodation and all meals £240.00 (GBP)   Goes On Sale
11th April 2020