Do you want to come and work in a vibrant community and support it to thrive?

Join us and have a rich community experience in exchange for working with us.

Spend 1 week or longer in our vibrant community of the heart.

Starting from Monday 18 September!

We are able to sustain ourselves as a community by having workers, like you, coming and helping with our basic day to day chores. What makes us different is that our daily work is balanced with meditation, connection and friendship.

What you get in this exchange:

  • Opportunity to join 2 active meditations a day
  • Beautifully cooked vegetarian food.
  • Sharing circle once a week.
  • Evening classes
  • Learn new skills in our various departments
  • Opportunity to book and join weekend personal development workshops and events run by Osho Leela.

What we get:

  • Your support with our cleaning, cooking, gardening (seasonal) and occasional maintenance.

A Typical Day

Your day starts with a Morning Meditation (compulsory). Then, after showers and breakfast, you will join the community in the Morning Gathering for dancing & hugging. A great way to start your day.

The rest of the day is interspersed with work, breaks and a 2-hour lunch break. We finish our work day with an Evening Meditation (optional).

What a typical day looks like:

  • 7.00 – Morning Meditation
  • 8.00 – Showers & Breakfast
  • 9.00 – Morning Gathering: kick start your day with dancing & hugging!
  • 9.30 – Work as Meditation
  • 11.00 – Coffee break
  • 11.30 – Work as Meditation
  • 13.00 – Lunch & Dishes
  • 15.00 – Work as Meditation
  • 17.30 – Finish work
  • 18.00 – Evening Meditation
  • 19.00 – Dinner & Dishes
  • 20.00 – Free time & optional workshops / sessions

Regularly, after dinner, the community organises extra workshops or fun sessions to join, like: Jam Sessions, Healing Space, Movie Night, Conscious Dance, Open Mic, Tarot Readings, Conscious Relating, Theatre Games and more.


Wednesday is a day when community relating and organisation is the priority. The day begins with a slightly shortened version of the AUM (or another release session), a 90-minute social meditation bringing awareness to a range of human emotions.

After breakfast, we have sharing in peer groups or with all the community members.

In the afternoon, for the community supporters we generally do an activity or event to support connection. It can also be a work-related activity if needed.

Once a month the activity or event will be for the whole community.


Our unique formula for JOY!

Photo of Lucy

Osho Leela gave me the chance to experience a completely different way of being in the world. I realise how important it is to be surrounded by the people you would like to be like, and how the people here all influence me to show up in the world as my highest self.

Osho Leela is a real chance to begin over again. Everything you thought you knew about the world you are in will be challenged; you will leave as a new person.

Photo of jake
The experience is amazing. I’m making some real deep connections and learning a lot about myself. On Community Support, they mix us around doing house care, cleaning, working outside on the grounds and in the kitchen, so it’s diverse.

I love the countryside and grounds, and the food is the best! It’s really a great thing to come and do. You never really know until you experience it, what this has to offer to you. It’s different every day. Lots of meditation, lots of work, lots of social time – I’d recommend it to anyone. Come learn about yourself.

Photo of Louise

I adore Osho Leela – I came here as I wanted to be in community and learn more about myself. I’m finding it fantastic: it’s challenging but I love it because I’m living with like-minded people and we’re in nature and just building lovely connections.

We have created a family, supported one another in our creativity, and it’s been joyful along with the expected hard work. I feel fitter, healthier and lighter on completion.


Please read the following section carefully before submitting your Community Support enquiry form.

  • We don’t take applications more than 1 month ahead or between December 19th – January 9th.
  • It is a 7 days minimum commitment (Monday to Monday). You are welcome to apply to stay for longer.
  • £50 per week for your accommodation (Dorm) and food (x3 meals per day).
  • We ask that you work 5.5 hours a day (3 hours in the morning, 2.5 in the afternoon, and this time also includes a Community activity afternoon). Work includes house care, in the kitchen or general maintenance depending on where the community needs your help. 
  • Morning meditations are mandatory Monday to Friday as these meditations are integral to supporting you to thrive here too.
  • 1 day off per week initially.
  • You will also have access to all the beautiful Leela medicine and magic such as hugging, connection, afternoon meditations and all the evening sessions which offer an array of things such as open mic nights, creative workshops, dancing, nurture and much more!
  • We operate an interview process to look at a person’s emotional and physical health, and suitability for Community Support. This role can be physically demanding, therefore we are looking for people who have a baseline of physical fitness and stamina. We are also looking for those who are a ‘Yes!’ to showing up, being punctual and being versatile in terms of where you may work (indoors or outdoors for example). Social meditations can be active and cathartic. Please be mindful of this regarding the morning commitments and your suitability to participate.
  • 7 days minimum commitment (Monday to Monday). You are welcome to apply to stay for longer.
  • Cost is £50 per week for your accommodation (Dorm) and food (x3 meals per day).
  • We ask that you work 5,5 hours a day, 6 days per week.
  • 3 dishes shifts also per week is also a requirement.
  • Morning meditations are mandatory Monday to Friday.
  • We operate a week-by-week review policy to ensure suitability for role on both sides (you and Osho Leela). Should things not work out for you at Osho Leela, please ensure you have an address to go to before applying to join us.
  • Payment is needed in advance of your arrival to make your booking. In order to do this, please call the booking office on 01747 821221


If you are ready for the next step then please fill in this form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your application.

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I consent to receiving emails about upcoming events