SHAMANIC WOMAN Sweat Lodge – The Elemental Journey

SHAMANIC WOMAN Sweat Lodge – The Elemental Journey

with Tarisha and Ranjana

Come back to The Warm Mother Earth Womb…

This sweat lodge experience for women gives you the opportunity to heal the mother wound, heal your lineage and feel nourished by your own connection to the earth.

The Sweat Lodge or Temazcal (house of heat) is an ancient ritual for cleansing the body, mind and spirit. We begin this Elemental Journey with tribal dance, drum and song in the tipi, reconnecting to nature. We enter the lodge on Saturday evening with earth, air, fire and water our companions and four rounds of prayer, song and silence.

This weekend is an opportunity to feel alive in your body, feel deep gratitude for the gift of life and leave with a fulfilled, happy heart.

Ranjana comes fresh from the Andes bringing her passion for nature and the sweat lodge. Tarisha is a singing medicine woman bringing healing through song and a love of ritual.

How could you benefit from joining this weekend?

  • You can be yourself, very relaxed. You don’t need the perfect body because you will be accepted just the way you are in this moment of your life.
  • You will reconnect with your inner warmth and ability to hold yourself and at the same time, be supported and warmed by the earth and other women.
  • Since we go inside the lodge naked, you have the possibility to rebirth as a woman. Through rebirthing techniques we are healing auto destructive trauma, and also through these same techniques we can connect with our inner pleasure and expansion.
  • This is a direct experience with nature; nothing in between you and the elements. You find your roots again in your natural, wild and innocent self.
  • Spending time in the tipi as a circle of women is powerful and can restore your faith in sisterhood, womanhood, togetherness.
  • Singing simple, potent songs that reconnect you to the basic elements of life is deeply healing.

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  • 14th July 2017 - 16th July 2017
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Early Bird Price Dormitory Accommodation and all meals £220.00 (GBP)  
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8th July 2017
Previous Shamanic Woman group participants £200.00 (GBP)