ExpiredBiodanza School – Module 6

Biodanza School

Module 6: Biodanza and Psychology

with Jewell

The instincts, emotions & trauma held in body tension have been studied by various
psychologists in the past. Come & learn how Biodanza rescues the instincts , dissolves body tensions and gives a platform for the expression of emotion. From Freud to Reich,
learn how Biodanza fits with Psychological approaches.

Jewell has a degree in Psychology and is fascinated by the way Biodanza uncovers so much more of the human psyche.

For more information about Biodanza see www.dancebiodanza.co.uk or if you have any questions about the training please contact Niraj Email biodanzaniraj@gmail.com Mobile +44 7720 446 648 or Email Kate biodanzakate78@gmail.com


  • 19th January 2018 - 21st January 2018
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm