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Sovereignty Equinox Retreat

with Wendy Jane & Steve from Sounds Beautiful

Friday 20th September – Sunday 22nd September

Are you interested in personal freedom?
Are you seeking to deepen your spiritual identity?
Do you wish to release inhibition of expression?

In a world where we are constantly told what to believe, think and do. How do we find and follow our own inner truth?
How do we navigate that with friends, family and colleagues who may not have the same beliefs?

Awaken to your own inner Sovereignty…
A retreat devoted to finding our unique soul calling and how it can manifest on the earth.

What to expect:

Dancing, celebrating, and music from the Outlandish Band

A cacao ceremony and healing frequencies Ecstatic Dance Party with DJ Iam Iam

Emotional empowerment workshop

Seminars on communication and spiritual sovereignty

Women and Men’s Equinox workshops


During this retreat we will:

Connect with others

Look at the blocks stopping self empowerment

Let go of those blocks in the spirit of Mabon

Find support in the process

Learn about spiritual sovereignty

Dance to raise our vibration

Reclaim our spiritual power as sovereign beings

Learn to forge stronger communities

Nature walks and receiving wisdom of the land

And more…

  1. Morning Gatherings to come together in community
  2. Sharing Circles
  3. Beautiful land and sacred spaces to enjoy and connect to nature
  4. High vibrational meals prepared by Bhavan and his team
  5. – using some organic veg and salad from the garden & polytunnels –
  6. three hearty meals and all teas are inclusive of the ticket price!

Join us for this experiential retreat where together we will:

Improve our communication through conflict

Gain deeper confidence to speak our truth

Come together and create a free tolerant world around us

Who is this for:

Anyone with an interest in personal freedom
Those seeking to deepen their spiritual identity
Those wishing to release inhibition of expression


Sounds Beautiful 2023 was a truly lovely event, well organised with lots of special surprises. The Healing Room was beautifully laid out, allowing for real relaxation, and plenty of options to choose from. The sauna was a real treat on the Sunday, just what was needed!….

There was plenty for kids to do, the food was good, and the music was top quality and wonderfully varied. We kicked off with an opening ceremony and soon got talking to all the beautiful people sharing this glorious space. We made it our own but the event organisers facilitated a fabulous flow of activities, to immerse or retreat, dance, learn or just be with like minds……

Claudine Cross

The healing area at Sounds Beautiful 2023 was wonderful.

There was lovely ambient meditation music playing and a chill out area with a colourful array of cushions and blankets on the floor to have some quiet time or to meditate if you preferred.

There were 4 different therapists offering reiki, reflexology, Indian head , back massage with sound bowls playing too.

There was something for everyone where you can relax, unwind and indulge the senses with white sage incense and a mixture of aromatherapy oils of lavender, sandalwood, eucalyptus to name a few.

The therapists were professional and took their time and it was very affordable for money.

There were a variety of workshops including: yoga, sound baths and meditation and it was wonderful to connect with new people and feel like one big family.

I thoroughly recommend the Sounds Beautiful  team as they ensured that your body, mind and soul were all catered for particularly in beautiful surroundings, fields and sunshine.

Sarah-Jane Sheffield

Your Hosts

Wendy Jane & Steve
Wendy Jane & Steve
Wendy Jane is a Musician, Music Therapist and events organiser. She brings people together regularly for community song and through music to give voice to the soul in freedom. She works with people of all ages from teenagers to the elderly, those journeying with Cancer, Autism, the dying and those who want to liberate their expression through living their fullest life.

Steve or also known as Iam Iam when DJing is a businessman, DJ and organiser of the Bournemouth Community Assembly who had an awakening life process which led him to pursue healing in his own life and for others. He plays music at 432 hz for healing and has an interest in awakening the Christ Consciousness through dance and meditation.

Both Wendy and Steve organise the Sounds Beautiful events which bring together those who desire freedom to live in sovereignty and forge self sustaining communities.

Your Facilitators

Lucy Thom
Lucy ThomThe Need To Be Heard | The Art Of Open Hearted Communication
How can we be true to ourselves at a time when censorship and polarisation seem so prevalent? What can we do to encourage healthy debate and tolerance whilst asserting, accepting or questioning boundaries?

Drawing on tools from the Courageous Conversation S.P.A.C.E., we will first acknowledge the detrimental effects difficult dynamics can have on our health and well-being. We will then explore simple yet powerful ways to hold authentic, compassionate and creative conversations.

A former round the world yachtswoman, Lucy swapped the challenges of ocean sailing for adventures in parenting and has subsequently worked in mediation, conflict resolution coaching and team facilitation.

Lucy is passionate about supporting people to connect with who they really are and to express themselves with more freedom and grace.

Hans Gunther Kern
Hans Gunther KernSpiritual Sovereignty Through Spiritual Science
Discover how to take back your power by sharpening our own inner and outer perception through simple modalities of observation.
How to develop and fine-hone our senses?
How to develop our artistic capacities to sharpen our sense perceptions?
How to develop our thinking to support clear perceptions and in harmony with nature?
Spiritual science through observation and investigation – a new scientific approach to understanding life, life processes, relationship and spiritual truths.

Hans-Günther will open a secret door to self-empowerment with practical and simple tools to reclaim our sovereignty so we can discern each one for ourselves or as a community what are the truths we encounter in life and in particular in the social media and other platforms.
Using plants we will practice four modes of observation and experiences to draw sufficient information for our own judgement and discernment of what is in front of us.

NartanWake Up Yoga
Nartan will offer Wake Up Yoga. An opportunity to heartfully wake up the body, mind and senses and find alignment in the space of your own true nature.

Nartan is the love child of blissful self-expression, dancing a long path into a yoga practice that integrates hatha, kundalini, pranayama and traditional tantra. Connecting with the energies of living presence, her classes invite you to open up deeper layers of your being and allow the universe to light you up.

BhavoReclaim Your Power
Bhavo is a master of empowerment and able to support and guide people to look inside, heal, and open up to their creative potential. He is an intuitive channel, a master tarot reader, astrologer, and manifestor.
Bhavo has been working with people supporting them to transform their lives for over 30 years. He lived with Osho in India in the 70s and 80s.

Bhavo has lived at Osho Leela for 16 years and has recently taken on the role of the Guardian.

BayariAngel Bath | Cacao Ceremony
Bayari will be offering a restorative session where we deepen in relaxation and stillness together. I call in the legion of angels so all can receive their healing vibrations, as well as a cacao ceremony, a chance to revel in the senses, offer gratitudes and blessings, and call in wishes for the next phase of the wheel!

Bayari is a sensual alchemist who transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.
She loves to hold space for creativity, healing and connecting the sacred and the mystical. One of her alchemical gifts is offering a gateway to sacred oils and layers of vibration. She brings a warm, fun-loving approach to all that she does.


Start: September 20th @ 4:00pm
End: September 22nd @ 4:00pm

Registration Tickets Equinox Retreat (this includes the event & food)
£250 – Early Bird (August 31st))
£280 – Full Price
Concession tickets are available – to apply please call the office: 01747 821221

Accommodation for 2 nights:
Dorm £40
Own campervan £0 (plus £6 hook up if needed)
Regular room £90
Large room £100
Premium room £110
Pod single bed £90
Pod double bed £100

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