2 years ago, sitting around a campfire at Dance Camp East, a new friend told me he was going to spend 2 weeks at a Sexuality Festival. What’s that? I nodded and smiled, but inside I was baffled. Why would people need to go and celebrate sexuality in such an overt way? I just didn’t get it. The flow of life The banner for the Sexuality Gathering Roll on 2 years and I’ve just spent
healing low self-esteem
How do we move past low self-esteem and empower ourselves to embrace life’s opportunities? I talk to Svabhavo, a workshop leader, alchemist and director at Osho Leela with decades of experience in supporting and guiding people. What’s behind the epidemic of isolation in today’s society? “Most people don’t love themselves because they’re taught from a very young age that they’re not really OK. They’re not taught social skills in their formative and teenage years. Instead,
improving your work life
The average person will spend 90 thousand hours at work over their lifetime. How are you spending that time? Are you joyfully living your passion, in total flow with the creativity of life? Or does the thought of work fill you with dread? What is your body telling you? If it does, then your body is telling you that there is something off. You are out of balance and this needs your awareness. It can
improving self-esteem
It’s easy to think that with today’s technology, we are all more connected to each other than ever before. But the reality is, isolation, low self-worth and rocketing levels of depression have become an ongoing feature of our landscape all over the world. In this blog post, I talk to Navajata, one of the experienced workshop leaders at Osho Leela, about why isolation and low self-esteem are such big problems and what we can do
dealing with breakup
It probably doesn’t feel like it right now. That sinking feeling as you scroll through Facebook and see your ex-partner happy on a sunny holiday with their new love. The dread in your gut when you wake up to face another day of dealing with divorce fallout – the financial nightmare, the child custody battles. The emptiness in your heart when you face a bleak evening alone, missing your partner’s warmth and love. Surviving the
millennial generation
  Google ‘millennial’ and you’ll find countless articles telling you that our age cohort is lazy, narcissistic and spoilt. Apparently, no generation has ever had it as easy – maybe we have it too easy. We are told we have it all, that we’re frivolous and uncommitted, hopping from job to job, wanting full flexibility. We are shallow, valuing money, fame and image over self-acceptance and community. Worst of all, we aren’t having sex! On