Introduction to Sacred Sexual Archetypes

Introduction to Sacred Sexual Archetypes

with Leora Lightwoman

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The Lover and Beloved can meet in a multitude of ways, a wondrous play of possibilities to express and receive love and sexuality.  Meet your own panoply of Sexual Selves with an open heart.  Learn tools and a map to transform old relational patterns into a celebration of beauty, energy, fun, healing and delight.

This workshop is an introduction to a continuing training in Sacred Sexual Archetypes, in which you will explore:

  • A healthy sexual development from your innocent sexual origins, through a thrilling and sweet adolescence, to maturity and union.
  • Power dynamics in relationship – from the hidden and overt conflicts to a joyful dance of respectful leadership and surrender
  • Empower yourself in choosing healthy and fulfilling relationships
  • Feel and know the quality of sex as an energetic phenomenon
  • Let your adventurous sexual explorer play, safely and creatively
  • Tap into the extraordinary in the ordinary
  • Ritual and ceremony as a vessel for transformation and awakening

In this workshop, Leora will demonstrate how becoming aware of the pitfalls, the ‘dark’ side of an archetype, and using the life-affirming ‘light’ side of these archetypal energies can be a powerful tool for transformation.  Expand your capacity for fun, fulfillment, eroticism, love and deep connection.  Leora will work with themes and issues that arise from participants, and guide the group into beautiful and illuminating processes and rituals.

Leora Lightwoman has been facilitating Tantra workshops since 2000.  She is celebrated for holding a safe, honouring space for deep and lasting transformation, and for her skill in working with couples and groups, giving attention to each individual’s needs, with gentleness and insightful clarity.


Journeying around the Sacred sexual archetypes wheel with Leora was a profound, exciting and life changing adventure. Through it I came to know myself more fully as a sexual human being, what blocks needed to be unlocked and the eventual pleasure of being able to shape shift at will into different states of being.  Dominique / Santoshi


T:  07859 829 218

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    9th June 2017 - 11th June 2017
    6:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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