ExpiredWho Am I? Awareness Intensive and Mindfulness

A Self-Enquiry Intensive Retreat

with Kamala

The Awareness Intensive is a structured and partly silent residential retreat. In a framework of mindfulness we will be using a specific self-enquiry practice to open to the timeless question: “Who am I?” or the more modern question: “Who is in?”. Participants who open fully to the enquiry can in just three days have the profound experience of who they are, of their True Nature. Active meditations, and mindfulness exercises are part of the process.

Simple and straightforward, yet often challenging in practice, this unique communication process enables a true and direct contact with yourself. Please contact Osho Leela before booking if you have serious mental health problems, are suffering from severe traumatisation or have other concerns.

The video presentation below will clarify what a Self-enquiry Intensive is. www.livingoutruenature.com

If you would like to book a private room for this event, please complete a dormitory booking below, indicating on the form that you would like a private room, and continue with the payment process. Once your booking has been confirmed, please contact the Booking Office on 01747 821221 to let us know your room choice and pay the private room supplement. Details of private accommodation can be found here.

  • 16th November 2017 - 19th November 2017
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm