Ecstatic Dance Retreat

April 27th – May 1st


We like to invite you to come and support us in creating a beautiful, well held experience for the participants of our upcoming Ecstatic Dance Retreat at Osho Leela.

As a worker you will be asked to work 4 hours per day and in exchange you will be able to join a few sessions and meditations per day and feel part of our thriving community.

For this retreat we invite you to join us free of charge :)

You will be offered accomodation in one of our luxury caravans or in a dormitory. You will receive 3 yummy meals per day provided by our dedicated and passionate kitchen team.

There will be sharings for the workers team held by some of our experienced community members to ensure that we all have a beautiful experience.

The different areas in which you can support us are, the kitchen, housekeeping, dishes and work on the grounds.

*Please note that for this particular retreat only a few sessions per day would be open to the community and the workers. This is because the organizer will prioritize access to the spaces to the paying participants.

What we ask you to help us with:

🌸 kitchen assistant 🌸

🌸 house keeping duties 🌸

🌸 dishes 🌸

What we offer:

⭐ Be part of the Osho Leela community ⭐

⭐ Take part of the 4-day Festival ⭐

⭐ Camping field ⭐

⭐ All meals are included ⭐

⭐ Join in for a diversity of workshops ⭐


Start: 1 pm 27th April

Finish: 6pm 1st April

We ask you to arrive the morning of April the 27th by 1 pm and to leave not earlier than May the 1st at 4 pm. This will enable youto have time to settle down and take care of some practicality, and at the end to help us closing down the festival.

We also ask you to be fully committed to the experience, to take responsibility to fulfil your duties at your best and to be always on time for your shifts.

We only have limited spaces available; the applications process will include a phone interview with the workers responsible. Please note that we would give priority to applicant who’s had worked at Osho Leela before.

If you feel called to live this experience please fill-in our application form. We’ll get back to you ASAP

We look forward to you joining us!

With Love

Apply now!

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