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A workshop to develop your communication skills generally, and specifically for when with the seriously ill or dying.


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With Maneesha James and Sudheer P. Niet

Visiting someone who is seriously ill or dying can be very challenging – we may feel out of our depth and skillful, effective communication may not come naturally.

Some of us actually avoid friends when they become critically ill – simply because we feel so awkward around the situation. We don’t know what to say or what to avoid saying and how to behave generally. This of course can be immensely painful for the one who is sick or dying. Is that what we want?  – to desert those we have loved at precisely the moment when they need us?

It need not be so: with some basic understandings and some skills the whole picture can be completely different – both for the dying person who we visit and for ourselves. In this workshop, Maneesha and Sudheer guide us through this delicate and immensely rewarding terrain.

Using meditation, exercises, and discussion, you will learn and put into practice some basic relating skills – including establishing rapport, active listening, different ways of responding and the use of questions – which may be useful when we are with the ill or dying. We’ll also look at the appropriateness of touch and what body language can reveal. You’ll explore how to be comfortable with silence, with the feeling of ‘not-knowing’, with the other’s changing emotions and perhaps your own sense of helplessness.

Our focus is on helping you to develop a meditative presence and to be able to ‘hold the space’ … to provide a loving and supportive environment in which the other feels safe and accepted as they are; in which they can bring any issue into the light of awareness and connect with their own inner wisdom.

Cost: (Includes food & dormitory accommodation) £525

Early Bird: £475 if booked by Oct 10th

STOP PRESS!  Bring a second person for half price if both participants book and fully pay together by phone on 01747 821221.

Early Bird price first person £475, second £238

After 10th Oct first person £525, second £263

For further info see http://oshosammasati.org/workshop/rapport/




  • In Rapport
    9th November 2016 - 13th November 2016
    6:00 pm